View Full Version : The whole Gospel part 3

Totton Linnet
April 19th, 2016, 09:49 AM
One of the first things you become aware of when you get saved, you find out God is real

and you find out that the devil is real too

The devil you will see in the gospels follow Jesus around, his crowd don't join the disciples, they are not in the happy throng, they come criticising, finding fault, upholding the law, they do not themselves obey the law but they insist that it is the way to salvation for everyone else.

When we get saved we soon learn that life is not going to suddenly become a bed of roses, everyone will love us...God loves us, we are sure of His love and others who have been saved with a like salvation will love us.

The message we heard was simple and we proved it to be true "Believe on the Lord Jesus Christ and thou shalt be saved" God has made it to be so simple. We DID believe we WERE saved.

The devil's crowd also followed Paul around, wherever he established a new church or assembly, no sooner was he gone but there came in the false brethren.

Their message? "no but believing is not enough...you must obey the commandments" then they start to pour out the vitriol on Paul, who they claim is not a true apostle, not one of the 12