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Ben Masada
July 27th, 2015, 08:02 AM
A Psalm of David

Psalm 110 - "The Lord said to me, "Sit at My right hand until I make of your enemies your footstool." Now, here is how and why the above quote is right in spite of the Christian KJB: Logic states that it is how David was inspired to write the above psalm.

As the Psalm above was selected to be chanted by the Levites in the Temple, it must have become disingenuously awkward for the Levites to chant, "The Lord said to me." Hence, an amend was prone to be made and the Psalm became, "The Lord (God) said to my lord (David) sit at my right hand until I make of your enemies your footstool.

So, either the Hellenist who wrote the gospel of Matthew or the Fathers of the Church found no harm in capitalizing the second "lord" but a pious necessity to do so in order to enhance Jesus' credibility as the one. So, the forgery was done but, the Jewish JPS translation of the Hebrew text preferred to stick to the obviousness not to capitalize the second "lord".

Then a poster asked me, did David have any history of saying, "The Lord said to me?" Yes, if you read Psalm 2:7 in another Psalm of his which by the way was also plagiarized by Paul and interpreted in his letter to the Hebrews as a pious forgery. And the same poster said, "Let me try to rephrase my question: Do you have any history from anywhere else in the Scriptures akin to, the "Lord" said to my "lord", do this or that?

Yes, and by the way, that's a good question. We have in Numbers 36:2 which we read as follows: "The "Lord" commanded "my lord" to give the Land for an inheritance to the children of Israel... Okay, he said, it is all clear now. Thank you.