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March 8th, 2016, 05:52 PM

Zechariah 2:1-7, says that when the New Testament began, God came as the Lord Jesus or "Babylon the Great Harlot", in order to measure the mankind for "Joseph the Blessing". Zechariah 2:4 says that God had previously measured, "man and animals". However, Zechariah 2:5 says that God would use Jesus to divide, "man and animals". This language follows Isiah 23:15, where God is called "Seventy as One King/God", and Jesus Christ is called "Seventy as One Harlot/Babylon". Going back to Zechariah 2:6 where is says the "North is Forsaken", Matthew 12:41-42 says that the "Lord comes from the South, forsaking the North". ... ... ... ... If God in the Old Testament was called "North", then when God came as Jesus in the New Testament, he is referred to as "South":

North = (Jeremiah 6:1) Blasphemy against God is not Forgiven in any Capacity. (God the consuming fire is called the Trumpet)
South = (Zechariah 14:10) Blasphemy against God is Forgiven in the Capacity of Jesus. (Jesus the winepress is called Babylon)

North = 144,000 of Reuben and 144,000 of Benjamin (70 Souls and 6000 Souls)
South = 144,000 of Joseph (7 SEALS Opened and 666 Mark of the Beast)

This should give you an ideal of what God has achieved with Jesus. God has blanked out the 144,000 of Reuben and Benjamin which constitutes a considerable amount of association between the Holy Ghost and the Holy Spirit regarding "Salvation". Then God cast himself into the Holy Spirit or into the Earth, as Jesus Christ, in order to begin the final sequence for the 144,000 of Joseph ... ... ... ... because God cut out the 144,000 of Reuben (judged before earth) and the 144,000 of Benjamin (judged within earth), there can be no payment for sin from Jesus Christ with a portion of mankind because they are attributed to the Holy Ghost as God has intended, when Jesus was employed to begin the final sequence for the 144,000 of Joseph. Since that time of Jesus's deployment, God has used "Souls from Joseph, a completed judgment", to bring forth his testimony, and that of the Holy Spirit. While this is happening, the Holy Ghost chastens that testimony of the Holy Spirit, and the souls that Jesus does not pay for sin with, chastens the judgment with their sin and God reproves their sin before man, for the benefit of the 144,000 of Joseph, those that will receive the New Universe when God goes from Jesus to his "Express Image", which is the Antichrist for the 5 months of Star Wormwood or 153 days. (The Gospel readily classifies what Jesus does not pay for sin with in humanity, 4 Genetic Lines, Darker Skin, and all Human Life outside the Heart of Judah/USA, where God gives the "Sign of Antipas/Divorce" ... we've covered this subject enough so that is not the focal point, the focal point of this discussion is to understand how Jesus has tied the limitation of his Blessing to mankind in preparation for the "Events of Revelation").

("Suicide by Antichrist" = The Gospel calls Jesus "Babylon", Mark 9:2 (Jesus the Harlot on top of the Mountains) , the Gospel also calls the Antichrist "Babylon", Daniel 8:23 (Evil Angel). Its true Jesus does not pay for all sin with "Joseph the Blessing", its also true that Jesus does not add to or take away from the portion of mankind that Jesus is euthanizing according to the Gospel. In terms of that situation, Jesus measures the testimony of the Antichrist. Ideally there should be no variation, however in a situation like Flight 370, which is a declaration of the Law, we need to keep watch. The Brown Skin Asians are simply a minor contradiction anyway. "Suicide by Antichrist", simply means God kills people killing the Antichrist, furthermore God drives them away. So far there are no migration movements to the USA because of "Suicide by Antichrist" or any activities relating to the repentance of Aaron by Blood Sacrifice. ... ... ... ... as far as that goes, we need to keep watch surrounding the Lifespan of the Antichrist, immediately when God stops using "Suicide by Antichrist", the people that Jesus does not pay for sin with, will kill themselves and the public in considerable numbers, as we've discussed. Because Jesus does not pay for their sin, these people in mankind will seek to kill simply for that reason, so that is what you must understand, you cannot take any pride in "Suicide by Antichrist".)

