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The Totton Linnet

Be blest

  1. Joseph Prince

    by , December 11th, 2012 at 06:52 AM (The Totton Linnet)
  2. Stare

    When they shall see Him
    there is no beauty there
    why do they stand and stare?
    why do they stare?

    Why do they stare?

    When they shall look upon Him
    will they see majesty?
    justice in travesty?
    what do they see?

    What do they see?

    Bruiséd and broken
    nailed to a tree
    what have they come to see?
    what do they see?

    what do they see?

    Yet when I look upon Him
    I see ...

    Updated July 8th, 2013 at 02:08 PM by Totton Linnet

    Beautiful to Cavatina , The Totton Linnet , He's alive , By His stripes
  3. T. L. Osborn~The unlimited God

    The Domtilla Juma miracle

    T. L. Osborn in France

    Victory and Identity

    An historic film clip from 1958 of T. L. Osborn preaching to gypsies in Lille France
    Athens of India

    Updated October 29th, 2013 at 04:22 PM by Totton Linnet

  4. I will daughter you

    I will daughter you by the Totton Linnet.
    I will daughter you
    follow you
    wherever you may go
    though ties may now be broken
    love will not have it so
    I will daughter you

    You won't be alone
    I'll come too
    however hard the road
    together we will walk it
    we'll share the heavy load
    I will daughter you

    Never take my freedom from me
    by sending me away
    though they make of me a stranger in the land ...
  5. Hoy and hearty

    Since my Master cut the rope
    by which my barque was held
    I have left the harbour far behind
    and soared aloft upon waves unquelled
    But sure has been my Captain
    and Pilot ne'er so skilled
    nor fearing I to unfurl my sail
    God's mighty wind has filled.
    Now that the calm of evening
    has settled o'er the deep
    He gives me salted prayers and shanties
    the watches of the night to keep.
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