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  1. Joy is not subject.

    Joy is not subject.

    If itís skin deep
    if itís reliant on things
    or on events
    or on people
    or on music
    or on sport
    or on entertainment
    then itís superficial
    itís not true joy
    joy runs deep
    joy is not subject.
  2. Ignore List for information purposes only.

    In case you wonder why I don't respond to anything you say it is probably because you have said things in the past that were heretical, vile, derogatory or simply rude. This might have been to me or to others. I then realised that there would be nothing that you have to say that I would want to hear. And that there would be nothing that I can say that you would be able to hear. Hence my ignore list:

    alwight Angel4Truth Arthur Brain CatholicCrusader chrysostom Crucible Cruciform ...

    Updated April 4th, 2017 at 01:08 PM by Truster

  3. Fit for a King.

    There was a King who owned a very large property in which was found the biggest dining table. It was so big that people from miles around would call in daily and eat their food sat around the table. Not everybody came at the same time, but there seemed to someone at the table all day and all night.
    The King looked in one day and saw to His horror the people were eating scraps. And what was worse they didnít seem to mind. The King, who was renowned as a charitable Monarch, called a servant ...
  4. The Name.

    During the OT times the religious of the day came to a conclusion. That if the Almighty was Holy and His Name was Holy then because no man could live if he laid eyes on the Almighty. Then they had better not say His Name nor write His Name. There was one allowance and that was once a year. The Name was to be muttered by the priest in the Holy of Holies, but so quietly that no ear should hear His Name and perish.
    Why? Because it pleased Yah Veh Elohim to hide from this people the only Name ...
  5. Life and sin and how its dealt with.

    Prior to my conversion, when I woke in the morning, I can never remember lying in bed planning my sins for the day. I didn't need to do that, because every thought word and deed was sin*. I was sold under sin* and the prince of the power of the air was working in me as he works in all the children of disobedience.*

    After my conversion I cannot remember once lying in bed, when I woke in the morning, planning works of justness (righteousness) I donít need to because I am accepted in ...
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