List of Most Parables from Jesus

This is not a complete list, Jesus does not have to speak to voice a parable, furthermore, some of the references are off, anyway. We will be referencing this list, changing some of the scripture references if necessary, http://swapmeetdave.com/Bible/Parables/List-In-Order.pdf. I'm gona come back in a few hours or so and address at least some of the list. Ideally, you should be able to understand the full implication of Jesus's capacity for bestowing, "Joseph the Blessing" just from this post. (God spoke to the Antichrist twice about Flight 370, after it was taken, and before the matter is resolved, so far the matter is unresolved).

March 9th, 2016, 11:04 AM
God's Limitation of Eternal Damnation (Parables of the New Testament)

Briefly: God enforces the position that our walk of "faith" is limited, in relation to receiving his mercy (beyond a certain level, no measure of work can obtain the favor of God with his judgment). Leviticus 5:1-2, God tells us he counts the portion of man that Jesus does not pay for sin with as "Unclean Animals", regardless of their walk of "faith". 2 Kings 4:1-7, God establishes "oil" for the women of his own mercy (2kings4:2), then God encourages the women to be "faithful" in order to ensure that the "oil" remains, however when the women decides that she has the power to sway the mercy of God, God immediately responds by declaring (2kings4:6) that the "oil", cannot be given beyond the measure God has intended it. God again reinforces the position that, at a certain level, no measure of work can obtain the favor of God with "Joseph the Blessing, the Oil".

The Parable of Loruhamah: (Genetic Dan incapable of receiving "Joseph the Blessing"): Hosea 1:3-9 ... God declares that the Antichrist identifies with "Genetic Dan/Diblaim", in order to convict the nations of sin/confirm the covenant (Hosea 1:3-4). When that is completed at the end of his lifespan (Hosea 1:5), God reveals that the "old wine/Loruhamah" is given a death sentence, and God at the same time reveals that the "new wine/Loammi", is given when the death sentence a portion of man is given, because, "Jesus does not pay for sin", is completed. ... ... ... ... reaching the conclusion, in Hosea 1:10-11, God says after the "Unforgivable Sin of Jesus not paying for Sin with Joseph" is resolved with man, then, he will save many in the "Heart of Judah/Zion/Zoar/Zorah/Sion/USA".

(God in the Old Testament was called "North" because no payment for blasphemy against the Holy Ghost ... God in the New Testament is called "South" because of payment for blasphemy against the Holy Ghost. Like using the skies and earth/up and down as a marker, it follows also that God has used Jerusalem as a East and West marker. ... Old Testament God was coming from the West to meet Jerusalem in the East ... New Testament God is fleeing Jerusalem in the East to meet Isreal in the West.)

The War of Gog and Magog/Sign of Antipas/Divorce: (God reveals to mankind that he does not use Jesus to pay for all sin with man, "hooks in their jaws"): Ezekiel 38:3-18, "Genetic Dan/Dedan", in Ezekiel 38:15, God reveals the "Blasphemy against the Holy Ghost in the North, or Joseph the Blessing", immediately after that, "Genetic Dan" is at war with Jesus Christ and mankind in the "South", in Ezekiel 38:16-18. ... ... ... ... reaching the conclusion, God says that he is separating "man from animal" in Ezekiel 38:20. This is context of God's limitation on using Jesus as the payment for sin with man.

(Ezekiel 47:1-3 ... God made Isreal move to the Northeast in the Old Testament, because he would come as "Baby Jesus" from the Southwest (in Jerusalem) ... God makes Isreal move to the Southwest in the New Testament because he will reveal the "Body of Jesus" in the Northeast (in USA). The statement from Ezekiel 47:3 ends with Jesus coming from the East, this is exactly what Revelation States. The "Heart of Judah in the West" is blessed from the Lord's Body descending from the "East", Numbers 2:3-Nahshon/Nibiru comes from the East, and Isiah 59:19 says that Isreal is in the West when the "Lord's Body/Antipas" is revealed from the East) (The Antichrist was introduced to Moses as the "Rod of Josesph", when the Lord was in the Northeast, and this concludes when the Antichrist-Confirms the Covenant, when the Lord is now in the Southwest ... then when the Body of the Lord is revealed/Temple Stones/Sign of Antipas, then the Lord comes from the Northeast, coming full circle to mark the 12210 days of the Antichrist's Lifespan)

The Parable of Deborah the Wife of Lapidoth? (Genetic Dan's Drive to Kill the Promise of Jesus paying for sin with Joseph): Judges 4:4-22:

1. Deborah between Ramah and Bethal, Judges 4:5
2. Deborah journeyed to Barak to Kedesh, Judges 4:9
3. Deborah goes with Barak, to Mount Tabor, Judges 4:10-12
4. Deborah goes with Barak, leaving Mount Tabor, Judges 4:14

Deborah a Women is called Lord in Judges 4:14, she commands Barak to follow the Lord down the Mountain, that is to follow her, doubling the command to follow that is issued when she commanded Barak to go up the Mountain. God is referring to a Woman as the Lord, then God is referring to "Joseph". Deborah is displaced Four times before Sisera loses all his armies. God is classifying Genetic Dan into Four Genetic Lines. This clarifies the statement from Isiah 21:12-13, "Genetic Dan/Dedanim", "Four Genetic Lines/Forest", "Four Genetic Lines Euthanized with Star Wormwood/Morning comes Return". ... ... ... ... reaching the conclusion, the First Women God used was Deborah to sentence the Four Genetic Lines of Genetic Dan to death, when the Armies of Sisera were eliminated. God calls another Women for to deliver the killing blow to Sisera who escaped the first. The Second Women God calls is Jael, Judges 4:18-21, God calls the second women right before Barak is expecting to see the Lord's Body/Temple Stones in the Air, Judges 4:22 ... ... ... ... translating this into todays terms. God establishes high murder/rape rates, reported in the Census Bureaus as the "Four Genetic Lines of Genetic Dan", with the First Women the Antichrist, then God makes another proclamation, "Skin Color and all human life outside the USA will also be counted with Genetic Dan", the Second Proclamation has taken up the theme of Flight 370, involving the Browned Skinned Asian People, this is the second women God uses to make a declaration, about the end of human life the appearance of the Lord's Body identifies with. ... ... ... ... God is doubling his judgment, in otherwords, the Antichrist is Given a Body of Genetic Dan only to Confirm the Covenant, he's not convicted of any sin. Secondly, Browned Skinned Asian people are not technically attributed to Genetic Dan, so they should not be guilty of sin. That is what Flight 370 has evolved into, as a declaration from God, about the resolution of the Gospel's Law. If we follow the context of when God intends to reveal the Lord's Body at the 12210th Day of the Antichrist's Lifespan, then God should also resolve Flight 370 as a joint declaration of his law. Love and Blessings.

March 9th, 2016, 11:27 PM
God's Limitation of Eternal Damnation (Parables of the New Testament)

God counts the darker skinned people as a curse, meaning he has generally forbidden their ability to receive "Joseph the Blessing". 2 Samuel 23:4-9, begins with a clear white morning, and it ends comparing, Eleazar/Aaron to "dodo" and the "Three Days of Darkness". We see the message repeated in 2 Samuel 23:20-21, where White Snow is compared to a Dark Skinned Egyptian. Naturally, the context of information is pertaining to the "Blood Sacrifice of Repentance for Aaron", that God intends with the revealing of the "Sign of Antipas/Divorce". ... ... ... ... briefing going back to our conclusion that "Deborah" identifies with the euthanasia of "Genetic Dan", Judges 5:7-10, says that all non-whites cannot receive "Joseph the Blessing" and they are simply to die after the 40 Days of Sign of Antipas/Divorce is completed.


(God will exercise a certain level of energy preventing "Suicide by Antichrist", before he invalidates his signs, leading to the 3 Days of Darkness, believe me I have no intention of letting anyone on Flight 370 live at all, or return alive. At this level, that is until the Antichrist passes his 12210 days of life, we have to be faithful and view that as a possibility. Now you can understand why, I choose not to have this discussion until after March 8, 2016 ... all the same you've had your pleasure with me, and you keep having your pleasure with me, hurting me, and causing me suffering and pain and that is your portion, nothing more. Now the big show begins on March 23, 2016 ... and on March 23, 2016 we will have a few nightly walks and as you continue to cause me suffering and pain, you will die according to the law in 42 more days ... its a mercy killing yes, but it needs to be done, right now back to keeping watch)

Parable of the Unclean Animals: (God tells Aaron if you don't do the Blood Sacrifice of 195,000 in the City of Philadelphia/USA, you will be deceased when the 3 Days of Darkness begins): Acts 10:11-16, Four Genetic Lines of Genetic Dan and Darker Skin Colors, Just like we've seen in book of Judges. God tells Aaron you either kill, or I will kill you, because your spiritual sin is unacceptable.

