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  1. TOL Topic of the Day (overview)
  2. toldailytopic: The first ever tol daily topic is: the tol daily topic! Do you like th
  3. Suggestions for the TOL Topic of the Day
  4. toldailytopic: The significance and role of the father within the family unit.
  5. toldailytopic: The train-wreck that is: Jon & Kate Plus 8
  6. toldailytopic: What is the meaning of life?
  7. toldailytopic: Absolute morality. Is the standard of right and wrong relative to ours
  8. toldailytopic: Tolerance and diversity, where and how should we draw the line? (what
  9. toldailytopic: Favorite travel destinations. What are some of you favorite places to
  10. toldailytopic: The ideal church service. How long? How much worship? What type of mes
  11. toldailytopic: Forgiveness. When is it appropriate to forgive someone?
  12. toldailytopic: The last year of your life. You have 365 days to live, what types of t
  13. toldailytopic: Should party trump person? How important is it to vote for your politi
  14. toldailytopic: What was the best decade of the 20th century, and why?
  15. toldailytopic: Positive influences. Who are some of the people in your life that are
  16. toldailytopic: What's the one material thing you couldn't live without?
  17. toldailytopic: What is your family routine on Sunday?
  18. toldailytopic: Afganistan. If you were president what would you do about Afganistan?
  19. toldailytopic: Overpopulation. Is the world really over populated as some assert?
  20. toldailytopic: Judging
  21. toldailytopic: Racism. Should people have the right to be racist?
  22. toldailytopic: Is it a sin to drink alcoholic beverages?
  23. toldailytopic: Oprah Winfrey: trustworthy talk show host, or lunatic liberal?
  24. toldailytopic: Big churches compared to small churches.
  25. toldailytopic: Large Hadron Collider: cool experiment or doomsday machine?
  26. toldailytopic: Do you support the Personhood movement?
  27. toldailytopic: The unbeliever asks: how can I be saved? How do you answer?
  28. toldailytopic: Thanksgiving! How do you celebrate Thanksgiving?
  29. toldailytopic: Barrack Obama, your thoughts.
  30. toldailytopic: What is the proper role of government?
  31. toldailytopic: The origin of life.
  32. toldailytopic: In the last 200 years (or so) how has society advanced? In what ways h
  33. toldailytopic: Do you believe professional athletes are overpaid?
  34. toldailytopic: Battle of the bands. Who is the best rock band of all time and why?
  35. toldailytopic: Pet peeves. What are some of yours?
  36. toldailytopic: What is the main reason(s) you accept, or reject, God that exists?
  37. toldailytopic: Man made global warming crisis: is the hoax finally dead for good?
  38. toldailytopic: Jesus, who is He?
  39. toldailytopic: Causes, projects, and charities, that you feel strongly about and supp
  40. toldailytopic: Santa Claus: harmless holiday tradition, or agent of darkness?
  41. toldailytopic: Who has influenced your theology? Who do you respect and why? Where do
  42. toldailytopic: Guns: Good thing? Or bad thing?
  43. toldailytopic: Extraterrestrials. Do you believe there is life on other planets in th
  44. toldailytopic: 7 things you would do to change the world.
  45. toldailytopic: The best comedy movies of all time. What are your picks?
  46. toldailytopic: What is your favorite type of topic to discuss on TheologyOnline.com?
  47. toldailytopic: I am so sick of...
  48. toldailytopic: Let's count our blessings.
  49. toldailytopic: Christmas presents: Open them up on Christmas? Or on Christmas Eve?
  50. toldailytopic: Christmas.
  51. toldailytopic: Cats or dogs? Which makes the better pet?
  52. toldailytopic: Will America survive Obama's presidency?
  53. toldailytopic: The Holy Trinity.
  54. toldailytopic: Underwear bombs, shoe bombs, what should be done to protect us?
  55. toldailytopic: 2009: the year in review.
  56. toldailytopic: A new decade: What is in store?
  57. toldailytopic: Global flood. Was there a global flood in our history?
  58. toldailytopic: Theology. What is the single most important bit of theology to have ac
  59. toldailytopic: PETA. Respectable animal rights organization, or wacky left-wing nutba
  60. toldailytopic: Third party candidates.
  61. toldailytopic: Is it wrong to hate?
  62. toldailytopic: What's your favorite car that you ever owned?
  63. toldailytopic: Animal testing. Is it morally acceptable to experiment on animals to d
  64. toldailytopic: Should assisted suicide be legalized?
  65. toldailytopic: Should the use of performance-enhancing drugs in sport be legalized?
