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  1. Did God Predestinate some to Hell/Wrath ?
  2. Paul's gospel was a mystery!
  3. How I interpret the Catechism of the Catholic Church
  4. Demon Possesion
  5. United Church of Canada Review Committee Recommends Atheist Minister Be Defrocked
  6. Time of the Manchild
  7. And I will put enmity between thee and the woman, and between thy seed and HER seed
  8. Unfactual Evidence for Evolution in my Textbook
  9. How the Gospel Justifies the Ungodly, Romans 4:5
  10. Dreams and Visions
  11. Calvinism Dishonors God and Insults Jesus Christ
  12. [B]My Views About Jesus[/B]
  13. Torah study
  14. Rediscovering true NT saving faith
  15. Do You Know What Sin Is?
  16. LORD, Lord
  17. Do You Know What Sin Is?
  18. God The Father Is The Creator Of All Things
  19. Then shall they deliver you up to be afflicted, and shall kill you: and ye shall be h
  20. I YHWH will raise unto David a righteous Branch, a King over the Earth
  21. Alien Invasion
  22. Lukewarm (Passive)
  23. Honor God's Son or Perish
  24. Star Of Bethlehem: Proof -
  25. "How Can Mary be God's Mother" - Tim Staples
  26. The Sabbath commandment is one of the Ten Commandments.
  27. Calvinisms False Faith in an Unjust God
  28. Then Mal'ak YHWH called to Abraham a second time from heaven
  29. Why Believe in a god?
  30. You Can't Explain the Gospel
  31. God Did It? Nonsense!
  32. The Reception of the Holy Spirit
  33. Do you simply by-pass the following revelation?
  34. And though after worms destroy this body, yet in my flesh shall I see God
  35. New Study on "Rise of the Nones"
  36. "St. Peter." I knew I'd seen this before.
