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  1. Making up laws. Does it make sense or not?
  2. Censorship Doesnt Glorify Christ
  3. Evangelist
  4. DO NOT: Making agreements or covenants with sinners or people who have sinned.
  5. The Light of Torah
  6. God's 7000 year plan.
  7. Noah’s Ark Found!
  8. Door of the Sheep!
  9. Paul: "The Just (Justified) Shall Live By Faith" and not by rules, laws or religion
  10. Commandments and Punishment
  11. Is Jesus the Father?
  12. Judaism
  13. Same sex marriages are all null, according to Christians
  14. Things that do not make sense.
  15. Eternal Security
  16. the significance of the parables of Christ and the negation there of by the supposed
  17. He was so beaten that he was not recognizable as a human
  18. Scientific proof the Turin Shroud is real:
  19. Israel-what every Christian needs to know.
  20. Wildfires In California
  21. Why God is NOT a Respector of Persons
  22. From Jesus
  23. Today is Revi'i, 10-2, the Eighth Day of Chanukah.
  24. Gods Grace
  25. Holy Spirit is a title for Yahwah our Holy Father
  26. Jewish Holy Days
  27. The Sabbath
  28. Teaching the Law when no one is breaking it. What to do when they do.
  29. Planned Parenthood Ad
  30. Demonstrating The Holy Spirit
  31. Shalom. What can we do to make the world a better place?
  32. Do you obey God's Law? What is one commandment that you observe?
  33. Transgression. What do you do if you have transgressed God's Law?
  34. Murder, Abortion, and the Abortionist.
  35. We serve the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob.
  36. One of the Commandments. You shall not commit adultery.
  37. "Rise Peter, Kill and Eat" unclean beasts and creeping things - Acts 10
  38. Theologies built on verses understood out of context!
  39. Once a Saint Always a Saint!
  40. Are you bound by the Mosaic Laws or Rabbinic Judaism?
  41. 'Agape' not 'love your neighbour as yourself'!