  66. toldailytopic: Water baptism: what is it's place today?
  67. toldailytopic: The fall. How would our lives be different today had Adam and Eve neve
  68. toldailytopic: Democrats lose a senate seat in the hot-bed of liberalism. What does i
  69. toldailytopic: Conan O'Brien, Jay Leno, and NBC. Who are you rooting for?
  70. toldailytopic: You are asked by a friend: How do I get to heaven? What answer will yo
  71. toldailytopic: Can the assassination of a dictator be justified?
  72. toldailytopic: What makes you happy?
  73. toldailytopic: Illegal aliens. What should be done about the illegal alien problem in
  74. toldailytopic: Obama's State of the Union speech. What did you think of it?
  75. toldailytopic: The Sanctity of Marriage.
  76. toldailytopic: Flat tax? Sales tax? Which might be a better option than the tradition
  77. toldailytopic: The Obama administration wants to hold the 9-11 mastermind (KSM) trial
  78. toldailytopic: TOL favorites. Which TOL'ers do you make a point of reading their post
  79. toldailytopic: Body piercing: is it sinful? Is it just stupid? Or is it perfectly acc
  80. toldailytopic: Do you believe in fate?
  81. toldailytopic: Junk food. Is it immoral to eat junk food? What about feeding junk foo
  82. toldailytopic: Are professional athletes overpaid?
  83. toldailytopic: The east coast blizzards of 2010
  84. toldailytopic: Unrest in Iran. How should the rest of the world deal with Iran?
  85. toldailytopic: The Catholic Church: God's official church? Or, theology gone astray?
  86. toldailytopic: The 2010 Winter Olympics: which country will win the most gold medals?
  87. toldailytopic: Do all atheists know in their heart that God exists yet reject Him?
  88. toldailytopic: What's happening at Toyota? Too much corner cutting? Or are they being
  89. toldailytopic: Hate crimes. Should acts of hate be criminalized?
  90. toldailytopic: Gender neutral bathrooms: would you use one? What do you think of the
  91. toldailytopic: Ron Paul. At CPAC Ron Paul won the straw poll as their top potential p
  92. toldailytopic: Avatar Movie. Did you like it?
  93. toldailytopic: Government run schools. What (if anything) would you do to change them
  94. toldailytopic: WILDCARD DAY!! Discuss any issue(s) that comes to your mind. GO!!
  95. toldailytopic: Christian nation. Did America's founding fathers intend for the USA to
  96. toldailytopic: The Tea Party movement.
  97. toldailytopic: Ethnic Food. Which countries cuisine reigns supreme?
  98. toldailytopic: Earthquakes in Haiti and Chili: God's judgement, global warming, or ju
  99. toldailytopic: End times. Are we in them?
  100. toldailytopic: What was the first job you ever had?
  101. toldailytopic: Registered Sex Offenders: should there even be such a registry?
  102. toldailytopic: WILDCARD WEDNESDAY! Talk about whatever strikes your interest. 03-10-
  103. toldailytopic: Who are and what is the significance of the 144,000 people mentioned i
  104. toldailytopic: Legalism: what is it? And how do you deal with it?
  105. toldailytopic: What will you be planting in your garden this Spring?
  106. toldailytopic: What's the greatest thing about being a parent?
  107. toldailytopic: If you have ever changed your religion, what where some of the reasons
  108. toldailytopic: Random Thought Thursday.
  109. toldailytopic: Judicial Corporal Punishment.
  110. toldailytopic: US House of Representatives pass Obama-care.
  111. toldailytopic: Wild Wednesday. What are some of the wildest things you have ever done
  112. toldailytopic: Are we exhibiting a lack of trust in God through vaccinations, insuran
  113. toldailytopic: The Pope. Who is he to you?
  114. toldailytopic: NDE: Near Death Experiences, what significance (if any) are such even
  115. toldailytopic: What role do good works play in ones standing with God?
  116. toldailytopic: Wisdom Wednesday. Have anything to share?
  117. toldailytopic: Are corporate CEO's paid to much? If so, what's your solution?
  118. toldailytopic: The death and resurrection of Jesus.
  119. toldailytopic: Do you believe the government is taxing you too much?
  120. toldailytopic: Dream jobs. If you could have any career in the world, what might some
  121. toldailytopic: Monsters! What (yet to be discovered) creatures are the most likely to
  122. toldailytopic: Tiger Woods. Do you think he is truly repentant?
  123. toldailytopic: How old is the earth?