  37. Disruptive
  38. TOL Pharisees
  39. The Time of The End
  40. Deceiving spirits and doctrines of demons
  41. Does God Have Favorites?
  42. Nick M:
  43. A work about the Nephilim
  44. The Kingdom Of God
  45. Did Jesus Defeat Sin, Death and the Devil?
  46. Saved
  47. Salvation
  48. GRAVITY??
  49. Unchangeable sexual attraction? A hypothesis
  50. Has All Been Fulfilled? Have Heaven and Earth Passed?
  51. Religion is the biggest hoax ever sold to mankind
  52. Question to D'ists about a future destruction of Israel
  53. To My friends at TOL
  54. I saw the Lord sitting upon a THRONE, high & lifted up, & his train filled the TEMPLE
  55. Calvinism: A Denial of the Lordship of Jesus Christ
  56. Saved Can Be Revoked
  57. Are You fighting Yourself Inside? Or Others Outside.
  58. There Is A Meat Understanding
  59. There Is A Milk Understanding
  60. IF There Are So Many IF's
  61. Millennials Leaving Christianity, but There's Hope in the Gloomy Numbers
  62. The Significance of Christ in Heaven
  63. Join Jesus Christ In His Suffering
  64. Encouraging others in the scriptures
  65. Will Only A Few Human Beings Be Saved? No.
  66. Born Again Of The Holy Spirit
  67. Those Christ died for, He rose again for also and makes intercession for them !
  68. Shavuah Tov!
  69. Synopsis: DESOLATED script
  70. Preterism, futurism and "the problem of evil"
  71. Interpreting the Bible in the Light of the Gospel of Jesus Christ
  72. The 7 churches in the book of Revelation represent the church in different periods of
  73. Who's Really Saved?
  74. This is how science is done
  75. God said, Let us make man in our image, after our likeness
  76. I am the first and I am the last, beside Me, there is no God
  77. Why, God is "No Respecter of Persons" Acts 10:34.
  78. A God of Wrath and Fierce Anger
  79. Why should we keep the Sabbath?
  80. Why does Calvin's God hate reprobates?
  81. How the Gospel Refutes All Religions and Reconciles Us to God
  82. Brazilian Spiritism has a home in Maryland
  83. Stumblingblock Truths of the Gospel !
  84. What Gospel Do You Believe and Preach?
  85. I was shunned by the Roman Catholic Organization(RCO), again!!!!!!!!
  86. Invalidating the Prophecy of Daniel (Three Easy Stages to Eternal Damnation)
  87. Bishop Edir Macedo to build second Temple of Solomon in Brazil
  88. In the mountain of the LORD it shall be seen - Genesis 22
  89. Wiki Leaks, Catholics and Aliens
  90. Words have meanings unless of course you have bought into the lies of MAD.
  91. Gideon, YHWH & "the Angel of the LORD"
  92. Majority of Christian Preachers Misportray God
  93. How To Know For Sure That You Are Saved
  94. The Parables of the Lost Prove People Are Born In Christ
  95. What does 'Thou shalt not commit adultery' mean?
  96. Predestinated to Salvation !
  97. Darwinists try to explain the origin of complexity
  98. Why Do We Believe Paul?
  99. Yom Kippur
  100. Does Rom 5:18 teach that Christ died for all men without exception ?
  101. What Is Meant By Being A Son of God?
  102. Learning More About God by reading the Torah
  103. Faith Comes by Hearing and Believing the Gospel
  104. Who and where are the lost sheep?
  105. For those holding to some form of Universal Reconciliation
  106. Who Can Trust in the Unjust, Unmerciful, Unrighteous God of Calvinism?
  107. My Core Beliefs
  108. Musical Chairs
  109. Dont Be Deceived By The Hypocrites
  110. The Gospel Plus Nothing and Nothing But the Gospel
  111. The Feast of Tabernacles, Sukkot
  112. Grace reigns through Jesus Christ our Lord !
  113. Healing the Earth (World) - when?
  114. Israel [ie: Jews] do not know Messiah's name...yet - Isaiah 52:6
  115. University humiliated over persecuting Christian for using sound science
  116. The New Testament is Jewish
  117. The Milk Step by Step
  118. Meat Step by Step
  119. John 10:30 I and my father are one. (KJV)
  120. Faith Works
  121. Rev.ch 6-where are we now?
  122. The Offense of Religion
  123. Exegesis or Eisegesis? Understanding Scripture via the Holy Spirit
  124. Being taught by the holy spirit
  125. Being Single
  126. Genesis Mathematics
  127. Tithes
  128. Hypocritical
  129. Why them Christ died for cant die in unbelief !
  130. The Day of the LORD - The coming Time of Jacob's Trouble
  131. The New Birth
  132. We need help to learn and understand Torah
  133. Psalm 25
  134. Let us desire life, to love and see Good Days
  135. What Kind of Body Did Jesus have Post Resurrection?
  136. and they will reign upon the earth
