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  1. Stripe's Avatar
    You really can waffle on, can't you Paul.
  2. freelight's Avatar
    Thanks mikey,

    It just grieves the Spirit of God the way some people treat others, and a more ancient teaching attributed to our Lord Jesus reveals that grieving the spirit of a brother is a most serious offense, a transgression against Love itself. The truth of who we are is Love. If we would let the Holy Spirit shed abroad genuine Love in our hearts,...we could be real witnesses of God's Presence and Power. Only then can we be Light and prove to be his sons, perfect in love as He IS.

  3. uk_mikey's Avatar
    a wisdom-loaded blog entry.
  4. Thunder's Muse's Avatar
    I completely agree, freelight. Great minds do think alike
  5. Thunder's Muse's Avatar
    Amen brother!
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