View Full Version : Equality, Shared Households, Distribution of Food and Money Among the Assemblies

November 27th, 2017, 07:33 AM
This study explains how the love of believers for each other is shown with actions, the daily distribution of food or money among the assemblies, and what working with your own hands means. The study can be found in English here http://www.wisdomofgod.co/2017/11/20/equality-shared-households-distribution-of-food-and-money-among-the-assemblies-and-working-with-your-own-hands/ or in Spanish here http://www.sabiduriadedios.co/2017/11/23/igualdad-hogares-compartidos-distribucion-de-alimentos-y-dinero-entre-las-asambleas-y-trabajar-con-sus-propias-manos/ . Let us begin a discussion on these matters.