  124. toldailytopic: What is the most physically difficult thing you have ever done in your
  125. toldailytopic: What is the most emotionally difficult thing you have ever done in you
  126. toldailytopic: WILDCARD Wednesday!
  127. toldailytopic: Vitamins and supplements: should the government regulate more like pha
  128. toldailytopic: At what point is a revolution justified? (what is the moral criteria)
  129. toldailytopic: TV Evangelists.
  130. toldailytopic: Evangelism. What style of evangelism did you respond to when you becam
  131. toldailytopic: Are some sins 'non-reformable' and/or 'unforgivable'? If so, what are
  132. toldailytopic: Earth Day.
  133. toldailytopic: Did God choose an eternity ago who would, and who wouldn't, be saved?
  134. toldailytopic: What to do with pastors that stumble.
  135. toldailytopic: Barack Hussein Obama. Will he serve another 4 year term? Or will he be
  136. toldailytopic: Arizona's new immigration law. Good law? Or bad law?
  137. toldailytopic: Is Obama really THAT bad?
  138. toldailytopic: Tell me why I don't like Mondays.
  139. toldailytopic: When Mormons come to your door.
  140. toldailytopic: Animal cruelty. Is there such a thing? Where is the line?
  141. toldailytopic: Church hierarchy: what is the proper biblical way that a church should
  142. toldailytopic: Hell, what is it really like?
  143. toldailytopic: What would the world be like if comic book Super Heros were real?
  144. toldailytopic: Are sports that involve fighting (such as UFC) immoral?
  145. toldailytopic: What opinion do you hold that would surprise others?
  146. toldailytopic: What are some of your favorite verses in the Bible?
  147. toldailytopic: Killing vs. murder what's the difference? Is it always wrong to kill?
  148. toldailytopic: The key to living a happy life is...
  149. toldailytopic: Off shore drilling. Should we stop entirely?
  150. toldailytopic: The internet. On balance, is the internet a good thing, or a bad thing
  151. toldailytopic: Since coming to TOL I have learned that...
  152. toldailytopic: The rapture. When will it happen and what will it be like?
  153. toldailytopic: Personal finances. How are you safe guarding your money in this volati
  154. toldailytopic: Gays in the military.
  155. toldailytopic: When TOL was down what did you do?
  156. toldailytopic: Theology. What's your favorite theological topic to discuss?
  157. toldailytopic: If you are saved, yet you stumble (and sin) are you still saved?
  158. toldailytopic: Memorial Day, what does it mean to you?
  159. toldailytopic: Jesus divides (Mt 10:34-36). Has Jesus divided you from another? (via
  160. toldailytopic: Summer vacation plans. What are yours?
  161. toldailytopic: Best and worst forms of government, what does the evidence suggest?
  162. toldailytopic: Does Israel have the right to blockade the Gaza Strip?
  163. toldailytopic: World Cup of soccer: who's going to win? Who are you rooting for?
  164. toldailytopic: Purgatory and limbo. Does such a place exist?
  165. toldailytopic: Wildcard Wednesday
  166. toldailytopic: Why are the vast majority of acts of terrorism performed by Muslims? W
  167. toldailytopic: What are the biggest threats to your families lifestyle?
  168. toldailytopic: Is it irresponsible as a parent to allow your child to attempt to sail
  169. toldailytopic: BBQ battle: Charcoal vs. Propane? Which do you prefer and why?
  170. toldailytopic: Is President Obama doing a good job handling the oil spill in the gulf
  171. toldailytopic: Glenn Beck, love him or hate him?
  172. toldailytopic: Seize BP: should the government seize the assets and take control over
  173. toldailytopic: The devil made me do it. What role does the devil play in our daily li
  174. toldailytopic: Must see TV. What is the one show currently on TV that you make a poin
  175. toldailytopic: What "yet to be thought of" invention would help you the most?
  176. toldailytopic: What is your chosen method for educating your children and why?
  177. toldailytopic: Why do you believe the Bible is God's word?
  178. toldailytopic: The best way to recover from this economic downturn is to.....
  179. toldailytopic: Stereotypes: Do you fit into one? Which stereotypes do you believe hav
  180. toldailytopic: Psychic readings: Scam? Something worse? Or do some people actually ha
  181. toldailytopic: Independence Day: what does it mean to you and what are your plans thi
  182. toldailytopic: Favorite BBQ. What is your favorite type of barbecued food and how is
  183. toldailytopic: How would you like your epitaph to read?
  184. toldailytopic: Making guns illegal? What will you do if the government tries to take
  185. toldailytopic: What vehicle would you put in your dream garage?
  186. toldailytopic: Euthanasia.