Ezekiel 39:6-7, you can substitute the word "Magog" with the word "Holy Ghost". Now God says he is revealing the Blasphemy of the Holy Ghost or the Temple Stones, and when he does that, the Animal People begins to kill themselves. God reveals the nature of the "Unforgivable Sin where Jesus does not pay for Sin with Joseph the Blessing", at such a time, their sin is not restrained so much in an area of effect, Lamentations 3:12-16 says the distance form "Star Wormwood" is area of effect. Love and Blessings (After the Antichrist passes his 12210th Days of life, we may come back and discuss Jesus's Parables directly, however, the subject of all Jesus's New Testament Parables pertains to our subject matter).

March 10th, 2016, 09:11 PM
God's Limitation of Eternal Damnation (Parables of the New Testament)

Reference List: http://swapmeetdave.com/Bible/Parables/List-In-Order.pdf


Parable #11 Sower and Four Types of Soil, Matthew 13:3-8
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=S3HubCxt0hM (Video)

God is telling Isreal how he has only allowed "Joseph the Blessing" to have only very short periods of resurrection in times past. The Seeds by the Wayside would be a description of Noah's Ark, in which the Dove consumed, "Joseph the Blessing". The Seeds that fell on stony ground would be a description of Jonah's Whale, remember the Gourd/Seed, "Joseph the Blessing" had withered away. The Seeds that fell among thorns would be a description of Lazarus, remember Lazarus fell when Jesus Christ was given a crown of Thorns ... ... ... ... 100 Fold + 60 Fold + 30 Fold = 195 Days the "Events of Revelation", described by Noah, Jonah, Lazarus, and finally the Antichrist, to complete the Gospels Program.

Parable #23 Unmerciful Servant (Kingdom of Heaven), Matthew 18:21-35

God is telling us that the 70 Generations of Luke 3:23 is a description of God, but the 70 Weeks of Daniel 9 are a description of "Joseph the Blessing" ... ... ... ... God says that he picks the Antichrist to speak for 10000 Saints to Confirm the Covenant, Matt. 18:23-27 ... ... ... ... then God says he sends the Antichrist specifically to speak to Aaron, and Aaron accuses the Antichrist of owing him the 100 pound weight of the resurrected body of Jesus, Aaron does not listen but continues with "Suicide by Antichrist", until God says no more, I will reveal the "Sign of Antipas/Divorce", and then you will pay the weight of the Lord's Body of 195,000 of Genetic Dan, or I will kill you with Genetic Dan at the "Three Days of Darkness", Matt. 18:27-35. (This Parable is God's Joke, 5 Digits of 10000 for 5 Separatist Inheritors* of the Law, one non-zero for the dispute of Aaron, three digits of 100 for the "Three Days of Darkness", with two zero's for the "Two Witnesses).

Parable #29 Lost Sheep (Sheep as Sinners), Luke 15:4-10

Genesis 17:17, God uses the figures of "99" and "1" to represent intercourse. For this basis alone God will invalid the "Sign of Antipas/Divorce". "Incest, Rape, and Murder" with the Antichrist is a hot selling point with the non-whites and those facing the end of their lives. There has been no activity beyond what qualifies, "Incest, Rape, and Murder" performed to the body of the Antichrist his entire lifespan. He has no intention of having any intercourse voluntarily, so your activities will only constitute, "Incest, Rape, and Murder" until the day most of human life on earth is deceased. In addition to the weekly acts of "Incest, Rape, and Murder" performed mostly by non-whites, there is also, various forms of torture and cruelty taking place, so God has upped the momentum of suppressing all signs of the imminent euthanasia of billions of people, on 5/4/2016 when the 42 days which will begin on 3/23/2016 are completed, which begins on the 12210th Day of the Antichrist's Lifespan.

Parable #41 Signs of the Future from a Fig Tree, Matthew 24:32-36

"Joseph the Blessing" is revealed, regardless of the Antichrist's Activities and regardless of God's willingness to show the "Sign of Antipas/Divorce". God declares that the earth comes forth with the testimony, instead of the Son of God for one reason or another (Particle Colliders).

