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  1. The bummers of living
  2. Revelation Song
  3. While yet I was lost
  4. gentle spirited christians
  5. The deception of Apparitions
  6. The ugliness of being Sanctified
  8. MeShak's Perspective
  9. Israel shall be saved in the Lord with an everlasting salvation !
  10. The Dems Like Polls--But Not This One
  11. Evolutionists: How did sex evolve?
  12. Mishpatim
  13. The Abolishment of God's Law
  14. Does God Exist?
  15. Cain was "of the Devil" - 1 John 3:12 (a hint at the future)
  16. From Parshat Mishpatim, 3rd Portion (Exodus 22:4-22:26), If a man seduces a virgin.
  17. What ever happened to...
  18. The tribulation starts in 2022 and Jesus returns in 2029
  19. Jesus' word
  20. Scripture: Torah, Nevi'im, Ketuvim (K'tuvim)
  21. Was Jesus a man of color .
  22. The Purpose Of The Commandments Is Love
  23. The Jewish Scriptures. What are they?
  24. Ms. MeShak, And He (Jesus) is the Messenger of God the Father.
  25. An Open Invitation to Civil Discussion
  26. God made Him
  27. salvation
  28. Peter affirms Paul's writings are Scripture
  29. Days of the Week, Jewish Hebrew Torah Biblical
  30. Original Sin
  31. Flat earth proven false
  32. Cross-religious marriage
  33. Remnant Salvation !
  35. the way to inherit eternal.
  36. The 10 Commandments - Purpose
  37. Fed up with Christians getting a bad wrap!
  38. Jesus two greatest commandments.
  39. Vanity Fair
  40. Why Evolution is real science - let's settle this "debate"!
  41. Only a third of Jews to be saved.
  42. essential for salvation:
  43. Good Habits
  44. Limited atonement !
  45. God our Saviour
  46. In our name and on our behalf
  47. Yehoshua - Joshua
  48. Proof that dinosaurs lived alongside modern mammals
  49. Christian Doctrine of Omnipresence to Blame for the Triumph of Darwinism
  50. Obedience to God
  51. Did God Design All Of Creation To Suffer As A Result Of The 'Fall'?
  52. Is the Ark of the Covenant in Ethiopia?
  53. Is Jesus the Father?
  54. Is believing/faith a work ?
  55. Knight - Theology Online and Internet Ads, Ads, and Illegal Activity
  56. Who can tell me when
  57. Celebrate today!!! Today is the obviously "biblical" feast of........
  58. Marriage
  59. The Jewish calendar starts tomorrow on the astronomical new moon?
  60. Actual Hebrews 7-8
  61. Thanatophobia 101
  62. Are those Christ died for saved by His death before Faith ?
  63. When does the Biblical month begin?
  64. Necessary Edification
  65. Jesus Abolishes the Law. We Establish the Law.
  66. The Anti Christ
  67. Are these the nails that pierced Jesus?
  68. Change my athiest opinion!
  69. Let Me Explain The Walk Again
  70. troll?
