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  1. Stupid liberals
  2. Should homosexuals be given the death penalty?
  3. Should KOBAN be Ignored ?
  4. another gay thread, cause I know u all love it!
  5. Science, Engineering, & Technology in the News
  6. The Disclosure Project
  7. Dead tiger bigger victim than dead man?
  8. Green Berets in Negligees
  9. Nuclear Iran Obama's Legacy
  10. Will the Tea Party Become America's Third Party?
  11. Wide Load Wants to Control Your Food
  12. Lawlessness
  13. Trade War with China
  14. Hip Hop White House
  15. Black Youths - Extremely Dangerous And Will Attack You At Any Moment!
  16. A Thread For Rusha
  17. Why The Republicans Will Lose The Next Election.
  18. Cookie boycott
  19. Keeping Racism Alive
  20. Obama Pro-Sodomite
  21. On the Dirty Yak Watch
  22. Delmar's political predictions for the next 12 years.
  23. Fort Hood report shows FBI worried about political correctness, ignored terror signs
  24. Addressing ACW/ASC's *Selective Morality* ...
  25. Obamacare
  26. Brigitte Bardot Backs Gerard Depardieu in Tax Flight Battle
  27. "Therefore, Abortion Must Remain Legal"
  28. Bloomberg: 'Yes' to Drugs 'No' to Styrofoam
  29. Child Prostitution 3rd Largest Organized Crime
  30. For "Gay Marriage" But Against Father Marrying Son?
  31. IRS Admits Targeting Conservative Groups; Apologizes
  32. Mexicans are Dumb and Will Destroy America?
  33. Amnesty Bill
  34. Vitter: EPA FOIA scandal ‘no different than the IRS disaster’
  35. Common Core
  36. NSA collecting phone data on millions of people
  37. too big to ignore
  38. Jezebel
  39. Surveillance State
  40. Change You Can Believe In
  41. Should my daughter get the Gardasil vaccine?
  42. Gore likens 'global warming' skeptics to racists, supporters of apartheid and homopho
  43. The 50th. anniversary of Martin Luther King's "I have a dream..."
  44. 'Homeland Security' employee behind racist website placed on paid leave
  45. The Politically Incorrect Truth About Martin Luther King Jr.
  46. syria is a distraction
  47. Social Security overpays $1.3 billion in benefits: GAO
  48. People Control
  49. insane libertarians
  50. Executing homosexuals
  51. War on Christmas
  52. Whiny Atheists
  53. Marijuana legalization: LESS government?
  54. You are an idiot
  55. CA declaring a state of emergency
  56. Happy Birthday Mr. President
  57. climate change
  58. Questions for Christian Liberty
  59. Missing plane may have shadowed another 777
  60. Why I believe war is coming
  61. Pharmekia
  62. Canadian Govt now admits over 1,200 missing native girls, not 600
  63. City of Seattle to raise minimum wage to $15/hr
  64. protecting the child
  65. 5 to 4 again
  66. Conscientous Objector to Our Gov't
  67. Complete border meltdown
  68. Militarized Police
  69. Decriminalizing indoor prostitution leads to fewer rapes and STDs
  70. "Perhaps we need a new American Revolution to defend marriage"
  71. Fascinating new data : Sexual Orientation
  72. New poll shows one third of Americans support the impeachment of Obama
  73. How important is space travel to mankind?
  74. Obama airstrikes Syria
  75. Why I became an anarcho-capitalist libertarian
  76. Attempted Murder of Pedophile Whistleblower leads to more busts
  77. Ottawa Cops Murder Cop who helped bust Roman Catholic Pedo-Ring
  78. Is Society Better With Pornography Adultery Abortion Divorce Homosexuality Accepted?
  79. Would you quit your job? Rockingham magistrate resigns over same-sex marriage
  80. UK University of Bristol says don't worry about gender of people in restrooms
  81. The Story of How the Province of Ontario was Handed over to Homos
  82. Outrage as Racist Protesters Burn Ferguson
  83. Ferguson Riots, All you need to know
  84. A Man Named, Kelly Thomas Was Suffocated To Death, by Police In California in 2012
  85. God says to execute the Ferguson protesters
  86. what is most wrong with the Republican party?