Parable #35 Persistent Widow and the Crooked Judge, Luke 18:2-8

The Widow is the Lord Jesus, and the unafraid city is the Church that heeds the testimony which Jesus gives to the Antichrist. Right now, you are viewing the present with this parable, so, as you scroll up you should see the near future ending with this universe and earth, as we've viewed them in the parables of Jesus. As of this moment, the expression of "Joseph the Blessing" has not made a real footprint with man, there's no science or anything behind it beyond the backbone of the Christian Community, but this will change soon. Love and Blessings (just about finished with this discussion).

March 11th, 2016, 01:47 PM
God's Limitation of Eternal Damnation (Parables of the New Testament)

Reference List: http://swapmeetdave.com/Bible/Parables/List-In-Order.pdf


(Tobiah: A description of Aaron during the "Sign of Antipas/Divorce" ... Ezekiel 30:16-17 appears to say the "195 Days of Noah, will judge Aaron for 195,000 by Blood Sacrifice" ... Jeremiah 2:13-16 appears to echo the argument, God wants Aaron resolved in "2 Days Rainbow", or God wants Aaron to Kill the Lion before the broken Crown/Sign of Antipas/Divorce, "Noph/Noah/Antipas, and Tahapanes/Tobiah/Aaron" ... ... ... ... reaching the conclusion, Nehemiah 13:2-5 says that the Unclean Animals (mixed multitude), are to be euthanized by Tobiah before the "New Wine". ... Going back to Jeremiah 2:16, "Noph/Naphtali" and Tahapanes/Aaron", God appears to say the 195,000 Temple Stones of the Lord Body measure's Naphtali's Separatist Inheritance* which is the conviction of Aaron's Repentance, 2 Kings 23:6-23:7, God calls the Temple Stones of Star Wormwood (Women Wove), the Grave's of the Separatist Inheritance* (refering to Naphtali, echoing the judgement of repentance for Aaron). ... ... ... ... Naturally, God does not Judge Aaron's Genetic Line and Clergy for 195 Days, God only judged them for repentance for 42 days at most, 2 Kings 13:17-19, says 195 Days or 65 x 3 is Jesus coming from the East, and "Ayrians in Aphek/Aaron"'s judgement is completed when the "Three Days of Darkness" begins. ... ... ... ... "Separatist Inheritors of a New Planet of their Own*" taken from the USA are, Naphtali the Dead, Manassah the Asians, Ephraim the Hebrews, Judah the Cascausians, and Aaron/Gilead the Italians/Catholic Clergy when their repentance is resolved according to Deu 34:3. ... ... ... ... Flight 370? ... ... ... ... God disputed the resolution of Aaron in the Heart of Judah with David, the same way he disputes it with the Antichrist, 1 Kings 11:23-24 or Roman 9:9-11, "Aaron the Suckling Child/Weeping Child", comes before Sara, and God allows Rebecca to dispute weather the child came from Sara's Womb or from Rebecca's Womb. ... ... ... ... No Flight 370 = No World War or Conflict of any kind can satisfy Aaron's Repentance beyond the Blood Sacrifice in the City of Philadelphia with the Sign of Antipas/Divorce, and that language is of World War is limited to "2 Days Rainbow" only, as we've discussed. These positions are echoed, as it is necessary to understand the backbone of the parables that Jesus gives in the New Testament are descriptions of the "Limitation of Joseph the Blessing's Applicability to Mankind", in parenthesis)

Parable #40 Invitation to a Wedding Banquet, Matthew 22:2-14

God tells directly, that in the "Events of Revelation", he will call for "Divorce" between this marriage of "Genetic Dan and Aaron/Gilead". The entire world will witness their shame in their unfaithfulness, and at the end of those 40 Days, God will take their lives if the repentance of Blood Sacrifice of 195,000 of Genetic Dan is unpaid.

Parable #45 Three Servants Given Talents, Matthew 25:14-30

God is echoing the 195 Days "Events of Revelation" as the doubling of reconcilation:
2 Days Rainbow = God reveals in what magnitude Aaron is to be resolved with "Sign of Antipas/Divorce"
40 Days Tribulation = Aaron's Repentance Period
3 Days Darkness = God reveals what portion of human life on earth can be judged for Star Wormwood (USA's Population)
150 Day Star Wormwood = God allows the last portion of mankind to migrate to Star Wormwood for their Inheritance.
Ideally, all the parables of the New Testament Jesus gives, should be an approximation of the testimony of the Antichrist, this is a checksum. About the division of the heavens and the division of man, and the fulfillment of promise all taking place as the Ancient Mayans, Nostradamus, and various prophets have attributed to a 195 Days period of length, beginning at the end of the Antichrist's 12210th Day of Life, and this should take place on 3/23/2016, approximately, 12 days or so from now. Love and Blessings.