  187. toldailytopic: Jesus: tolerant or intolerant?
  188. toldailytopic: Affirmative action. Should government force companies to hire people o
  189. toldailytopic: What is the best country in the world?
  190. toldailytopic: The ability to speak, hear, or see. If you could only keep one of thes
  191. toldailytopic: What are the best comedy movies of all time?
  192. toldailytopic: Where should TOL go from here?
  193. toldailytopic: If you were going to live a double life what would it be?
  194. toldailytopic: Who was the best US President of all-time?
  195. toldailytopic: If you had it to do all over again, what one thing would you do differ
  196. toldailytopic: Does one need a religion to know God?
  197. toldailytopic: Is it always wrong to hate?
  198. toldailytopic: What is your daily internet routine?? And how does TOL fit in? What ot
  199. toldailytopic: Within your lifespan what has been the most beneficial scientific, med
  200. toldailytopic: Is it wrong for the government to take money from one person and give
  201. toldailytopic: Religion, politics, sports, or something else. What is your favorite t
  202. toldailytopic: Gay marriage.
  203. toldailytopic: Jehovah's Witnesses. What do they have wrong? What do they have right?
  204. toldailytopic: Are we out of the recession or is the worst still yet to come?
  205. toldailytopic: The worst movies of all-time.
  206. toldailytopic: Why do atheists spend so much time on Christian forums such as Theolog
  207. toldailytopic: How do you feel about building a mosque at ground zero?
  208. toldailytopic: The unequally yoked. Are you married to somebody who has a different r
  209. toldailytopic: The media. What do you think of the mainstream news media? Where do yo
  210. toldailytopic: Liberal vs. Conservative. Where and why do you stand?
  211. toldailytopic: What do you believe God requires of you?
  212. toldailytopic: Why (or why not) do you support TheologyOnline?
  213. toldailytopic: Who and what are angels? What do we know about them, and what is their
  214. toldailytopic: If TheologyOnline didn't exist what would you do with your time?
  215. toldailytopic: Are sports that involve fighting immoral?
  216. toldailytopic: What makes your blood boil?
  217. toldailytopic: Hurricanes, Earthquakes, Tornados, Tsunamis, Lightning, Blizzards, or
  218. toldailytopic: On TheologyOnline I have learned that...
  219. toldailytopic: People say: You can't legislate morality. Is that true?
  220. toldailytopic: Spiritual Gifts. Do they still exist today?
  221. toldailytopic: If you were in charge how would you fix the ailing economy?
  222. toldailytopic: Pedophile priests. Why does the the Catholic Church have such a wide-s
  223. toldailytopic: What do you think of the Tea Party movement?
  224. toldailytopic: Some say: Hate the sin, love the sinner. But what does God say?
  225. toldailytopic: Most experts predict the Democrats will suffer huge losses in the Nov.
  226. toldailytopic: Animal Rights. What rights (if any) should animals have?
  227. toldailytopic: Is it immoral to gamble?
  228. toldailytopic: Is homosexuality genetic?
  229. toldailytopic: Why (or why not) are you convinced that the Bible is the word of God.
  230. toldailytopic: I get happy when I see...
  231. toldailytopic: I get sad when I see...
  232. toldailytopic: Internet bullying - where do you draw the line?
  233. toldailytopic: "Soup kitchens": Do they help or hurt the homeless?
  234. toldailytopic: Breast cancer and abortion: do you believe there is a connection?
  235. toldailytopic: What sport requires the most skill?
  236. toldailytopic: Gun control. Should there be any limit to the type of gun or weapon th
  237. toldailytopic: Who was/is worse for America Obama or Bush? An epic battle of fail.
  238. toldailytopic: It is often said that everyone has a price, but there is no amount of
  239. toldailytopic: Quirky family traditions or hobbies. Share some odd things your family
  240. toldailytopic: What is the issue(s) that you must agree with in a political candidate
  241. toldailytopic: What is your favorite reality TV show(s) and why?
  242. toldailytopic: Who is to blame when we do hurtful things to each other? Ourself? God?
  243. toldailytopic: The feminist movement.
  244. toldailytopic: Do you believe we have been visited by extra terrestrials?
  245. toldailytopic: What one thing could everyone on TOL agree on?
  246. toldailytopic: Has our society become too politically correct?
  247. toldailytopic: What does God want from me?
  248. toldailytopic: Everyone says it's what is on the inside that counts, but just how imp
  249. toldailytopic: Generally, do you have the same political views as your parents?
  250. toldailytopic: When does overeating become gluttony?