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  1. Shalom. Apology (to glorydaz) needed. So, I apologize.
  2. Another Muslim terrorist attack
  3. Why Do So Many Self-Proclaimed Christians Celebrate Halloween?
  4. True science and true religion agree together.
  5. Watch out, do not be deceived.
  6. Believing on His Name !
  7. What does "Allahu Akbar" mean?
  8. Honor God's Son or Perish
  9. Talents-Scripture-Verses
  10. There Is A Meat Understanding
  11. Christ wasnt to be believed on by all without exception !
  12. The Godhead
  13. Jesus came to destroy 'he that has the power of death', which is the ten commandments
  14. Are you brainy?
  15. No one Needs to be Predestinated, Because...
  16. Citizenship In Heaven; Be Smart, Apply Early
  17. The Power of Christ's Resurrection !
  18. Denominations
  19. Genesis 18 comment
  20. Don't be Jewish be Christian
  21. Does man naturally have ability to Seek God ?
  22. Dr. Brownson: Equality Argues for Same-Sex Marriage
  23. How do we make the world a better place?
  24. What Is The Gospel? II
  25. Why did God create apemen?
  26. Questions for Christians
  27. Truth distorted by our own people
  28. Different Kinds of Law
  29. Shalom. God's Grace. Thinking about God's Grace.
  30. The Call of the Holy Spirit to be Saved
  31. Did Christ know He was fully God?
  32. Judgment & the Gospel. Pointing out sin by subject or the specific instance or case.
  33. Shalom. Belief and Obedience.
  34. Pop Prophecy
  35. Philippians 2:9-11 Comment
  36. God's Law and the Commandments or Sin by Specific Case or Topic
  37. Inspiration for a demoralizing time
  38. The Law Of Repentance
  39. Going Beyond City Limits on Shabbat
  40. The Branches-Jews And Christians
  41. Shalom. A Covering for Sin. Biblical? Found in the Torah?
  43. When is the Sabbath?
  44. How Jesus Justifies Ungodly Sinners and Reconciles Them to God
  45. Your favorite story from the Torah.
  46. Please help me with what the Deity of Christ means
  47. Hebrew Calendar, Weeks, Days
  48. Jesus Fulfilled The Old Testament Law
  49. Jesus Changed The Old Testament Law
  51. Michael's Latest!!
  52. To Many Are Falling Short Of Understanding
  53. God Demands Loosers
  54. Michael is not the only one saying--
  55. Gods warning to get out of the east coast of America
  56. Can a Doctrine or Religion Save and justify?
  57. Every Believer Must Do Good Works and Proclaim the Gospel, Some Are Called to Teach
  58. You should believe in God!
  59. Mr. Religion's Religion
  60. The two witnesses are not two people.
  61. Demons Knew Who Jesus Was-Satan Didnt Know
  62. Original Sin and the Calvinists
  63. Jesus Changed Everything
  64. I left my heart, and pants in Cuba..Now what?
  65. James 1:1 refutes MAD
  66. God does not have a Father
  67. Does Colossians 1 NOT say that Jesus is the creator?
  68. Being Rich Is A Sin
  69. Do You Even Know What Sin Is
  70. Repent! Repentance is important. Repentance is key.
  71. The Church/Body of Christ in OT !
  72. God's Great FREE GIFT of Salvation
  73. Revelation 10 Revealed
  74. The Law for Jews, the Law for Gentiles
  75. pre existence
  76. Prosper-Above Need
  77. Shalom. The 613 Commandments of the Torah should be observed by Jews, Israel.
  78. The house of Israel and the house of Judah.
  79. Talents And Minas-Verses
  80. Him Who Worketh all things after the counsel of his own will: !
  81. Him Who Worketh all things after the counsel of his own will !
  82. Rich Christians Have Received Their Consolation
  83. Poor Or Rich
  84. Why I say that I am a proselyte and a convert to Israel and Judaism.
  85. "down to earth" faith.
  87. Gods indictment on the natural human heart of man !
  88. Psalm 82
  89. Serpent Seed Parable
  90. If this was Evil Eye
  91. Received Grace from His Fulness !
  92. Paradise Lost
  93. Truth from the beginning and to the end. Do sacred texts of seemingly different "reli
  94. Satan's Plan For Your Life
  95. <> The Spirits of God <>
  96. <> Life is God <>
  97. <> Predestination <>
  98. <> Born Again on The New Earth <>
  99. <> Bible Paul <>
  100. <> Most Everything You believe...<>
  101. Progressive Evangelical Pastor Says He Shouldn't Have Imposed His Pro-LGBT Stance
  102. <> Heaven or Hell <>
  103. <> The Children of God and Satan <>
  104. why?
