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Hello fellow explorers and researchers,

Welcome to my blog,

This venue will be for the free open exploration of religious and philosophical subjects, some of which I write just for the blog (like a timely journal), or transfer from my other writings, or special posts within discussion threads on the forum that I want to archive for later reference, using the blog here is a creative-expression mostly, for sharing commentary on a variety of subjects. My style is an eclectic, universal and synergestic approach to theology and philosophy, so enjoy that as you can :) - Also, I'm open to comments and some dialogue here, sharing of resource links, etc. but prefer taking on a more extensive dialogue in the respective threads themselves, if these are 'linked' here so one can follow the total discussion for a greater contextual over-view. There are many dimensions to consider and EXPLORE. So put on your thinking caps, open your consciousness, position your spirits to dive in, re-search, expand, co-create and engage

In the explorative universal approach to wisdom, I use only as a general guide-reference to spark one's research, the traditional Blavatskian school of Theosophy, but this is only a primer to universal truth studies and occult science, for my own approach is not limited to only this school. I only use it as a general philosophical impetus to explore universal themes of both religion and science, synthesizing them into a more cosmic and individual religious pursual and practice.


  1. Love Triumphs....a Universalist View

    by , February 28th, 2016 at 01:08 AM (Freelight-express)

    Hello Readers,

    Just thought to share my first post to the comment thread for the Battle Royal 12 - Will Unbelievers spend Eternity in the Lake of Fire ? between Logos_x and PastorKevin in 2006. I was leaning more towards Universalism back then, while currently researching 'conditional immortality' (annihilationism), while also rejecting ECT. Anyways,...just a flash-back post to see if I've changed any since - some may not see too much of an evolution, but ...
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  2. Karma, the Law of compensation........

    by , February 28th, 2016 at 12:48 AM (Freelight-express)
    Quote Originally Posted by freelight View Post
    Quote Originally Posted by God's Truth View Post

    Karma is an evil teaching. With your evil beliefs, those who are born with defects are being justly punished, or those with bad happenings in their lives deserve it, what a horrible belief you have chosen to follow.

    I suggest first understanding what the principle of 'karma' is, from the ancient hindu perspective, as western minds have distorted conceptions of it. I use the term 'karma' to include the universal law of cause/effect, being the 'law of compensation'...the
    Theology , Religion , Christianity
  3. Reincarnation.....

    by , February 26th, 2016 at 03:23 PM (Freelight-express)
    Quote Originally Posted by freelight View Post
    Quote Originally Posted by patrick jane View Post

    What are your thoughts on re-incarnation ? There are people that remember another lifetime.
    Where have you been? - I had my own thread on 'Reincarnation' and was presiding on another thread on Reincarnation as well,....but these threads were 'purged' in some recent system upgrades/cleaning sprees. Sadly I didn't save any of the discussion, other than what you can find online thru a 'wayback machine' or some other online data archive resource.

  4. The fire that consumes

    by , February 24th, 2016 at 01:41 AM (Freelight-express)
    Quote Originally Posted by freelight View Post

    Edward presents a good case for 'conditional immortality', which satisfies the contrast between 'life' and 'death', and saves 'God' from the injustice, cruelty and insanity of the traditional concept of eternal conscious torment. Since we're talking about discovering what the Bible teaches about the destiny of the wicked, I see more evidence for 'conditional immortality' since in these views there is no tyranny of
  5. Unconditional forgiveness.......

    by , February 8th, 2016 at 05:51 AM (Freelight-express)
    Greetings all,

    I'm doing a short commentary-response to an assumption that we are to forgive others only if they repent. I respond to a poster's reference to conditional forgiveness in Luke 17:3-4 here and another poster's inquiry here which this commentary is a response to, showing that there are more accounts of Jesus teaching where repentance is not mentioned for being a condition whereby forgiveness is granted, but one is to forgive for one's own sake. This is especially mentioned ...
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