View Full Version : The United States of America, God's Law from Torah, God's Grace, and our borders.

June 22nd, 2017, 04:19 PM

Understanding the gospel how are we to live to make sure that we not only observe God's law ourselves but we are aware of others and know how to help them to understand God's law and the gospel of Jesus Christ? We should not sin, there is grace, and we can observe God's Law, even His commandments, in Jesus Christ our Lord. Salvation is in Jesus, and living according to God's law, living God's way, is for all, everyone, from ourselves to others to ourselves included.

The New Covenant is for the house of Israel and the house of Judah. It is God's law written on minds and hearts.


I am a Jew, of Israel, as a proselyte and a convert. I observe Torah along with all of Israel.

May you learn of Judaism and may Yeshua not be excluded.

May there be no need to report crimes as we obey God, unless there is a crime or something out of the ordinary. When I say no need, I mean that if we all do obey God there is no crime. I do not mean that we should ignore or go by crime without doing anything about it. Even if you are to pray and see a result that is something. If there is a way to report a crime if you see one, do that.

This is not about power, this is about living simply and having our national identity and process restored. It is about confronting sin in the love of God and Christ. It is about the rule of Law in the States and not letting anything escape our notice, and yet seeing resolution so that or such that we can are and will thrive only as God wants us to and as God sees fit. May our blessing be in accordance with obedience, and not only our repentance. May our words and effect upon others, as we live our lives and press to our borders, be in the love of God and Christ and in the justice, true justice, that we can experience and have only in Him. May you have the right thing to say, and may you know the right thing to do.