  87. The Violent Reality of Islam
  88. Some balance on some wonderful officers out there
  89. Sandy Hook Families Sue Evil Gun Maker For Selling Evil Gun That Shoots People .....
  90. Why we should all LOVE Ted Cruz
  91. Due Process is Stupid And Should Be Waived Most of the Time
  92. Ann Coulter: There is no campus rape crisis
  93. evil capitalism
  94. what's with O'Reilly lately?
  95. Al Sharpton
  96. America Needs More Men Like This In D.C.
  97. The US wouldn't be in such a mess if it were Christian
  98. There Are No Rules In War?
  99. one for the brits
  100. Islams strikes again, this time murdering two NYC cops
  101. Republican Candidates for President
  102. If I thought this was a hoax I wouldn't post it
  103. Will you be going to see "The Interview" over Christmas
  104. BREAKING: FDA Recommends Changes To Gay Blood Ban
  105. There are 350 million in the US.. so why..?
  106. One More Reason Lawyers Are Going To Hell Where They Belong
  107. Who wants dead cops? Criminals!
  108. Tylenol Puts Two Moms into classic 1943 Norman Rockwell Painting
  109. Another Saint Louis thug has justice served upon him by police
  110. Politics is NOT "ungodly"
  111. More liberal censorship
  112. almost comical how posters throw Hell at each other...
  113. Why did Dish drop FOX News?
  114. which do you prefer: politics or religion (to discuss..usually)?
  115. what is the scariest problem today? borders? ISIS?
  116. human garbage
  117. War is a Racket
  118. Obama - A Monkey In A Tropical Forest?
  119. Attn: Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson
  120. Toddler shoots mother in Walmart...
  121. Reagan increases deficit.. LONG AFTER DEATH!
  122. Did the Deficit double under Obama?
  123. Palestine joins International Criminal Court
  124. Man tries to Run Down Police; They Shoot, and Kill Him
  125. New Year's Eve stampede (Of People); kills 35 on Shanghai's Bund tourist strip
  126. New York City; Times Square 12/31/2014
  127. The War Within Movie
  128. Gay activist calls for teen's parents to be prosecuted
  129. Is Fox against Tea Party (except for Hannity?)
  130. Strange Disappearances in National Parks
  131. Undocumented immigrants crowd California DMV offices for new licenses
  132. Boko Haram Seizes 40 Boys from Northern Nigeria
  133. Theonomist quotes on war, statism, and Ron Paul
  134. Pope Issues Blistering Indictment
  135. liberals "cause others to sin" which leads them to Hell
  136. Privilege of ‘Arrest Without Incident’
  137. New Republicans won't back Boehner or McConnell
  138. Clarification with regards to Rothbard, Block, and Myself
  139. Catholic Church Losing Ground in Latin America
  140. Is this the future of parenting?
  141. Pope Continues Heresies About Mary
  142. What Was the Best News of 2014?
  143. Islamic Terrorists France: 12 dead, police gunned down
  144. 12 Dead, 10 Wounded after Paris terrorist attack
  145. Shame on you, Ohioians
  146. Islamic Brainwashing of American Children
  147. Intel commits $300 million to workplace diversity
  148. Does this say it all about Congress these days?
  149. New Uber-Earthquake Warning for West Coast of N&S America
  150. Socioeconomic Theories
  151. dumb lib laws that violate Command: "Love your neighbor"
  152. Another Supreme Injustice
  153. Prominent Catholic: Y'know, Charlie Hebdo kinda asked for it.
  154. Let me explain the economic reality to you.
  155. These Republicans are correct
  156. SECOND Attack: Paris - 2 Dead 5 Hostages - Jewish Bakery
  157. Fire chief fired after gay comments in book
  158. you Dish subscribers should ask 2b let out of your contract (and $ back)
  159. Evidence the Spacestation footage is also FAKED
  160. What constitutes "blasphemy" of Mohammed or Allah?
  161. Winston Churchill speeches
  162. "Parents of of Transgender Leelah Alcorn are not Christians"
  163. Houston Lesbian Mayor Claims Pastors have no Right to a Jury Trial
  164. Bishop charged in fatal DUI hit-and-run
  165. Don't be the last chump serving satan defending 9/11 lies
  166. Paris will be Obama's legacy
  167. What happens when Europe really does run out of Jews?
  168. Catholics/Lutherans Will Celebrate Together the 500th Anniversary of the Reformation
  169. Muslims hate and Kill Palestinian Christians
  170. Muslims were the First to Burn the Koran - to Cover up the Tampering
  171. Liberals, git out of town!
  172. Pastor brags about punching kid in the chest
  173. More liberal censorship
  174. World War III possible by 2015
  175. Fox News gets it so wrong ...........
  176. Je Suis Charlie - Showing solidarity against terrorism and for free speech
  177. Boko Haram MAssacre too big to count - over 2000 dead
  178. The Execution of Eddie Slovik
  179. Christianity Facing Similar Chain of Events Leading to Radicalization as Islam
  180. what is your experience with ROKU?
