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  1. Can the Old Adam be Re-habilitated?
  2. God's commands in Jesus Christ.
  3. My "Fake Catholic" List
  4. Scientists baffled by a perfect example of Biblical kinds
  5. Yet another sign of the times
  6. This is Evangelism for blockheads
  7. The Antichrist Equation (s)
  8. John 20:28 Commentary
  9. Is Lying & smearing a Christian thing during election season? Rubio seems 2 think so
  10. Is it un-Christian to watch Fox News?
  11. I think God has given our country over to our reprobate minds
  12. RELIGION: A Diversion Away From Christ and His Gospel
  13. Can we improve upon what Jesus said?
  14. The Spring Of Living Water
  15. The Changing Views of Modern Christians
  16. Jesus' ways:
  17. New Testament Commands
  18. Nothing Wrong
  19. Jesus' word is the center of Christianity.
  20. My Fake Christian list
  21. Is it un-Christian to vote for an un-Christian person?
  22. I'm confused about certain candidates' stand on abortion.. dang media!
  23. Anger Management
  24. God's commands in Jesus and the coming of the new covenant.
  25. The odds of another Earth-like planet
  26. Justification by Faith Alone, Christ Alone
  27. This is a murder
  28. Apocalypse Timeline According to Daniel
  29. Where then do You get that living water? —John 4:11
  30. God is not a man
  31. "The Just (Justified) Shall Live By Faith, " Romans 1:17
  32. the church
  33. Christianity vs karma
  34. Faire Mystery
  35. Correct Translation of Isaiah 9:6
  36. Faith Mystery without printing errors, I hope
  37. Scriptures that Refute Calvinism
  38. John 14:21 Comment
  39. Christian nation goes the way of Satan
  40. More Scriptures that Refute Calvinism
  41. Some ways Christ is different
  42. Good News For Those Lost in Religion
  43. Ways To Define "Savior"
  44. Some candidates aren't ashamed of Christianity, some are
  45. You cannot get to Heaven without suffering
  46. Shepherds and Mount Zion
  47. Religion and the Unforgivable Sin
  48. Science at its worst
  49. My Anti-Christ (in the media) List
  50. How Jesus Justified Ungodly Sinners and Reconciled the World Unto God
  51. Why people don't like discussing Religion & Politics
  52. "Give Your Life to Jesus"
