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September 27th, 2015, 08:05 AM
We must show the sustained direct actions of God to fully represent the Bible. That means there are things off stage that matter, so that the earth's creation and events are not the sole focus. There is the spirit world and things going on before Gen 1's day 1 that matter and which prevent the earth from being treated as the only place God has been active.

Modern science since T. Huxley is entirely deliberate, to draw on Peter's comment in 2 Pet 3 about 'willfully ignorant' (they simply decide to ignore). It is simply the imposing of a 'closed system of natural causes and effects' on the world. It had no basis from the start. Politically, it is a reaction to the US Declaration of Independence and the Constitution to re-assert a centralized state. This is found in the legal trail in which the president of Harvard who came into office in 1869 almost immediately appointed a legal Darwinian, Langdell, to head Harvard Law and begin the process of purging direct-handling of Biblical truth from the public.

To show the extent of such deliberate procedure, we should look at the fate of Lake Missoula. The expert on the Lake Missoula breach and flooding, in which massive amounts of slurry and water reshaped the northwest, was Bretz, whose main work was 1923-32, published in all the main geology journals of the time. But then he was suddenly discarded. The US Geological Survey discarding of Bretz' decades of compiling evidence of massive flooding over 6 states of W Canada and the NW (even if it was later than the Biblical flood) was a "rejection on general principles." USGS simply did not want to hear about all this happening in 2 days, about 600 ft of water over Spokane, 1000 at Walla Walla, 6000 ft thick rapid sedimentary deposits around the world, Grand Coulee as evidence of the "edge" of the ice sheet, etc.

That's modern "science." The explanation is much more political than practical. Those who want a centralized state have to have a centralizing religion that they can manage to make that happen.

The answer to this is the sustained belief of a universe in which God acts. It's great to hear scientific data that "supports a global flood" as was given all Friday and Saturday at the Seattle Creation Conference. But it is not just scientific data at the end of the day, just a catastrophe. It is part of God's redemptive work from before the foundations of the world on various levels.

Part of sustaining that belief is to assert the things that Scripture does before Gen 1's 1st day (which is after all just the 1st day of this planet in this form). God, who is from everlasting to everlasting, was not just suddenly busy that day. He was suddenly busy that day with earth but he was not just suddenly busy. This planet was dark and watery and without the Spirit of God when we first read of it. That makes it a candidate for one of the 'blackest darknesses' we read of in 2 Pet 3 and in Jude. These were places where rebellious spirits were confined.

We should expect the universe to be full of other activity about which we know very little, but which definitely have an imprint. The earth was 'formless and void' and we find from Jer 4:23 that whatever was going on there before day 1 had been judged and destroyed by God, because that is when and why you used that Hebrew expression. We find in Job 38 that God shook out the place like a tent or blanket, to get rid of the wicked, as part of laying the foundations for it. We are also told that the gates of death are down in the recesses of the deep--the deep over which the Spirit of God was hovering and waiting to act. The final picture is not just that God holds atomic structure in place, but keeps demonic structures (later called principalities and powers) in check where he has created earth and intended to have dominion (38:33).

We already have a very active God in the account of Genesis; it is not as though this should be a surprise. By Genesis 6 we also find the bizarre bits and pieces of 'sons of God' seeking out human women to have sex, resulting in larger than usual humans, continuing on at least to the day of David and Goliath. These things make mankind even more evil and God ends it all in the deluge and reshaping of the earth's surface.

At the end of the long redemption story, we find that God created the church to show other entities his power, Eph 3. The unity of the church shows those entities his victory in human life. To a certain extent, the church is what God wanted originally when he made mankind the marker of his dominion. "The earth belongs to God, and all that is in it." Ps. 24.