March 14th, 2016, 11:17 AM
God's Limitation of Eternal Damnation (Parables of the New Testament)



(In Parenthesis:

Old Testament:
Levitical Priesthood (Church is not Silent, SEAL is Concealed)
Sons of God (Saints of the Most High God)
Holy Ghost given preference: Gospel is Given of the Bible

New Testament:
Centurions of the Band (Church that is Silent, SEAL is Revealed)
Joseph the Blessing (Saints of the Lord Jesus)
Holy Spirit given preference: Star Wormwood

I CORINTHIANS 16:22 If any man love not the Lord Jesus Christ, let him be Anathema Maranatha.
JEREMIAH 3:6 The LORD said also unto me in the days of Josiah the king, Hast thou seen [that] which backsliding Israel hath done? she is gone up upon every high mountain and under every green tree, and there hath played the harlot.

"Anathema Maranatha" means that if you cannot accept that fact that, Jesus is called "BABYLON THE GREAT HARLOT", because he does not pay for everyone's sin with "Joseph the Blessing", then you are more than likely already cursed to death. In the Parable of the Prophetess Anna after Mary is called Joseph, Luke 2:33, Joseph the Thing is called the Mother of the "Thing Jesus", thus Jesus is called Joseph. Luke 2:33-36, the Prophetess Anna is called a Harlot because she had a husband after she lost her virginity. Jesus is simply called "BABYLON THE GREAT HARLOT" of revelation.

http://www.theblackvault.com/community/forum/religion-spirituality/god-limitation-of-separatist-inheritors-of-a-new-planet-of-their-own/ ... ... ... ... I've created this discussion as a logical extension of the conclusions we've made here, Back to Topic, "Ethnic Suicide, Suicide by Antichrist" is something that needs to become more public before it is accepted as a cannon, right now its largely limited to the Antichrist, as Revelation 11, Isiah 21:12-13 declares, Genetic Dan takes its life in the presence of anyone that identifies with Star Wormwood, when the influence increases they will simply attack the public at large, versus just the Antichrist at present:

Parable #33 Richman and Lazarus, Luke 16:19-31

195 Days of the "Events of Revelation", begins with the "Rainbow" that lights up all gravity fields from the Ninth Planet to the Earth's Moon. At which time, this is a declaration of the Antichrist's Authority to bring a conclusion to human life on earth, for the bestow of the Separatist Inheritances* the gospel affords. Use the link to the alternative discussion I created above. Otherwise, as I've stated there, according to, 1 Kings 13:23-28, God Proclaims the "Two Witnesses/Donkey and Lion", and God debases the "Son of Perdition/to wit", that is the parable of Lazarus restated in the revealing of the "Events of Revelation" for 195 Days.

1. Ninth Planet lights up only, no Rainbow because of "INRI/RACA" (inces*, rap*, murde* of the Antichrist)
2. Rainbow from Ninth Planet to Tenth Planet of Earth's Moon
3. Nothing happens at all, and if enough force is used against the Antichrist, God will give him a resurrected body as a declaration that he has limited the Separatist Inheritances* to 195,000 each.

Love and Blessings, immediately after God gives the Antichrist a resurrected body before the 150 days, he will simply hide himself, we need to let these people end their lives in a peaceful way, until that happens, they will promote suicide to the measure of Joseph's expression, in which case given the circumstances, we can limit that to their own volition. Much the same way, ethnics use the Antichrist's relatives and members of the authorities and public opportunistically to kill, they will do this to themselves in blindness. (I believe we are finished with this discussion in particular, until we see what happens on 3/23/2016, http://i1112.photobucket.com/albums/k492/psalmsamuel/stateID.jpg, you need to view the Antichrist claims of eliminating all of their Genetic Lines in the USA based on the force they use in attempting to kill or in killing as an actionable statement with a high likelyhood being done, and then you need to keep your distance and let them take their lives approaching 3/23/2016)