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July 28th, 2015, 02:13 AM
Nostradamus Century 12, appears to contain language that intelligently produces a conclusion when merged with Revelation 12. We can only guess that this is the result because of the difference between the "Three Days" of Matt. 12:40 and the "Three Days and a Half" of Rev. 11:8.

Nostradamus Century 12 integrated in to Revelation 12, provides 12 Statements about the 12 Hour Period

REVELATION 12:1 The great relief come from Guienne,
And there appeared a great wonder in heaven;
It will cause to fail, striking hard, to destroy faith:
a woman clothed with the sun, and the moon under her feet, and upon her head a crown of twelve stars:

REVELATION 12:2 Two bodies, one head, fields divided in two,
And she being with child cried,
Tear in my eye, for your imminent ruin:
travailing in birth,
The people stirred, wild, quarrelsome,
and pained to be delivered.

REVELATION 12:3 A ferocious attack is being prepared in Cyprus,
And there appeared another wonder in heaven;
Arrow of "DentČ" all Provence sucked up,
and behold a great red dragon,
Fire, flame, hunger, robber, wild smoke,
having seven heads and ten horns, and seven crowns upon his heads.

REVELATION 12:4 Two different ones, the great devastation by the rock.
And his tail drew the third part of the stars of heaven,
To enter into ChÁteau TrompÉte, affront,
and did cast them to the earth:
ChÁteau du HÁ, those who will be to blame for it.
and the dragon stood before the woman which was ready to be delivered,
And then to reply to four unheard ones:
for to devour her child as soon as it was born.

REVELATION 12:5 Little ones for great ones, clear evel for them,
And she brought forth a man child,
Gironde, Garonne, never more horrible.
who was to rule all nations with a rod of iron:
Through fury he will force the fort to hold,
and her child was caught up unto God, and [to] his throne.

REVELATION 12:6 Savoy near to go far, Lake of Geneva,
And the woman fled into the wilderness,
All of their following .
where she hath a place prepared of God,
The kick will become a thousand kicks,
that they should feed her there a thousand two hundred [and] threescore days.

REVELATION 12:7 The old flame of anger unappeased:
And there was war in heaven:
King against King, and the Duke against Prince,
Michael and his angels fought against the dragon;
Lightning at the tower of Aiguesmortes, worse for "Eussouis"
and the dragon fought and his angels,

REVELATION 12:8 Driven out of the realm, enraged without spitting.
And prevailed not;
Lyons surrendered through Montluel and Vienne,
neither was their place found any more in heaven.

REVELATION 12:9 It will halt quite near Poitiers:
And the great dragon was cast out,
Very great preparations, return, confusion:
that old serpent, called the Devil, and Satan,
And tradesmen will be plundered everywhere.
which deceiveth the whole world:
Far from the nephews of the late great "Supelman",
he was cast out into the earth,
The accord and peace will be broken everywhere:
and his angels were cast out with him.

REVELATION 12:10 In borough as in town, the entire peace hated.
And I heard a loud voice saying in heaven,
Every heart to tremble. At Longon a terrible arrival:
Now is come salvation,
Friendships poluuted by discord:
and strength,
Diverse watches, unexpected avowals:
and the kingdom of our God,
To run in France; this as of oracles,
and the power of his Christ:
And hope. Marseilles without concord.
for the accuser of our brethren is cast down,
Byzantine and Moorish fleet very great loss,
which accused them before our God day and night.

REVELATION 12:11 Wars, debates, at Blois war and tumult,
And they overcame him by the blood of the Lamb,
Hatred between them, horrible dissension:
and by the word of their testimony;
Hatred awakened, all faith corrupted,
and they loved not their lives unto the death.

REVELATION 12:12 Rage and fury throughout very province,
Therefore rejoice, [ye] heavens,
Houses, manors, Palace, shaven sect.
and ye that dwell in them.
Rivers, streams will be obstacles to evil,
Woe to the inhabiters of the earth and of the sea!
In France great war and horrible change.
for the devil is come down unto you,
Sad counsels, disloyal, cunning,
having great wrath,
Wicked advice, the Law will be betrayed:
because he knoweth that he hath but a short time.

We ran out of language from Century 12, to merge with Revelations 12:13-17.. Nostradamus Century 12 can be found here, Article Link (http://www.prophet666.com/2010/08/nostradamus-century-12-english.html). If you highlight all the Quatrains, you can understand the pattern its very simple. Nostradamus wrote Century 12, with a different purpose in mind. Many people have discredited it because it seemed slightly different. It is unlikely the "Marriage by Fire" will be satisfied, if the Nuclear Weapons are not both positioned to launch and ready to launch beforehand. The 12 Hour Period represents the next to last level of the Gospel's Program, before the 153 Days. That is why I believe Nostradamus does not use Revelation 12:13-17, since that is 5 verses for the 5 Months. 12 Hours and 153 Days.

July 29th, 2015, 02:29 PM
Nostradamus Century 11 - Merge Example

Nostradamus's Century 11 (Feminine) and 12 (Masculine) are typically set aside because of the usage of language, doesn't seem to follow the pattern of Centuries 1 through 10. .................. I wanted to do something different with Century 11, but only a few examples:

(Quatrain 3 - Rev. 9:5-6)
The Town without above below,
And to them it was given that they should not kill them,
Overturned by a thousand shots
but that they should be tormented five months:
From cannons: and fortifications underground:
and their torment [was] as the torment of a scorpion, when he striketh a man.
Five years will it hold: everything delivered up,
And in those days shall men seek death, and shall not find it
And left for its enemies,
and shall desire to die, and death shall flee from them.
The water will make war upon them afterwards.

(Quatrain 16 - Rev. 13:17-18)
In October six hundred and five,
And that no man might buy or sell, save he that had the mark,
The purveyor of the marine monster
or the name of the beast, or the number of his name.
Will take the unction from the sovereign,
Here is wisdom. Let him that hath understanding count the number of the beast:
Or in six hundred and six, in June,
for it is the number of a man;
Great joy for the common and the great ones alike,
and his number [is] Six hundred threescore [and] six.
Great deeds after this great baptism.

(you are to remain asleep. Article Link (http://www.thedailybeast.com/articles/2015/07/29/you-ll-have-12-hours-to-get-ready-for-the-solar-storm-that-could-paralyze-the-world.html). (There are two lines that form an "X" over the United Kingdom and over Ireland, in their geographic location relative to the Pig Countries (in that shape) in Europe, that invalidates your applicability to the "Marriage by Fire" clause in the Gospel ....... that is a viable "Zero Fallibility" conclusion the Gospel Supports, reported in the UFO Guardian's Diagram, of the validity of the Gospel's confirmation under the Antichrist .............. take a flight to the USA, and leave the rest behind, do not assume either Europe or India will remain faithful .............. I simply decided to only give a few examples, because the material is simply misleading the way it is presented in an attempt to be obscure, nothing will protect you, and no place on earth will protect you, if you do not belong in the covenant)