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  1. One Gospel Proven.
  2. In Search Of The Truth
  3. A Study On I Timothy 6: 20-21
  4. 'Conjugal rights'
  5. The Wrath of God
  6. Reconciled unto God by Jesus Christ / NOT predestinated
  7. The Moon's Astronomical Observation
  8. Bizzare Vatican Mistranslations: Genesis 3:15
  9. Where does it Say that Adam Lost His Free Will in the Fall?
  10. Cant You See It Yet
  11. Has Anyone Changed Their Mind?
  12. Commercial Christianity
  13. Was Jesus real?
  14. reconciliation
  15. sin/sins is not the issue today!
  16. If you have no good news
  17. What is the greatest curse in the Bible?
  18. the history of Islam
  19. An honest Christian talks about atheism
  20. Free Will? Really?
  21. An Atheist's Misinterpretation
  22. The 70 Week/Years Prophecies of Daniel 9:24-27
  23. Messiah ben Joseph versus Messiah be David
  24. Calvinism, Catholicism, Religion: A Wrong View of God
  25. Why B57 Haunts My Threads
  26. WRONG, Elizabeth Mc(whatever): Catholic teaching's NOT Changed RE artif b control
  27. anticatholics: please list the "false doctrines of Catholicism"
  28. the only "works of the Law" that are of no effect are kosher laws and such
  29. Is Squeaky's theology correct?
  30. The 490 year prophecy of Daniel 9:24 - 27
  31. The 390 year prophecy of Ezekiel
  32. With man this is impossible !
  33. Time Of The End
  34. Lost by a Representative / Saved by a Representative
  35. The Absolute Oneness of God
  36. Predestination
  37. Is there strong delusion in the KJV N.T.? This is the question.
  38. Seven Spirits
  39. the pope's favorite form of praying
  40. baby parts harvested so adults can improve...
  41. I can see Y the un-churched... don't want to be churched
  42. Jesus, Rebukes and Theology Online
  43. The Separation of Church and State Begins Within
  44. RELIGION: A Diversion Away From Christ and His Gospel
  45. 2000 Year Old Hebrew Cosmology
  46. Why Do You Believe in Prison?
  47. If you don't believe in the trinity...
  48. Was Mary M. the Same as Mary B?
  49. The Importance of Believing that God Raised Jesus From the Dead
  50. Reconciling Ministries
  51. Satan's Baby
  52. Monergism vs Synergism
  53. Why Jews Don't Accept Jesus?
  54. Genesis 1 made more sensible and scientific
  55. Should Taste Death For Every Man
  56. Faith, Not Works, Justifies the Ungodly, Romans 4:5.
  57. The World: Is it large enough for both Christians and everyone else?
  58. The danger of a life time of denying, persecuting and blaspheming Spirituality.
  59. Abiding in Christ.
  60. To Reject the "Historical Gospel" of Jesus Christ is to Reject Christ
  61. Man Interrupts John MacArthur Church Service
  62. Cessationism
  63. Definition of a Christian
  64. What will they come up with next?
  65. Messianic-Jews or Jews-for-Jesus?
  66. Does the bible speak of salvation from birth?
  67. Why Some People Are Going to Hell
  68. What indeed was Peter's 'Jesus given' mission?
  69. Exodus 19: 3-8 Quoted By Peter in I Peter 2: 9
  70. Openly Practicing Gluttons
  71. What are you reading?
  72. To Believe or Not to Believe?
  73. Genesis 3:14 Cursed are you
  74. A shallow "Baptisty" approach that really isn't true
  75. Another Gospel: The Mixing of Old and New Covenants
  76. Creation vs Covenant Creation
  77. How is it that the evolutionists . . .
  78. "And You are Complete in Him (Christ) Colossians 2:10
  79. The Gnostic Version of the Rapture In The Apocalypse of Adam
  80. At what Age Do We Ask - How Long Lord ?
  81. A man had two sons...
  82. Works, Salvation, Merit
  83. Limited Atonement Means Limited Faith
  84. Aging
  85. How the Gospel Refutes Calvinism and Catholicism
  86. Just a witnessing of appreciation
  87. 2 Peter 3's word choice on existence and creation
  88. "The Wonderful Works of God" Acts 2:11.
