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Unequal Yoke

You know how sometimes the way the world does work and the way it should work don't exactly ... mesh?

  1. Turtles and the Flood

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    One interesting part of the article is that these mating couples are unique among all vertebrate fossils. ALL vertebrate fossils. So if, as creationists, we believe that most fossils formed during the flood or in the decades afterward, what is unique about these particular vertebrates that they got caught in the act, and no others did in the whole world of turtles and other vertebrates during this world-wide flood. The same question is valid for evolutionists to answer--how can only this one area
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  2. Challenge to Darwinism

    The challenge was issued to defend creationism, and the conversation went something like this:

    Present one idea that challenges evolution.


    In Genesis, God is recorded as having created the world and everything in it in six days. This is backed up consistently throughout scripture, which utterly eradicates any place for evolution.

    Darwinism is a non-starter from a historical perspective.
    From which the conversation arose: ...
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