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[SIZE=5][FONT=Comic Sans MS]Hello fellow explorers and researchers,[/FONT] [/SIZE]

[SIZE=3]Welcome to my blog,

This venue will be for the free open exploration of religious and philosophical subjects, some of which I write just for the blog (like a timely journal), or transfer from my other writings, or special posts within discussion threads on the forum that I want to [B]archive[/B] for later reference, using the blog here is a [I]creative-expression[/I] mostly, for sharing commentary on a variety of subjects. My style is an [I]eclectic, universal[/I] and [I]synergestic[/I] approach to theology and philosophy, so enjoy that as you can :) - Also, I'm open to comments and some dialogue here, sharing of resource links, etc. but prefer taking on a more extensive dialogue in the respective threads themselves, if these are 'linked' here so one can follow the total discussion for a greater contextual over-view. There are many dimensions to consider and EXPLORE. So put on your thinking caps, open your consciousness, position your spirits to dive in, re-search, expand, co-create and engage [/SIZE].

[SIZE=3]In the explorative universal approach to wisdom, I use only as a general guide-reference to spark one's research, the traditional [URL=""]Blavatskian school of Theosophy[/URL], but this is only a primer to universal truth studies and occult science, for my own approach is not limited to only this school. I only use it as a general philosophical impetus to explore universal themes of both religion and science, synthesizing them into a more cosmic and individual religious pursual and practice.[/SIZE]

[SIZE=5][COLOR="#800080"]~*~*~[/COLOR] [/SIZE]

  1. Did Jesus claim to be 'God' ?


    In case you ever were wondering if Jesus ever claimed to be God I found a really in depth website article that might help.


    Hi jzeilder and all,

    I've reviewed such claims and find a Unitarian view or interpretation just as feasible, and perhaps easier to accept among some folk (this coming from a liberal spiritualist who sees Jesus ...
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