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  1. A Keyhole of Patience

    I don't see what's more ridiculous or maddening: the laziness of some people, the credulity of others, or just their corn-fed complacency.

    Bunch of poorly-informed TV-pacified morons who wouldn't know good literature or art if it was handed right to them. Would probably discard it or destroy whoever offered it...because barbarians usually just kill what they don't understand.

    Bunch of latent racists, freaks, bigots, and other embittered losers from all corners of the ...
  2. Witchcraft in Wasilla

    I thought this kind of backwards ignorant paranoid half-witted lunacy went out of favor in the Dark Ages. Guess I was wrong.

    She who would be veep was, evidently, blessed by a Kenyan minister in 2005 in an attempt to shield her from witchcraft and, I quote, "python spirits."

    This vapid, talentless mediocrity has been shielded from the press from day one. She's given carefully controlled interviews (really: who expected Hannity to give her grief?) and has ...
  3. This Woman Frightens Me

    No wonder they kept her under wraps. Sarah doesn't sound qualified enough to run a Wal-Mart, let alone a country.

    What's the Bush Doctrine? She doesn't know. Would she consider starting a shooting war with Russia? You bet. Does she think energy independence has something to do with national security? Ummm, duh.

    The idea of this woman running the most powerful nation on the planet or giving advice to its chief executive and commander in chief scares the daylights ...
  4. Why I Think McCain Will Win This Thing

    Don't get me wrong; either way, we're electing a figurehead. At the national level, politics in this country increasingly becomes a beauty contest.

    All the same, as an observer to this spectacle, I think McCain stands a better shot of getting elected, and for a few reasons, that prospect really, really disturbs me.

    Michigan is a toss up: my birthstate's been reliably Democratic since 1992, yet Obama's barely tracking ahead there. If a state with high unemployment, ...
  5. Quick Hits

    Abortion will never seriously be threatened in this country because enough people on both sides of the argument have too much invested in the struggle, not the end game. Orwell's principle of endless war seems to apply here.

    What once was shameful is now acceptable: Bristol Palin's pregnancy and shotgun marriage used to be the stuff of rude talk, taboo as it were. Choosing a high-profile career even with an infant to look after (special needs no less) was once beyond the pale. ...
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