  181. Moderate Muslims True Colors
  182. Why Drug Laws are wrong
  183. people who don't like Fox News are ungodly
  184. Phil Robertson for President!!
  185. If you care about being honest and intelligent ...
  186. AnnaB: "MANLY men!"
  187. Bathing daily is a "white people thing"
  188. Nuke Yemen: An effective strategy.
  189. CNN show about OJ simpson trial...
  190. It seems some are acting like Hebdo et al are noble folks
  191. when "thinking for myself" may not be such a good thing
  192. Why do wackos always target Conservatives (Boehner)?
  193. Senate may over-ride Pres O's Immigration plan
  194. The Lesson of the Crusades and the Modern Islamic Threat
  195. Update on ISIS controlled territories
  196. Anti-terror raid Belgium
  197. OJ case shows how dumb people can be vis a vis VOTING
  198. Duke backs down, cancels Muslim call to prayer from chapel tower
  199. Army opens grueling Ranger job to women
  200. Yet another reason people don't trust libertarians
  201. Consitution Free Zones in U.S.
  202. OK, maybe i need to apologize to some Americans..
  203. 2014 was World's Warmest Year on Record
  204. Islamic Leader tells Muslims to LEAVE FRANCE!
  205. Breaking: Supreme Court will decide marriage for US in June, once and for all
  206. Cooling trends blamed on volcanoes
  207. The "moderate" Muslim majority???
  208. Ruin is americas future (article)
  209. The NRA is suing my city
  210. Muslims throw homosexuals to their deaths from atop tall building
  211. The Actual Truth About MLK, Jr., a Response
  212. How many Muslims do you personally know?
  213. The First Nuclear Attack will be France
  214. The violent reality of Christianity
  215. Did you or your family vote for Obama?
  216. Muslim Brotherhood Making Move inside USA
  218. Pope Condemns Fundamentalists, embraces abortion, homosexuality, ISLAM
  219. UK’s first Pagan same-sex wedding
  220. Plenty of Tactical Nukes Skirting Europe
  221. The Underground Railroad, The Fugitive Slave Act of 1850, and Prison
  222. USA being set up to LOSE World War III by Bankers
  223. Alcohol use Poll
  224. Where are the moderate Muslims?
  225. raise taxes on the rich to support free college? Y not?
  226. Are you watchin the State of the Union tonight?
  227. Wow... watch this Hannity clip with PHIL ROBERTSON on US moral decay
  228. 2015 State of the Union Address; Barack Hussein Obama:
  229. NASA now only 38% sure 2014 was hottest year; and my solution
  230. Russia & Iran forge military compact as Iran & Hezbollah vow massive attacks on Isr..
  231. Nuclear Bombs For SALE remain in the hands of Muslims in Pakistan
  232. Judge mocks Bible in decision forcing Michigan to recognize 300 same-sex ‘marriages’
  233. Canadian border officials ban Russian film opposing homosexual agenda
  234. Premier orders Ontario’s sex-ed update to teach kids about giving sexual ‘consent’ fr
  235. NBC to premier Ellen's new show about gays, family, babies
  236. It's "terrorism" to destroy an abortion clinic???!!!
  237. O'Reilly is changing my mind RE "free" college...
  238. Is Ted Cruz right that if the Rs... same old thing, won't vote?
  239. Marco Rubio would make a good president
  240. Al Queda in Yemen Urges MORE "Lone Wolf" Attacks on West
  241. 2014 was World's WORST on Record for Muslim Terrorist Attacks on Christians
  242. Focus on the Family Sides With Colorado Baker Refused to Bake 'God Hates Gays' Cake
  243. France's Secularism Is Driving Young Muslims Out Of School, Work And French Culture
  244. IPO to keep track on this year
  245. Saudi Arabian King is dead
  246. GSA (aka Incest)
  247. Anti-Gay Tennessee School Denies Admission to Child of Gay Parents
  248. Public schools, a different view
  249. minimum wage hikes can destroy small business
  250. You have no right to a tax payer funded attorney