  42. Today, Rishon 10-6, Daily Torah Portion.
  43. Does God Exist?
  44. Merry Christmas Everyone!
  45. The LOST TEMPLE Mount
  46. No other gods
  47. The One True God, the God of the Torah, the God of Israel.
  48. A New Testament Jew !
  49. Christmas
  50. Shalom. The Torah and God's Law.
  51. You shall love Yahveh your God
  52. You shall love your neighbor as yourself.
  53. The First Commandment: I am Yahveh your God. You shall have no other gods before Me.
  54. Hear Israel. Yahveh our God, Yahveh is one.
  55. Tassels on Garments
  56. You shall not take the name of Yahveh your God in vain.
  57. The Most High
  58. God is Jesus vs. Jesus is God
  59. God's Commandments. His Commands.
  60. Xmas And The Sum Of All Fears
  61. The Bible with Rashi
  62. Learning the Commandments.
  63. One of the Ten Commandments? Or, a different Commandment?
  64. Is a Verse, a Scripture, or a Scripture Verse a Commandment?
  65. The Shema. From Deuteronomy 6:4-9, Deuteronomy 11:13-21, Numbers 15:37-41, NKJV.
  66. The Torah The TaNaK Judaism Israel The Bible and Christianity.
  67. What do Christians mean when they use these terms?
  68. Belief of the Truth !
  69. Who are these blessed ones God will not impute sin unto ?
  70. Now that Christmas (Christ Mass) is over
  71. Islam is different from Judaism and Christianity.
  72. Torah law. The Torah, the Law, the Oral Law, Civil Law, and the Mishna. Questions.
  73. About the Easter holiday...
  74. Daily Torah. Do you study the Torah Daily?
  75. Proverbs
  76. Shabbat does not begin on Shishi
  77. Yirmiyahu - Jeremiah - Chapter 31 Verses 30-33.
  78. Preaching the Truth. Islam and the Muslim World.
  79. The Ten Commandments: Shemot 20, Devarim 5.
  80. Jesus and the Law of Moses
  81. Israel, The United States of America, The Borders, and God's Law.
  82. Teaching the Commandments. How do we teach our children? What do we teach them?
  83. Proverb 8 and John 1
  84. Revi'i, 10-9, the tenth month the ninth day, erev, evening, of evening and morning.
  85. Peace Before Relationship !
  86. I do not believe in spirit beings and do not know what they are or if they exist.
  87. The Wrath of God
  88. Revi'i, 10-9, morning. Rabbi Gordon's Daily Torah Vayechi: 4th Portion.
  89. Did Jesus annul any commandment? No.
  90. Judaism, Christianity, Names, Titles, Religions, Faiths?
  91. Israel, the Law of Moses, the New Covenant, Judaism, Legalism, Judaisers, the Messiah
  92. Why aren’t ‘the ungodly’ the ‘elect’ when they’re the ones for whom Christ died (Rom
  93. Shalom. Mishnah Berakhot 1.
  94. I am not Trinitarian.
  95. God's Call or Man's Ingenuity; Church or the Kingdom of God
  96. Who is Jesus?
  97. The name Jesus is derogatory
  98. Gods Relationship With Satan
  99. Is This Your Jesus ?
  100. The Holy One of Israel
  101. AETHEREAL - The Battle for Heaven and Earth (Cosmology Documentary)
  102. You Must Fear God
  103. Voting. Questions.
  104. God's attitude towards science and progress
  105. Kiss the Son, lest he be angry, and you perish
  106. In Search of Eden - documentary
  107. narrow is the way, which leadeth unto life !
