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  1. Morals in Modern-Day Society

    Morals in Modern-Day Society

    Is there room, in modern-day society, for morals? Seeing things that are going on in the US, lately, you would think that the answer is no.

    I've seen business owners sued because they don't want to service homosexual weddings. I've seen street preachers arrested because they dare to

    tell the public that homosexuality and sinful living is wrong. I've seen criminals get called heroes because they killed police ...
  2. Going to try making a menu for the next two weeks.

    I'm posting a menu for the dates October 2, 2012 through October 16, 2012 (We always eat out on the first and fifteenth of the month, when I pay bills and/or go shopping.). Hopefully, it will help me to save money shopping. I'm posting a tentative menu here and will work with it throughout the next two weeks, if it's not satisfactory. If anyone wants any of my recipes, leave a comment and I will post it.

    1. 10/2/12
      • Breakfast- oatmeal, toast, bacon, and grape
  3. Anyone notice the timing...

    ...of these two news stories coming out?

    Green adviser calls for a limit of two children


    'A Risk.' Octuplets' mom took gamble that paid off

    All of the blogs I've been reading have comments about how this woman should have been limited to two children many years ago. But, how many of those same people would want to have the limit of two children placed on them?

    Sure. I have a problem that she had 14 children under ...
  4. And, then, the lights came back on...

    Well, Hurricane Ike hit southeastern Indiana with a bang. We had 75 mph winds. Our power went out around 3:30 PM, Sunday, September 14. My power finally came back on today, September 18, around 12:30 PM. According to my electric company, 22,000 families in seven counties were without power due to the winds breaking electric poles. I was on the verge of losing a freezer full of meat (one more day would have melted all of the ice build-up in my freezer).

    On top of all of that, ...
  5. Political Musings

    So, I've been watching all of the hullaballoo with the circus that we, in the United States, like to call our presidential election. It's kind of funny watching the double standards taking place over the nomination of Republican vice presidential nominee, Sarah Palin.

    I've never seen, until now, a lot of Democrats say, "A woman should stay home and take care of her kids." It's kind of funny, actually. My mom, a hard-line Democrat, has told me that she can't understand why Sarah ...
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