View Full Version : Calendar days. Keeping track. My current understanding. I did make a mistake today.

June 21st, 2017, 01:25 PM

Today is Revi'i, 3-27. It is the fourth day of the week. That is what the Hebrew word that we have in the English as Revi'i indicates. The evening and morning day ends with sundown or sunset. It is day.

When evening came I did give someone the wrong day of the week when asked, but I had not yet written down the day of the week. I had the date correct, but then again not if I didn't have the day of the week correct.

I am a Jew as a proselyte and a convert to Israel and Judaism. I am a citizen of the United States of America, where I live. Our day follows that of Israel, and it begins and ends with sundown or sunset, being an evening and morning day. Day is from sunrise to sundown or sunset.

This is different from a day or date that begins with midnight.

I am looking forward to this Sabbath, Shabbat.

Months begin with Rosh Chodesh, the Head of the Month, at the sighting of the New Moon. However, our Jewish calendar is calculated currently. This means that instead of witnesses in the temple who have sighted the new moon, since there is no temple we go by a calendar that is calculated. But the sighting of the new moon and the calendar month beginning with Rosh Chodesh (you may want to learn about Rosh Chodesh and when the first day of the month is, since sometimes Rosh Chodesh is more than one day) is different than determining the astronomical new moon, which is completely black or dark. Instead, the New Moon with Rosh Chodesh is when the first sliver of light appears.

The remaining days of this week are Chamishi and Shishi, followed by Shabbat, the Sabbath.