  71. Hermeneutics - The Who? What? Where? and When? of Scripture
  72. Matt 5:42 Give everything away?
  73. BIOLA live creation discussion stream at 6pm PST tonight
  74. Chumash with Rashi Parshat Tetzaveh, 1st Portion (Exodus 27:20-28:12)
  75. How Jesus Justifies and Reconciles Sinners unto God
  76. To Call upon the Name of the Lord !
  77. Day Star-Morning Star
  78. Repentance toward God !
  79. Be careful for nothing? Philippians 4:6 - old KJV English misunderstood
  80. Shoftim - Judges
  81. The LORD has made everything for its purpose, even the wicked for the day of trouble.
  82. Daily Torah Study
  83. Is the Bible the inerrant Word of God?
  84. The Simple Teachings of Jesus
  85. Fall From Grace
  86. There were twelve apostles, then there were eleven.
  87. About Converting To Roman Catholicism
  88. Are You Legally Saved?
  89. How many of you guys are simply pretrending to recognoize and serve the Lord Jesus?
  90. Hebrew Text for Reading on Shabbat Zachor
  91. Live like you DON'T know the day and the hour
  92. my sincere apologies
  93. He that comes to God must believe that he is
  94. Questions About Fasting
  95. Who were the wise men? And are you?
  96. The Jews were 'the dead', in Jesus instruction, 'let the dead bury their dead'.
  97. hath quickened us together with Christ
  98. Was Daniel a date setter?
  99. Yom Rishon - A short study of the first day of the week, the first six days, etc...
  100. Months from Torah, the TaNaK, Scripture, prior to the Babylonian Captivity.
  101. The Hebrew Calendar
  102. easy to be provoked
  103. The Nature and Character of God
  104. TOL treasure hunt
  105. Must Suffer In The Meat
  106. Purpose In Suffering
  107. Suffering Wrongfully
  108. Flesh Or Spirit
  109. CS Lewis quote on God and truth
  110. Is Wormwood here as prescribed in the Good Book,
  111. How they Gentiles obtained Righteousness ?
  112. Gog and Magog of Ezekiel 38-39 are positively identified
  113. Jesus said, "Few There Be That Find It" Matthew 7:14.
  114. Where Does It Say In The Bible That You Go Directly To Heaven When You Die?
  115. Justified in the Name of the Lord Jesus !
  116. The Torah Observant Jew
  117. Abortion. The United States of America.
  118. What was the Gospel God preached to Abraham ?
  119. WARNING! Apostasy about to happen.
  120. New Covenant Law - What is it?
  121. Sure to all the Seed !
  122. Two Covenants-(Testaments)-(Laws)
  123. Practising Jews
  124. Jesus: The end and the fulfillment of the Old Testament
  125. The earth is flat and we never went to the moon--Part II
  126. Speaking Words of Torah
  127. Just a few rapture questions
  128. Wormwood
  129. Jesus: “I saw Satan fall like lightning from heaven" - Luke 10:18
  130. Are Gods Elect ever the workers of iniquity ?
  131. Armageddon or Harmagedon
  132. The TaNaK is inspired by God
  133. Jesus indicates Election of Some !
  134. Satan Made In The Image Of The Wrath Of God
  135. Israel, Torah, and a Citizen of the United States of America. Hebrews 8:6-13
  136. Where Thoughts Come From
  137. The 613 Commandments
  138. Vacation Time
  139. Christs suffering unto death brings us to God !
  140. Matthew
  142. you might have life through His name.
  143. Millennial temple heresy
  144. Mark
  145. Gen Z: Least Christian generation in US history
  146. Free will
  147. Jacob And The Hitler Syndrome
  148. The Jewish Hebrew Biblical Torah Based Year
  149. oikonomía - the administration of a household or estate
  150. Salvation is 100 % a Gift of Gods Grace !
  151. Jesus Is Messiah Only To Those Who Obey Him
  152. You Only Belong To Christ IF
  153. Yahweh is a Man of war; Yahweh is His name. (Exo 15.3)
  154. Christians worship Christ; JW's do not!
  155. You Must Have Works To Prove Your Faith
  156. 2 Cor 4.4 (Jesus, The God of this age!)
