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July 27th, 2015, 06:47 AM
My Gift to Icelanders
A UN poll recently asked Icelanders what they believe in. 90% of them said all they believe in is themselves. I would like to help them out. If I met someone who only believed in themselves, here are the top ten things I would like them to know:
1, tectonic geologists are puzzled at the shape of the peaks in Patagonia, S. America. While the earth is apparently 4.5B years old, the only way to get those rocks to take the shape and height they have in Patagonia is to slam it at 55 miles per hour, according to a US DOD analyst. They would look entirely different if they moved 0.1 inches per year.
2, 490 years before it happened, Daniel, a 5th century Hebrew prophet announced that the special figure Messiah would arrive in Israel and die sacrificially and that the temple and city would shortly after be ruined under the leadership of a dark, sinister, rebellious leader in a futile war.
3, the North Atlantic, where the Icelanders live, has had extended cold such that the Thames River in England was frozen over for 140 winters and New England had “a year without a summer.” The warming that rectified this had nothing to do with human or industrial activity.
4, an ascetic, isolated monk, Telemmachus, felt called by God to walk into Rome one day. He hated society, hated cities, etc., but there he was. He found himself in an overpowering crowd, exactly where he did not want to be. He was surged along into the stands at the Coliseum, where the ‘entertainment’ was muscular warriors fighting each other to death. He ran down to the front and began yelling at the crowd to stop this in the name of Christ. At first, there was a decrease in the raucous yelling, then he was thrown in. He continued yelling. He was speared, but continued to his last breath. The Coliseum went silent. It was the last event there.
5, Hindi, Persian, Hebrew, Nordic, Egyptian and Native American legends all include a divine figure who defeats a dragon or huge lizard, and out of the defeat of this dragon the world is made.
6, Little boys who are given little brooms to sweep a room with usually start using them as guns, and little girls who are given dump trucks to play with usually put a dolly in the dump and cover her with a blanket.
7, Pol Pot killed 1.5M in Cambodia based on his environmentalist training in France. Proto-Nazi philosophers believed they were nature and eliminated 8M people. Stalin, 55M. The total death from Islamic expansion over the centuries, 275M.
8, A woman reporter recently escaped Syria without her equipment. He made it to Canada where she was interviewed by national radio, CBC, in July ’15. She had first-hand accounts of ISIS slaughter in Syria and nearby. She tracked what was happening to children, active men and older adults after the capture of various towns. She estimates there are 2000 women who are for ISIS breeding in Syria from these attacks, not for money from the sex trade.
9, The most vital understanding of the German Enigma code came to homosexual Alan Turing while he was the most romantically involved with a female intern at Bletchley. This is right in the central plotline of the IMITATION GAME story which is supposed to celebrate homosexual accomplishment in history.
10, U2’s Bono advocates business and commerce for Africa, not handed-out aid.

July 27th, 2015, 07:46 AM
It gives them something to talk about!

July 27th, 2015, 09:24 AM
Solipsism: the belief that there is nothing else that matters but our immediate existence and our own lives