  53. Is God at Peace With the World?
  54. Justified by Works and Not By Faith Alone?
  55. The Gospel of Christ and Calvinism
  56. Words to remember when preparing to--praying about-- who 2 vote for
  57. Come and see the moldy "Jesus" cookie
  58. An Alternative to Arminianism and Calvinism
  59. Future generations of Muslim terrorist.
  60. Socialism is anti-Christ—so Christians cannot vote Democrat
  61. Pharisaism: It's not about rules
  62. The Legal Aspect of Salvation
  63. How the media routinely violate the 10 Commandments (bear false witness..)
  64. If u didn't vote for Cruz today (Michigan/Hawaii/Idaho/MS...) you're not a Christian-
  65. God's Limitation of Eternal Damnation (Parables of the New Testament)
  66. fake "Christian" pastors in the news
  67. What do you not understand wit5h theswe verses?
  68. Ways To Define Grace
  69. Write to your pastor/priest, to support Cruz
  70. Why its OK for Christians 2 watch CNN during election
  71. Faith and the Spirit Come By Hearing and Believing the Gospel
  72. Having children thru their maids.
  73. CNN reporter says “least of [Jesus’s] Brethren" full of “hot air”
  74. Violence in the bible vs violence in the Quran.
  75. Lion 1, Liar 0
  76. Academy Award Film “Spotlight” and Paedophile Priests
  77. Arminians & Calvinists Limit God's Power To Save
  78. Southern Baptist Convention Boots South Carolina Congregation for Affirming Homosexua
  79. Rewarded According To Works Yet Saved by Grace
  80. Creation demands a Creator
  81. Jesus' followers' hope and goal: peaceful new earth.
  82. When Did the Disciples of Jesus Stop Observing the Old Testament Laws?
  83. Consequences of Unbelief or Incorrect Doctrine
  84. Romanism And The Reformation
  85. Whom did God Choose before the Foundation of the World?
  86. Contradictions In The Quran
  87. 1 Samuel 18:1
  88. Porn. The Elephant in the room.
  89. The Gospel is the POWER of God unto Salvation
  90. Jesus said... "Beware of Men"
  91. Can a Man Believe While NOT In Christ?
  92. Darwinists will believe anything
  93. How To Get To Heaven When You Die
  94. Pope Francis on Sexual Abuse
  95. Priest Celibacy and Perverted Arrogance
  96. Replacement or Two People Two Programs or something else?
  97. Presidential Candidates and the Word of God
  98. 12210th Territory Dispute Resolution
  99. Lunch with my colleagues
  100. 1 Timothy 2:1
  101. Salvation Is Yours To Lose
  102. In Defense of the Gospel
  103. Calvinists' Dilemma
  104. Arminians' Dilemma
  105. Before age of consent and destination after death
  106. Jesus is Our... Redeemer, Justifier, Reconciler, Sanctifier, Glorifier.
  107. Do you obey Jesus?
  108. Bible Nostradamus (Celebrating "Nothing" on 3/23/2016)
  109. Traditional Salvation Violates God’s Justice
  110. Does 1 Timothy 2:11-14 justify the sceptic?
  111. Only the Spirit of Truth giveth life, eternal.
  112. Christ is the end of the law (religion) for righteousness...
  113. Whole lotta lyin’ goin’ on--but.. don’t all liars go to “the lake of fire”?
  114. Generations Lost
  115. Dispensational Escatology
  116. The "Historical Gospel" of Jesus Christ Refutes All Religions
  117. Miisogynistic religions.. Hey, just like "Republican front-runner"!!
  118. Is creationism science or not?
  119. When obedience becomes rebellion
  120. question for MADIsts.
  121. "Seventeenth Day of the Second Month" = "Antipas/Antiparticle"
  122. 1935 years ago from Today March 25, 2016 Friday
  123. Why pray with eyes closed?
  124. Paul: "If Christ be not raised your faith is in vain and you are still in your sins"
  125. The word Christian needs to be defined objectively
  126. Resurrection "Easter" reminder
  127. The Jihad of the Soul
  128. Passover Sabbaths
  129. Under The Earth -
  130. The Way That Seems Right Unto A Man
  131. "We are followers of Paul" says MADists.
  132. Did Jesus and Paul preach the same thing?
  133. Christ's Resurrected Body
  134. 10 reasons why men are superior
  135. Canon of scripture / Westminster Confession of Faith
  136. Have you trusted the Lord for salvation?
  138. The Mechanics of the Gospel
  139. Speaking in Tongs (My First Example: Solomon::Ezekiel)
  140. Why speakest thou unto them in parables?
  141. The Bridegroom, His Brides and Christ's Relationship With Individuals
  142. Joel Osteen is a Despicable Disgrace
  143. Jesus said, "And Few There Be That Find It" Matthew 7:14
  144. The Roman Catholic Church is a serious church
  145. Helpful or Heartless Toward Others?
  146. Who would you consider the most influential Christian theologian of the 20th century
  147. How to Receive the Holy Spirit
  148. Arminians' Dilemma
  149. Christian vs Jewish
  150. Different Understandings of Eschatology
  151. seemingly contradicting scripture passages
  152. The Spiritual and Physical Aspect of Salvation
  153. Catholics praying to the saints
  154. Catholics Must Submit their Mind, Will, and Intellect to Papal Authority
  155. Yes, God DOES command the "impossible!"
  156. How the Gospel Refutes Calvinism, All Religions
  157. Christians are always bullied by society
  158. Theology Books
  160. "My mother and brothers are those who hear God’s word and put it into practice.”
  161. How to Receive Christ as Your Savior
  162. pacifism for true Jesus' followers.
