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  1. Do these things

    When answering a yes or no question, start off with yes or no, THEN add all your qualifications and explanations.

    If you quote a Bible verse, quote the verse specifically. Don't just put John 3:16, actually put in quote marks the text you are speaking about. Don't just say, "well in John is says . . . " Be specific. Don't just say "the answer is in Galatians."

    Don't be afraid to admit your opponent has evidence. You won't lose the war because ...
  2. TOL Atheists

    I've recently made a lot of observations about atheists on TOL. I've been doing a lot of thinking about atheist lately becuase they confound me. Why would an atheist hang out on a Christian forum? Its weird. I don't like soccer. But I wouldn't spend a minute on a soccer forum talking to soccer fans trying to convince them soccer is gay. What would it say about me if I did? What kind of person does that? One word comes to mind, pathetic. I don't mean that in a mean way, we are all pathetic ...
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