View Full Version : Bibliographic list from Seattle Creation Conference

September 27th, 2015, 08:30 AM
Here are some of the items mentioned by speakers at the Seattle creation conference which indicate the mainstream structures of science have fractures and seek reform:

Ager. NEW CATASTROPHISM. This geologist is finding the 'closed system' pretty unsatisfactory.

Clemens. Geologist Association of London. The area of granitic magmatism must be completely reworked.

Mial. Published by Sprinter International Publishing. Various items in uniformitarianism that don't work.

_____. The Australian Centralian super-basin. The belief that the entire center of the continent is rapid-deposit, cataclysmic sediment.

Cooper. AFTER THE FLOOD. A rapid-sequence rendition of geological reality.

Ward. CALL OF THE DISTANT MOUNTAINS. Discusses unsatisfactory explanations of woolly mammoth extinction. See Guthrie and Vereshogin below. The prevailing explanation now is that 'loess' (wind-driven glacial dust/sand) trapped millions of mammoths and (in far north) encased them in permafrost. This 'loess' is from a short 700 year ice age after the flood, per S. Austin, M. Oard, T. Walker.

Guthrie. FROZEN FAUNA (of the mammoth period).


NG Society. 100 Mammoths of South Dakota's Hot Springs.