View Full Version : Some ways Christ is different

Jamie Gigliotti
March 1st, 2016, 11:23 AM
In a debate recently, an agnostic refuted the proof of lives changed by Christ by saying lots of people say their religion has helped them so they are the same.

The help then becomes the key. How does Christ help us? Is it different?

Most agnostics will agree there are some moralistic standards that we all know exist, even we can't agree on all of the standards. Murder of a human being does seem to set a standard that nearly all can agree upon.
When a person violates their conviction of a moral absolute, murder or other wise, based upon ones own conviction shame follows.
I will preface this argument with the purpose is to show how the New Testament declares Christ is different and how some such as myself declare what the New Testament says is true and have experienced it personally.
Other religions deal with moral failure in a way that places the burden of turning ones life around by effort of the individual. This amounts to attempting to tip the scales of the good one has done over the bad in a way that removes the failure, to forget about it per se. Many of us have tried this, even with a thought of being a Christian. It amounts to our pride attempting to control the situation. Us attempting apart from God, not needing Him. This does not work. The conscience reminds.
I've been accused by some as using Christ as crutch; what a badge of honor! Although I know He is not done with me yet and I do not rely upon Him as much as I could.
With trust and reliance upon God, upon Christ, His blood, His grace, His love; it clear our conscience, in a Spiritual manner that we could never do on our own. Where some agnostics see a hypocrisy with Christians is that some Christians have bought the lie that the cleansing is the only way Christ intended to help. But His word, His Spirit, His love, His power say something different. The help has only begun the reliance intended to be more and more emcompssing so that His love, His light, His Spirit works in and through us in increasing measure. Christ in us! A people zealous for Him, personal love and intimacy with God who created us for this very purpose. Love that we all know our hearts long for.
There is no other religion that is the same, that help us the way Christ can.