  89. What is the Gospel?
  90. The Convicting Power of the Holy Spirit
  91. The Most Violated Commandments of the Lord?
  92. Dinosaurs
  93. A medical doctor witnesses an icon of Mary weeping tears -- has no doubts.
  94. The Gospel Plus NOTHING and NOTHING but the GOSPEL
  95. Where are the Fossilized Remains of Millions of Humans from the Flood?
  96. Creeds
  97. People that watch TV and go to movies are jerks
  98. the two beasts
  99. To the evolutionist, I ask: Did Jesus Christ ever exist?
  100. Salvation by the Law or by Faith?
  101. Blasphemy
  102. If you are not persecuted for being a Christian, you are not a Christian
  103. Is God one being, or two beings or three?
  104. can geometry calculations display gregorian calendar dates?
  105. The Simplicity of the Gospel and the Complexity of Religion
  106. Muslims beat Christian to death...wait for it...
  107. Why Calvinist Cannot Defend Their Doctrine of a Limited Atonement
  108. The Intellectual Idiots In Here
  109. Mary's Sinlessness: A Biblical Documentary
  110. People who commit suicide go to Hell
  114. The wages of sin is death.
  115. A Consistently Pro-Life Message
  116. CALVINISM: A Denial of the Gospel and the Lordship of Jesus Christ
  117. “No lie is of the truth” – Really?
  118. False Prophects of Today
  119. Mods, why was The Barbarian banned?
  120. Geneaologies: Fact or Fiction
  121. Remember that time that Kdall got banned for asking uncomfortable questions?
  122. JESUS says the Way is narrow
  123. Why Calvinism, Catholicism are Anti-Christ
  124. John Calvin said this....
  125. Reconciled unto God by Who? By What?
  126. James White and Psalm 78:41 "they LIMITED the Holy One of Israel"
  127. Two Rivers Prophesy
  128. Numbering your will
  129. The Prayer of Jabez
  130. Yahshua leaves instructions for Michael
  131. Act of God, or not?
  132. James White on Romans 6:17 and Why We Are the Best of Buddies;-)
  133. The Imputation of Sin and Righteousness
  134. Don't expect anyone to REALLY love you
  135. The rosary is a form of exorcism... makes the devil flee
  136. Dawkins and super-infinity in TIME
  137. Millions of Muslims fleeing to Christians nations
  138. Advice for Kim in Kentucky
  139. After the Order of Melchizedek
  140. 2 Tim. 2:15 "study", "be diligent", "do your best"?
