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  1. EVERY O-N-E!!

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    EVERY O-N-E!!

    What is (( Romans 3:10-12 KJV ))
    10- "((( As it is written ))), There is N-O-N-E righteous, No, ((( N-O-T -- O-N-E ))):
    11- There is N-O-N-E that understandeth, there is N-O-N-E that seeketh after God".--//---

    What does N-O-N-E Mean?? -- ( ""NOT ONE"" )!!

    How many people Believes GOD?? - (( N-O-N-E -- N-O-T -- O-N-E ))!!
    How many people SAY They Believe GOD?? ((( E-V-E-R-Y -- O-N-E )))!!
  2. PULL???


    How is IT "P-o-s-s-i-b-l-e" that the F-O-O-L-I-S-H Space Geniuses Continue to Talk ABOUT ""GRAVITY""?? -- Moon and Earth GRAVITY!!!!!?? -- ((( There IS NO Such Thing AS ""G-R-A-V-I-T-Y"" ))) You Stupid FOOLS!! -- ((( It Is ""Impossible"" to "PULL" ANYTHING Without "PUSH Handling" IT )))!! - ((( There is NO Such Thing AS "P-U-L-L" )))!! - "A-L-L" Motion IS "PUSHED", ...
  3. IS - IS Because.

    IS - IS Because.

    What IS, IS Because of What Was. - What WILL Be, IS Because of What IS. And What WILL be Will Cause what Will Be. -- Nothing Can Be, unless what Exists Before - Causes IT to BE. -- What Exists - cannot Cause Anything but what IT Causes to Exists.

    A Hundred or A Thousand Years from "N-O-W"; - the Very NEXT Thing that Happens IS Because of what IS Right NOW!! -- N-O-W Cannot cause anything Out of SYNC!! -- All Exact Future IS Based On the Exact ...
  4. One Verse:

    One Verse:

    One Verse OF Many Verses; -- The "U-n-i'--v-e-r-s-e"!!

    The Universe Has NO Beyond. There is No "Beyond" the Universe. - SPACE IS The UNI'VERSE. - SPACE is the Only Thing that TRULY Exist. -- Christ IS TRULY The "TRUTH // S-P-A-C-E // CHRIST": ---- (( John 14:6 KJV )) -- 6- "Jesus Saith unto him, I am the Way , the "T-R-U-T-H", and the LIFE: no man ""COMETH"" UNTO the Father, But By M-E". ...
  5. Man's FLESH??

    Man's FLESH??

    Was Christ a MAN?? - What was Christ's FLESH?? - What is Man's FLESH??

    A Fool's Love AND the Fool's way of Life is being a "FOOL"!! Fools Love themselves And ALL who make up "SATAN" who is like Them; NOT anyone who is of God. FOOLS Don't Love God; or anything that is of GOD!! ---- AND What is a FOOL?? -- Fools are Nothing but the LOST!! -- AND WHO is the Lost?? -- Everyone who Cannot take Every Word of God as it IS, and Add and Take ...
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