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Hello fellow explorers and researchers,

Welcome to my blog,

This venue will be for the free open exploration of religious and philosophical subjects, some of which I write just for the blog (like a timely journal), or transfer from my other writings, or special posts within discussion threads on the forum that I want to archive for later reference, using the blog here is a creative-expression mostly, for sharing commentary on a variety of subjects. My style is an eclectic, universal and synergestic approach to theology and philosophy, so enjoy that as you can :) - Also, I'm open to comments and some dialogue here, sharing of resource links, etc. but prefer taking on a more extensive dialogue in the respective threads themselves, if these are 'linked' here so one can follow the total discussion for a greater contextual over-view. There are many dimensions to consider and EXPLORE. So put on your thinking caps, open your consciousness, position your spirits to dive in, re-search, expand, co-create and engage

In the explorative universal approach to wisdom, I use only as a general guide-reference to spark one's research, the traditional Blavatskian school of Theosophy, but this is only a primer to universal truth studies and occult science, for my own approach is not limited to only this school. I only use it as a general philosophical impetus to explore universal themes of both religion and science, synthesizing them into a more cosmic and individual religious pursual and practice.


  1. Classic posts vol. 1 collection

    by , October 12th, 2011 at 09:23 PM (Freelight-express)
    Attachment 34

    God is both within and without time
    Light on John 8:58
    Time is of the essence

    Image, substance and form (the semantics involved in portraying Jesus as the 'express image' of 'God')

    Re-turning to 'God' is all that is essential (Jewish view of 'atonement' without blood)

    Law of compensation (karma)
    Karma, a universal law

    Metaphysics of Creation/evolution
    God is 'One' and 'Two' ...

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  2. How is freelight 'pagan'?

    by , September 10th, 2011 at 03:50 PM (Freelight-express)

    Preface notice: I sometimes change my religious affiliation but if I'm going as 'pagan' for whatever reason, the following commentary applies


    Hello all,

    Thought to share a little on my recent change of 'religious affiliation' to 'Pagan'. - I thought it appropriate for at least a season to change to a more liberal title, since paganism includes a whole university of ancient mythology, philosophy, metaphysical ...

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  3. The principles of Nature

    by , September 11th, 2010 at 11:43 PM (Freelight-express)

    An Excerpt and commentary -



    Fear not, for Error is mortal and can not live, and Truth is immortal and can not die! Duty demands serious analysis and investigation of all conspicuous subjects. Truth may be found in the following Revelation (said book): if so, Nature must be the standard by which all men may judge whether the truths therein contained are pure, practical, and elevating. No arbitrary or ...
  4. Universal Truth

    by , August 2nd, 2010 at 03:17 PM (Freelight-express)

    Who has the best religion?

    Right here, right all light, love, truth, beauty, reality, being, existence,...all that is knowable and total. In 'thisness'.....or the universal 'Isness', All that is,... the ever sustaining support of no-thing(incorporeal) and every-thing(corporeal).

    The best religion is one that most perfectly unites one to reality, the deepest core of one's own essential nature....which is God-nature. ...
  5. light unfolding...........


    "The path of knowledge is charted within the unknown. The crest of revelation rides the edge of ignorance and enlightenment." -pjp

    Let us charm ourselves in the delight of discovery.

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