  157. It is time to make human and chimp hybrids
  158. No one who esteems, uses, invokes and/or promote the ten commandments go to heaven
  159. Sin and Temptation
  160. Paul and the Cross
  161. Do you need knowledge of or access to the Bible to be a good Christian believer?
  162. History surrounding the Nicene Creed
  163. To Israel and My Fellow Jews around the world from Jacob: What year is it?
  164. The Fat Lady Sings!
  165. Was a servant of sin !
  166. This Week's Readings With Attention To Hebrews 8:1-6. Levitical Priests Today?
  167. Soon The 7th Angel Will Sound
  168. the Torah, the Nevi'im, and the K'tuvim; the Law, the Prophets, and the Scriptures
  169. Matthew through Revelation. Matthew to Revelation.
  170. The Old Covenant
  171. Muslims do not know who they worship
  172. Christian Persecutions
  173. Crucifixion Day
  174. Abortion, the Pro-Life Stance, and God's Law. Abortion is Never Okay.
  175. Why the Righteous Man Does Not Need Rules, Laws or Religion, 1 Timothy 1:9.
  176. Bible, a chronicle largely consisting of the plagiarized myths of other cultures
  177. Rishon, First, and Aviv 9, this week's Torah Study and Observance.
  178. Works Done Inside Yourself, And Outside Yourself
  179. Scientists finally read the oldest biblical text ever found
  180. The Law Of Christ
  181. The Law Of Faith
  182. Shemot - Exodus - Chapter 12. I am in Tacoma. It is Aviv 10.
  183. The Only Guarantee Of Salvation
  184. test the spirit
  185. We have a advocate with the Father
  186. The Nature of Christ's Resurrection
  187. What is the annulling of the former commandment? What is the former commandment?
  188. The Prophets vs. The Priests
  189. The Significance of the Resurrection of Jesus Christ
  190. Copy and paste to get point across
  191. Religions of the world
  192. Pesach; Passover
  193. Warning. Dangerous Content. How does a person get help from the United States of Am
  194. Why Easter is never the same date every year if it signifies such an important event
  195. From Tacoma
  196. Isn't it reasonable to doubt Young Earth Creationism?
  197. Jesus died on cross and rose in three days ?
  198. It Is Finished-Done
  199. I came that they might have life !
  200. Christ's Forty Pre-Ascension Days
  201. Raised From The Dead
  202. Freemason
  203. The Hidden Language Of The Holy Spirit (Unknown Tongue)
  204. Israel and my Fellow Jews. When do we begin the Omer Count, the Count of the Omer?
  205. Demonstrating The Holy Spirit-Tongues
  206. Love Defined
  207. Worship In The Flesh
  208. Worship In The Spirit
  209. Born Again Of The Holy Spirit
  210. The TaNaK and the Torah: Written before the Old Covenant Old Testament Scriptures?
  211. Death Notices
  212. child like faith
  213. Golgotha? Is this the true Calvary?
  214. When men are to keep silent. Women are to keep silent.
  215. How to Find False Prophet Teachers!
  216. Righteousness by Faith / Not by Rules, Laws or Religion
  217. Making peace... among the highest of our duties.
  218. The Tabernacle of David will be the Tribulation "Temple" - Amos 9:11
  219. Education from Torah to Christianity to Islam, sharing the truth and living it.
  220. Rejoice, because your names are written in heaven !
  221. Has the the Staff of Moses been found?
  222. Elon Musk foresees more than he knows?
  223. How the pyramids were built
  224. Did Joseph build the first pyramid?
  225. over coming the world
  226. Turin shroud amazing evidence
  227. God is not a Man
  228. Jesus in rock music
  229. The Lying Pen Of The Scribes
  230. Murderers Should Be Punished... debate?
  231. Made the Righteousness of God in Him !
  232. Should we bother with those old Jewish Feasts?
  233. Every One Is A Sinner
  234. There is no new law
  235. The real mount Sinai and mount Horeb in Arabia
  236. Religion
  237. Bible Reading For The Mildly Curious
  238. Golgatha - search for the true crucifixion site
  239. Learning Hebrew
  240. Poland Leading America To Sunday Laws?!
  241. To Learn From. Disciples and Apostles: The Bible and History
  242. Saviour of the World !
  243. The Sabbath
  244. The Genealogy of Jesus Christ questioned?
  245. Clarity in teaching.
  246. Lessons from the life of Jacob.
  247. Grace reigns through Righteousness !
  248. How Many Of You Are Aware
  249. Passing Along a Little Bit of Biblical Understanding
  250. Doctrine Of Christ