  108. How long were the Israelites in Egypt?
  109. Shalom. Today is Shishi, 10-11.
  110. Did Jesus and God Make a Deal with the Devil?
  112. Vayechi: 6th Portion
  113. Aviv: the original first month; the first month from the Torah; from the Torah onward
  114. Islam and the West.
  115. The Call of the Gospel
  116. Marks of a true christian!
  117. The key to understanding any and all parables
  118. The Temple was not where the world thinks was
  119. The Just shall live by Faith !
  120. Ephesians 2:14-19
  121. Why I do not fear the end time
  122. Book of the Covenant: Shemot - Exodus - Chapter 24
  124. Today's Daily Torah Portion. Rishon, 10-13. Parshat Shemot, 1st Portion (Exodus 1:1
  125. Is Isaiah 59:20 talking about when Jesus came?
  126. Jesus is a prince, made Lord and Christ
  127. Being born again or from above !
  128. Today is Sheni, 10-14, evening and morning, night and day.
  129. This Week's Torah. Shemot (Names).
  130. Today's Daily Torah Portion. Parshat Shemot, 2nd Portion (Exodus 1:18-2:10).
  131. Of or for what sins can a person be forgiven? Sin is transgression of the law.
  132. Happy New Year!!!
  133. Should Christians celebrate New Years Day?
  134. Shalom. Bil yad.
  135. Catholic
  136. Genesis. Before Moses. Or did Moses write Genesis?
  137. Parshat Shemot, 3rd Portion (Exodus 2:11-2:25)
  138. Scripture-Gospel-New Testament
  139. RELIGION: An Indication of the Absence of Faith
  140. The Mark of the Beast - Imminent!
  141. Parshat Shemot, 4th Portion (Exodus 3:1-3:15)
  142. LORD God The Father
  143. Parshat Shemot, 5th Portion (Exodus 3:16-4:17)
  144. Only One God The Father
  145. Parshat Shemot, 6th Portion. Parshat Shemot, 7th Portion.
  146. Exodus today !
  147. What is the appropriate level of giving for retired people?
  148. Who Is Lord, And Who Is LORD
  149. The Holy Spirit and Faith Verses the Law and Religion
  150. Scribes-Writers
  151. This Week's Torah. PARASHAS VA'EIRA (SHEMOS/EXODUS 6:2-9:35).
  152. Passing the offering plate at church
  153. World Peace ?
  154. Jewish Suffering - Isaiah 53 vs. Deuteronomy 28
  155. From Today's Tanya. "These truths, I do not wish to deny."
  156. Is the Bible the only sacred texts and why or why not.
  157. Do you make God out to be a liar?
  158. Today's Rambam 3 Chapters: Shvuot - Chapter 1, Shvuot - Chapter 2, Shvuot - Chapter 3
  159. The Seven Shepherds - prophecy currently being fulfilled (Micah 5)
  160. Two Laws - Moral & Ceremonial
  161. Daily Mitzvah Negative Commandment 62
  162. Jews Are Self Condemning
  163. Can God see his own future?
  164. The Mark of the Beast
  165. Psalms / Tehillim Chapters 113-118
  166. "The god of this world hath blinded the minds of them which believe not"
  167. Who are the Ant People?
  168. The Parable of the Prodigal Son
  169. Tehillim - Psalms - Chapter 119
  170. Die To The Old Testament Law
  171. Church of Heaven or Hell?
  172. Rings
  173. How accurate is your Bible translation version?
  174. Martin Luther King Jr.
  175. How the Gospel Interprets the Bible
  176. This Week's Torah. Bo. PARASHAS BO. SHEMOS/EXODUS 10:1-13:16.
  177. Hebrews 7:12 the law was transferred not changed...
  178. Who is a charismatic?
  179. Yeshua: "Everything written about Me".
  180. Of Him Ye are in Christ Jesus !
  181. Prayer means something
  182. Ever wondered where your Bible was translated from?
  183. Proverbs
  184. ...so death passed upon all men...Rom 5:12
  185. Satanism
  186. Emotional Bondage
  187. Know Your Demons
  188. Why folks struggle with Paul
  189. How long was Jesus' ministry?
  190. Media reports evil family's pentecostalism. Honor killing motives remain unknowable.
  191. The Work and the Person of the Holy Spirit
  192. A False Reformation
  193. Abortion is Against God's Law, Illegal.
  194. Prove That Sunday Is The Christian Sabbath
  195. Predestination vs Chosen people
  196. Shabbat. Forbidden Labors.
  197. Republican Hypocrisy !
  198. High Priest breast plate gem stone found!
  199. The Jesus Club
  200. Jesus Changed Many OT Laws
  201. How can God resurrect us if we do not have an immortal soul?
  202. The gospel which was preached of me is not after man, I received it by revelation
  203. The Vicarious Life and Death of Christ for the Believer
  205. No Reason For Old Testament Law
  206. Pharaoh's Chariots found in the Gulf of Aqaba
  207. Did Ron Wyatt really find the Ark of the Covenant?
  208. The Earth Is A Sphere According To The Bible
  209. says the LORD (says YHVH, Yahveh) "My law"; the New Covenant
  210. The coming kingdom
  211. Spirit Of Denial
  212. The Kingdom Of God Is In You
  213. The Torah, the TaNaK, Matthew through Revelation, and if there is any truth in the...
  214. To Be A Believer
  215. Aelia Capitolina - Jerusalem after the Jews were banished
  216. "My yoke is easy"
  217. SHEMOS/EXODUS 15:25 THE STONE EDITION CHUMASH COMMENTARY A decree and an ordinance.
  218. Why did we evolve with disbelief?
  219. DNA code from a software engineers point of view
  220. The World Of Jn 3:16
  221. Authentic, artistic Jesus drama
  222. What Does God Require For Your Salvation?
  223. Why...
  224. If...
  225. We are not without hope!
  226. Immotal soul
  227. For You Who Do Not Know What The Tnakh Is
  228. oximoron
  229. The Holy Spirit and the Gospel Verses the Law and Religion
  230. The Forbidden Fruit
  231. The Power Against Human Wisdom
  232. No “new law”
  233. One easy question
  235. What is the Tanakh
  236. Tam's vengence mood.
  237. God's Law, Torah, (Christianity) and Suppression of Sharia Law and Jihad Islam Muslim
  238. The Justification of the Ungodly, Romans 4:5
  239. meshak lies and then runs and hides
  240. "The Resurrection"
  241. God....?
  242. What is His name or His son's name? - Proverbs 30:4
  243. Without the shedding of blood, there is no remission of sins
  244. Idolizing The Bible?
  245. sin
  246. John 1-14
  247. Feeling Sorry For God
  248. Another wolf is marked/exposed/identified.
  249. "Christ is the End of the Law" Romans 10:4
  250. Are You Loosing Verses?