  137. The Necessity of Justification
  138. Jesus and the word of God
  139. John 11:25-26
  140. The gospel, the kingdom, and the nations.
  141. Its A Sin To Try To Stop Someone From Preaching or Witnessing
  142. How freewillism makes God Unjust !
  143. About The Old Testament
  144. Hipster says those apart from Christ can have a relationship with God
  145. The Conscience-Is Yours Good or Evil?
  146. Do You Judge Your Own Thoughts?
  147. Obedience to God's commands
  148. Jesus is Lord
  149. Acts 13
  150. Permission to observe the Law
  151. Jeremiah 31:31-34 and the new covenant
  152. Forgiveness
  153. The word raised here (Acts 13).
  154. Dont Loose Salvation Because Of Bitter Envy
  155. Indeed our fellowship is with the Father, and with His Son Jesus Christ
  156. Honor the Father and the Son
  157. Hereticks
  158. Hypocrites
  159. Quick question...
  160. To Be In Christ
  161. Do not sin, stop sinning.
  162. The promise by faith in Jesus Christ, given to those who believe.
  163. God's commands, from Torah to the New Testament
  164. Do you abide in the teaching of Christ? Do you have God? Do you have Father and Son?
  165. Malachi 4:5-6 and John the Baptist
  166. Predestination
  167. Genesis 1-3 / Imagery?
  168. Does Matthew 28:19 disprove the Trinity more than any other verse?
  169. Clinton agrees with 95% of TOL users on this religious point
  170. Are One Delusion
  171. The Inner Man
  172. The Outer Person
  173. JESUS: God's Predestinated Savior of the World
  174. The Flesh
  175. Crucify Your Flesh
  176. The first Beast of Rev.ch 13 is an "it". not a "he"
  177. Prophecy, the Torah, the Messiah
  178. The reason why Christ was baptized in water.
  179. The Serpent in the Wilderness
  180. The Law Of Christ
  181. How to Love Jesus AND Religion
  182. Have You Fallen From Grace?
  183. Shall be Saved by His life!
  184. From chat: On Jesus and Homosexuality
  185. Lordship
  186. Evolution in action
  187. Is M.A.D. a dangerous heresy? It demands much scripture to be ignored
  188. Renounce Your Worthless Religion and Trust in Christ Alone
  189. Fear Of Death
  190. Correct Interpretation of Ephesians 1:4-6.
  191. Your Family Is Your Enemy.
  192. Jesus' Commandments
  193. God The Father
  194. The Inner Man
  195. Good News in the Bible =/= one Good News
  196. Correct Interpretation of Romans 8:29, 30.
  197. Government
  198. Prologue of Revelation
  199. Argueing
  200. Law Of Grace
  201. Law Of Faith
  202. Law Of The Spirit
  203. Law Of Love
  204. General question for all TOL religious people
  205. The effectual blood of Christ !
  206. Zion: the mountain of the LORD'S house
  207. Where Every Thought Comes From
  208. Jesus is the Messiah, the Son of God
  209. Tongues are the initial sign of the new birth
  210. Tongues
  211. Jesus' words are that He did not come to abolish the Law or the Prophets.
  212. You can observe the Sabbath.
  213. Ever Humbled Yourself
  214. Saved Is Temporary-Salvation Is Eternal
  215. Forgiveness and the law
  216. Affections
  217. The Real Mount Sinai Found in Saudi Arabia
  218. Word Fights, the Mind of the Natural Man, and Dragon Speak In the Present Darkness
  219. Receiving Christ as Your Savior
  220. Men should have short hair and Women should have long
  221. E-sword
  222. Guile
  223. Evangelical bishop is the favoritecandidate running for Mayor pf Rio de Janeiro
  224. Avoid Stupid Conversations
  225. Gay man starts social media campaign over church dismissal for unrepentant homosexual
  226. Good evening this first day of the week.
  227. I live by faith in the Son of God, who loved me and gave Himself up for me.
  228. Have you learned the shema?
  229. Do you enjoy sharing scripture with others? Do you communicate the gospel with others
  230. Trading Talents
  231. Apocrypha/Deuterocanonical books
  232. PDF Bible study
  233. Do You Repent Daily
  234. Judge Yourself
  235. 2 Timothy 4:2
  236. Who are you?
  237. Why Calvinism Will Damn You to Hell
  238. The thoughts that we think
  239. God's written law
  240. All Non-MADs Are Totally Wrong -
  241. Do you obey God's word?
  242. forgiven all transgressions
  243. Do you read?
  244. Can you learn from God's Law?
  245. Do you know God and Jesus Christ God's Son?
  246. Deuteronomy 34:10 NASB
  247. I have read through the Torah
  248. What does it mean to belong to Israel? How do you know if you belong to Israel?
  249. 1 Corinthians 15:1-28 NASB.
  250. Jesus forgives the paralytic his sins