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Cross Reference
July 16th, 2017, 07:50 AM
"Uncaused LOVE" in Flesh and Blood. cf John 1:1 KJV.

LOVE was before all things. Though motivations for believing may differ, LOVE is singular and remains so. So when we say Jesus is God both in His flesh and in His Spirit, I believe we cover all the bases when pondering the record of Him for our lives as our example IF we sort things out in that light, i.e., LOVE is a Person. LOVE is God. "When" can now be understood to be a nonsequitor if we see LOVE from the beginning and later in Flesh and Blood and not being altered/affected by the circumstances in which "He" found "Himself" when the proving of Jesus whose testimony of God FROM Himself was made manifest sans the Presence of God. There was no compromise in Jesus. Jesus' "proven victory", sans the Presence of God, won Him the Glory of His Father which secured Him to the foreknowledge of Him "when", in the beginning of all things He was the "Word of God", the "Word of Himself", the LOVE of God.

The "Son of Man" is coming again in "clouds of Glory". Mark 13:26 KJV. In that day Jesus will not be "Son of God" but, God in Glorified Human Flesh as purposed by Him for Himself FROM the beginning! This will be the fulfilling of "His Pleasure" for having created Adam.