View Full Version : Communion is inclusive for all believers.

October 24th, 2015, 05:15 AM
I have been in many churches when they do communion. They always say something about don't take it if... Many have said not to take it if you're not a Christian or if you are a Christian don't take it if you have unrepentant sin. There's even been some that say not to take it if you didn't put Jesus as #1, or even if you're not a member of their church.

My question is where in context are those restrictions?

The only thing in that passage where people get this stuff from is "don't take in an unworthy manner." Well, in context and in scripture I do not see three of the four there. The only restriction in context is that a non-Christian shouldn't partake because they are not part of Christ's body thus do not proclaim Christ coming back.

All these other ones, unrepentant sin, not putting Jesus as #1, and not a member are false manmade thoughts that have been forced upon the masses causing them to be subjugated to a system and a state of constant guilt! Think about it if they are not allowed to even eat some bread and drink some wine how on earth can they ever be allowed to enter into the thrown room of God?!

You see, every false teaching of the church has a horrid impact upon our relationship with our heavenly Dad. But the fact is that those communion teachings are false and you are not restricted from participating if you are in Christ. Because if Christ is in you that means your sin was imbedded in Christ at Calvary and you are now the righteousness of God.

The fact of the matter is that you, Christian, you are never restricted from anything having to do with your Dad, Jesus, or the Holy Spirit. Jesus took all your sin leaving you with only grace and mercy. This, this right here is what you should be examining yourself for. Examine yourself to see that you are in Christ and He is in you and that you are worthy to partake because Christ, not you nor your works, have made you worthy.

No amount of repentance will make you worthy because if you need to repent in order to gain forgiveness then you must confess them all and you will always forget some. Also, you will never be worthy no matter how much you meditate on Jesus because He will never be #1 in your life. Sleep and work will always be #1 and #2. No one can constantly focus on Jesus though that is something admirable to strive for. But, it is not something to condemn yourself for when you don't reach it. And it won't make you worthy because they is still a work you do. Besides, Jesus doesn't want to be #1 on your list, he wants to be in your heart. Get rid of your list and put Jesus in your heart. Throw out your self made condemnation and understand just how much you are loved.

Jesus and only Jesus makes you worthy, welcome, righteous, and included. Jesus and only Jesus. If you are in Christ you are automatically worthy to partake in communion despite what the church says because you have the Spirit inside you and He shouts to your spirit that you are a son of God!

Blessings and namaste everyone. I hope this has been encouraging and opens a well of God's love for you inside of your spirit.