View Full Version : should religion be first in deciding a president?

October 3rd, 2015, 11:50 AM
I can now u/stand.. wheras before I never could.. why people don't vote..

that is not to say I condone not voting but I u/stand why someone would not want to go to the trouble of voting for someone who does not reflect his /her values.. even if the alternative is worse

anyway.. Should pro lifers put a pro life candidate before all others (if the others aren't so pro life)?

well, everyone should know by now how I myself would answer

but some truths are universal and absolute

truths like this:

If someone thinks it's OK to murder children for the mistakes and crimes of the parent... so the parent(s) can "go on with their life"... childless if they so choose

There is something seriously WRONG with that person's thinking... his/her integrity.

And even if you don't care one fig for the unborn... you know The Constitution/Declaration of Rights... so you know that that person cannot (@ least not always..) be trusted to get... ANY issue right...

it is all about TRUST

I only trust


(in that order.. [at least until I get more info])