  163. God says not to pray for them?
  164. The History of Molech, the Faithful Martyr
  165. Does Matthew 19:8 explain the polygamy issue?
  166. God's Great FREE GIFT of Salvation for EVERYONE that Believes
  167. The Wages of Sin is DEATH
  168. John Calvin's Unjust, Unmerciful, Unrighteous Sinner God
  169. your beliefs are killing this country
  170. News Flash: Circumcision saves the Devil
  171. How do you take the bible
  172. "Lord, Lord, Didn't We...?"
  173. Sea change in Europe about immigrants
  174. Dear Abby: Atheist family fed up with friends’ preaching - how would you respond?
  175. If Lucifer is a Cedar Tree in the Garden of Eden, Then Who is the Serpent?
  176. The Christian life is about denying scriptures so as to obey Love, uncondtionally .
  177. The Truth About Pentecostalism and Subjective Religions
  178. Bible dictionary
  179. TOL's Church list
  180. Your opinion on God’s Law.
  181. Good Religion / Bad Religion
  182. ‘This Is Not Incest’: Colorado Man Leaves Wife for Sexual Relationship With Mother
  183. Can You Accept Your Acceptance?
  184. Fractals
  185. Do you think this woman is effective?
  186. If you do not have gifts of the Holy Spirit...
  187. Daniel's Parable of Salvation (Tribes)
  188. Who was the first human antichrist?
  189. The future of charismatic/Roman relations, in one photo
  190. Creation vs. Evolution Thanks!!
  191. The Gospel Paul preached
  192. Save from wrath
  193. "You don't know..."
  194. Eternally secure!
  195. Court rules it is not a religion, it is a parody
  196. The Word Made Flesh
  197. Jesus Saves, Redeems, Reconciles the Whole World Unto God
  198. Zechariah: first false prophet of the Antichrist
  199. Did Christ die for all men?
  200. To Reject Christ's Gospel is to Reject Christ
  201. When did Jesus know who he was? Recommended reading please...
  202. Jer.ch 33 .
  203. Unclaimed Body of Molech (Sign of Divorce - Revised)
  204. Does Christian faith amount to guessing in hope?
  205. The tenth of the first month, a lamb for each household.
  206. Who Are The Elect?
  207. The whole truth about the gospel
  208. Scriptures for Passover
  209. Kristallnacht
  210. Archbishop of Canterbury "not embarrassed" over new father
  211. The whole Truth Gospel, part two.
  212. Reconciliation Cancels Out the Doctrine of Predestination
  213. The whole Gospel part 3
  214. Could God forgive without crucifixion?
  215. God the Father
  216. A Body You Have Prepared For Me
  217. Heriette Tubman money
  218. Are all human beings divine?
  219. The Fourth Seal of Rev ch 6.
  220. Does even one scientific organization think creationism is valid?
  221. What does God's Holy Law Demand?
  222. Excommunication: It is not for everyone
  223. Are People Born Dead In Sin?
  224. Are People Born Into This World Spiritually Alive?
  225. The Birth of the New Testament Church
  226. Revelation 17 for the Month of May
  227. Where Is Prince Now?
  228. Which gospel?
  229. How is leadership in your local assembly doing with the mystery of the faith?
  230. The Validity of Salvation
  231. Is there a thin line between love and hate?
  232. Creation vs. Evolution II
  233. The Physical Body of A Believer As the Veil of the Temple of God
  234. Romans 10 proves that Calvinism is false and un-scriptural.
  235. The Lie Many Honestly Believed As Truth
  236. Why Moses did not get the priesthood
  238. The fossil record shows there never was evolution.
  239. The Bedazzeled Heifer
  240. Jude 1:4 commentary
  241. Helping others
  242. Why Some People Love Their Religion
  243. Judas
  244. Life in the Torah, the Gospel and the New Covenant
  245. Inversed Christianity
  246. The two trees
  247. Christianity And Judaism Divided
  248. Challenge to end D'ism
  249. Why Calvinist, Catholics, Others, Hate the Historical Gospel of Jesus Christ
  250. How do biblical texts apply to modern society?