  142. Criminalization of Christianity in America
  143. Sacraments and MADists
  144. Creation, Evolution and Lewis' coin-in-the-drawer analogy
  145. A Serious Conflict Between Man's Law and God's Law in 2015
  146. My Problem with Sermons
  147. Happy BIRTHDAY to our Main Man, Knight!!
  148. John 3:13 -"even the Son of man WHICH IS IN HEAVEN."
  149. Jesus, the Law and the Holy Spirit
  150. Fragments of world's oldest Koran undermine fundamentalist Muslim doctrine
  151. This World Is FINISHED - 1 Month Of Apostolic-Style Preaching in my Capital
  152. Absolute Divine Immutability: Does Anyone Really Believe It?
  153. Revelations of Jesus
  154. Yod Hey Vav Hey: Gems in the Torah &Tattoo Story
  155. What Are You Reading?
  156. IDOLATERY: The worship of things, doctrines, religions
  157. Prominent Reformed Protestant, R.C. Sproul Jr., Exposed For Accessing Adultery Websit
  158. Antipope Francis makes divorce and ‘remarriage’ in the Counter Church even faster...
  159. Antipope Francis calls on every EU church & community to take in a family of Muslims!
  160. If the Book of Leviticus has no relationship to believers why does Paul keep forbiddi
  161. In Brazil, gay Pentecostal church offers spiritual home to parishioners rejected else
  162. The Messiah and the Law
  163. Paul agrees with Jesus
  164. The Missing Gap in Genesis
  165. Would a Jew separate the law?
  166. Basic principles of Genesis cosmology 1
  167. Basic Genesis cosmology 2:
  168. Clearly the Lord Jesus established two very distinct churches.
  170. Basic Genesis cosmology 3: 'formless and void'
  171. Summarizing the YEC view on creation
  172. Basic Genesis cosmology 4: other things before the beginning
  173. Calvinism, Catholicism are NOT of the Faith
  174. The Anointing In the New Testament
  175. Cue Pat Robertson
  176. basic Genesis cosmology 5:
  177. Who is Lord since 2000 odd years ago?
  178. How Jesus Justifies Ungodly Sinners and Reconciles the World unto God
  179. The Lord Jesus had two presentations.
  180. Our Moral God
  181. Francis covers cross, bows to please Jewish secretary of Israeli president
  182. How Satan Perverts the Glorious Gospel of Jesus Christ
  183. Poll question: True or false?
  184. A simply question for Cruciform and similar others.
  185. Obeying Jesus' teachings or commands is requirement for salvation.
  186. basic Genesis cosmology 6: the days
  188. Which Institution is >: Marriage or national government?
  189. basic Genesis cosmology 7: the canopy
  190. Show me your works as evidence of your faith!
  191. Maths and evolution
  192. basic Genesis cosmology 8: the nations
  193. What is salvation to you?
  194. A question for anyone who perceives hmself/herself to be Christian
  195. A Jew Proves the Existence of God aka the Primal Cause
  196. don't be surprised when even other "Christians" hate u
  197. Noah's Ark & post-flood speciation
  198. Catholic Right to Burn You Alive
  199. The Calvinist Doctrine of Total Depravity, Totally Refuted
  200. "OSAS" people are not answering this question.
  201. Naturalism lets god in the back door
  202. Creationists stumped by new hominid fossils
  203. The countdown.
  204. What is the all time worse marriage listed in the Bible?
  205. Prager U: Does Science Argue For or Against God's Existence?
  206. Denial of the deity of Jesus
  207. The Privileged Planet
  208. As many as 600 independent tribal accounts of major ancient floods
  209. Mysterious Iridescent ‘End of Times’ Cloud Phenomenon Spotted in Costa Rica (Video)
  210. Biological Taxonomy - Kinds vs. Species (Linnaean taxonomy)
  211. Holy Food for the Heart
  212. The Lord Jesus ascended unto the Father in three day.
  213. The Many Tentacles of Christian Zionism
  214. Honor God's Son or Perish
  215. ALL of Christendom's water baptism rituals deny the Gospel
  216. Lewis on 'closed-system' naturalism
  217. Religion Masquerading as Science
  218. John of Patmos
  219. The Bible + Religion = Confusion
  220. Creation conference online webcast Sep 25-27
  221. Presentation on geology, deluge
  222. Prayer
  224. TSUNAMI caused by Asteroid BEFORE END OF SEPTEMBER 2015
  225. 1869: evolution imposed into political structure for elites
  226. Solving the Evils of Society
  227. The Test
  228. Refuting James White on Acts 19:2 and Eph. 1:13
  229. Islam is the white horse rider.
  231. How is God’s work of judgment carried out?
  232. Hagee claims Sep. 28 marks 'Hugely Significant Event'
  233. MATTHEW 16:24
  234. Is your faith belief in an idea about Christ?
  235. Atheist Church Mocks Christianity by Worshipping Bacon; Attracts Members With Free ..
  236. Sequence of events in end time eschatology
  237. Dr. P. Nelson on mutations
  238. Jesus Said, "And Few There Be That Find It"
  239. Things Jesus Never Said
  240. Stoning of the Devil
  241. Do you know God's love?
  243. If you are fasting for the day of atonement you do not believe in Yeshua.
  244. well, I see no one is talking about the pope... that is telling
  245. The Son of God = God.....no question
  246. New pentecostal anointment: Brazilian preacher spits in faithful's mouth
  247. A Question from a Christian non-Catholic
  248. Our Lord's Victory Cry, "It is Finished!"
  249. Vatican City
  250. Who was the most courageous woman listed in the Old Testament and why?