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July 2nd, 2017, 09:24 PM
I have noticed in several threads, when disagreements on doctrine occur, which is expected, some inevitably lead to dismissal of Catholics.

Now, first off, I always enjoy discussions of doctrine. I enjoy the back and forth of a disagreement over doctrine. It allows education to occur for both sides (at least, it should).

However, with Catholicism, there is a sometimes instant dismissal due to opposition simply being Catholic.

And I find that while doctrinal dispute, while the initial source of dispute, quickly becomes a battering of "well you believe this" or "you don't believe this," whether true or not (most often false applications). Then a simple "well you are lost/not Christian anyway."

Of all these instances, for instance the constant surfacing of this circumstance in the Trinity thread, I find these disputes boil down to three issues with Catholicism: Church Authority, Mary, personal interpretation (doctrinal in nature/origin).

Would everyone agree that this is accurate? If not, please let me know what alternate reasons. I know personal interpretation is broad, but I often feel that 90% of that ends up back at Church Authority or Mary.

If you seek a debate or wish to subject me to a catapult of insults, I will reply if I get a notification. I had a discussion on this topic the other day and wished to bring it to the TOL community. Thanks.