View Full Version : Improving titles for YEC, OEC, YEOU, OEOU

October 12th, 2015, 08:29 AM
It seems there are really three choices about the age of earth that a person must decide between when integrating the creation passage and physical reality.

By creation, I mean the forming of this earth to roughly the present condition, apart from alterations that occurred in the deluge (size and location of seas and landmasses, and atmosphere). No amount of time is assigned to the formless and void stage. Nor is any time assigned to the distant universe.

1, YEC should be 6DC. Given that God by definition has infinite capability, there is no reason to make this present form of earth and local neighbors after 'formless and void' any longer than the tightest of chronology found there. It is a 6 day creation. By way of comparison, there is a part of the Mayan culture which has a date of 1700+/- years from creation to deluge. Objections would be certain items that show every indication in normal terms of being in operation several thousand years, but not the millions which Lyell concocted.

2, KDC. This means treating the 6 days with the additional length that expression of Ps 90 and 2 Pet 3 allow--a day is a thousand years. Not that there is any question that God "needed" any time (He wouldn't "need" any time at all, as far as that goes), but to integrate things that appear to have been around or operating a few thousand years. We don't have a date for the failure of Adam, so when we read the longevity table of ch 5, we are missing what would be the key piece of information that anchors Adam's life. But we are given a helpful piece of information: the date of the birth of Seth. This reduces the sin of Adam to a roughly 100 year window, 5:3, some time before the birth of Seth. But it seems unlikely this would have been delayed from happening for the sake of a calm, untarnished 7th thousand years (the day of rest from creating) and is therefore a piece of information in favor of the 6DC.

3, OEOU. I think Dr. Ross would be here, with a dating system that puts the emergence of mankind between 50K-100KYA. He still states that the emergence of man as historian, artist, worshiper is abrupt, but not 6 days. I don't see where he has given much thought to CPT (catastrophic plate tectonics), as his expertise is astro-physics. His is a system in which there are no indications of abrupt, rapid creative or interjected actions by God.