  105. Why be Catholic?
  106. Shalom. What makes a Jew a Jew?
  107. Christian Charity Takes Out Bible References From Nativity Story
  108. I believe many churches are corrupted.
  109. Ask me a question. My beliefs as a Christian.
  110. Shalom. What are the Sabbath Day Commandment Mitzvahs?
  111. Shalom. Why did you used to be a Christian?
  112. Your sin. Repent.
  113. A Jew can become a Christian. Why would a Christian become a Jew?
  114. Is a Jew a descendant of Judah?
  115. What is the HiSTORICAL GOSPEL of Jesus Christ?
  116. <> The True or False Test <>
  118. Deuteronomy 21:10-14
  119. TaNaK or TaNaKh?
  120. Scripture. What is considered Scripture?
  121. God is love.
  122. The Christian Bible, the Bible, has 66 books. True or false?
  123. What is Scripture?
  124. The Bible. Different Bibles.
  125. God's Law; there is nothing wrong with it.
  126. Does anyone go to heaven when they die?
  127. The 66 book Bible
  128. What are the books of the Torah?
  129. What are the books of the TaNaK?
  130. Daily Verse, Thanksgiving Day
  131. Scripture vs. Canon
  132. Is there a Jewish Canon and a Christian Canon?
  133. Is the Jewish Canon the TaNaK?
  134. Is there a Jewish Canon? If so, what is it?
  135. Review: Jesus died for our, my, sins.
  136. Jesus is not the Father and that is not the Trinity but I am not Trinitarian.
  137. Ar you inadvertently funding the false prophets future ministry?
  138. Are you inadvertently funding the false prophet's future ministry?
  139. Grace and responsibility
  140. Forgiving others
  141. Righteousness and Justification by Faith
  142. All About the New Covenant
  143. Christians, Churches and SSM
  144. Have you been reconciled unto God by Jesus Christ?
  145. Equality, Shared Households, Distribution of Food and Money Among the Assemblies
  146. What Delivering Over to Satan Means, and Sin in the Assemblies of God
  147. Is it possible to observe a commandment that you have not yet observed?
  148. Your A Liar If You Cant Prove It
  149. Does Torah Study lead to making peace? Yes.
  150. The Savior Is Born - Rejoice
  151. My Yak shepherd friend in lower Siberia AMR believes hates God . . .
  152. Has anyone here read the TaNaK?
  153. Does fulfilled mean abolished? No.
  154. Jesus came to fulfill the Law and the Prophets.
  155. Matthew 5:17 NKJV
  156. How does a person obey God?
  157. Will we build another temple Israel?
  158. Let's discuss Matthew 5-7.
  159. People reason Old Testament New Testament out of context.
  160. Worship In The Spirit
  161. Worship In The Flesn
  162. The Fulfillment and Abolishment of the Law
  163. Is - a hyphen or a dash? How to indicate more than one verse or chapter.
  164. Matthew
  165. You Must Fear God
  166. Lies-So Many Lies Out There
  167. The Significance of Being Spiritually "IN CHRIST"
  168. Proof of Evolution, or God creating
  169. A new and living way
  170. Scripture, Verses, Chapter, Verse
  171. Question on the Transfiguration
  172. Genesis 1:1 NKJV
  173. The Shema, New King James Version
  174. Jesus Fulfilled The Law, And Shows Us How To
  175. blatant lie.
  176. Is the Holy Spirit Female?
  177. Benefit of trinity
  178. שמע ישראל יהוה אלהינו יהוה אחד
  179. Consider These Contrasts
  180. Forbidden Scriptures
  182. Have they finally found the Holy Grail?
  183. What does John 14:21 mean?
  184. The Bride Of Christ
  185. The fruit of the Spirit
  186. The word Torah means Instruction, Teaching, Direction, Law
  187. Works Is Your Only Proof
  188. Why Law and Religion Causes Sin and Hypocrisy
  189. What do you study in your Torah Study? What do you study and how do you study?
  190. Torah Study and Judgment for sin.
  191. The light of life
  192. Will there be animal sacrifice during the 1000 years millennium?
  193. Christ's Commandments
  194. Are all of the Commandments in the Bible to be observed by Jews, Israel?
  195. The role of the Evangelist in the Church one of equipping others to share the gospel?
  196. Gods Word Originated From God The Father.
  197. Modern Day Parables
  198. Jerusalem is the capital of Palestinian Arabs
  199. the biggest hypocrisy
  200. The Are One Delusion
  201. The I Am Delusion
  202. Deity Of Jesus-Deity Of Satan
  203. Since no commandment of God is annulled the Law is not annulled.
  204. Book Of Daniel Is Unsealing?
  205. Prophecy and History
  206. 500,000 plus Americans are homeless
  207. Past and present implications of "...require his blood at YOUR hands" (Eze 3:16-22)
  208. TaNaK, TaNaKh, Ketuvim, Kethuvim, Kh from the Kethuvim or no?
  209. Pope Wants To Change Lord's Prayer
  210. bible don't test the Lord
  211. At the name of Jesus
  212. Muhammad
  213. Jesus, Paul and the Law
  214. when on the deathbed
  215. Abused word "hypocrit"
  216. Evolutionists: How did legs evolve?
  217. Does God Exist?
  218. Aleph Tau?
  219. What is the book of the covenant?
  220. Obedience to God as a choice a decision a lifestyle a way of life and what we do.
  221. God's Law. It should be followed observed obeyed kept.
  222. If you obey God's commandments does that mean that no one is ever punished?
  223. Sufficient for [All], Effective in [All who Believe]
  224. JW
  225. Must a person agree with God's Law or live in a community of believers in order to...
  226. Obedience to Jesus
  227. Judaism and the Bible
  228. Jesus instructed us to keep and teach the commandments. Do you?
  229. We, Israel, are to keep and teach the commandments. What about you?
  230. Matthew 5:19 NKJV
  231. Adam
  232. Is God Three?
  233. What does it mean to say that God is one?
  234. Who are the "Lord, Lord, Didn't We" People?" Matthew 7:21-23
  235. Is Jesus' instruction to keep and teach the commandments for everyone?
  236. Happy Chanukah!
  237. All of God's Law, a Weight, a Provision, or a Blessing? Accepting God's Law.
  238. life in prison
  239. There are things for which there is no law. The Law is against things that are bad.
  240. What is the penalty or punishment for breaking or transgressing God's Law?
  241. Civil Law, Civil Calendar
  242. What is the Day of God and why are we to be hastening it? What does it mean to hasten
  243. What year is it?
  244. The Ten Commandments and God's Law in the Law of the United States of America.
  245. Learning the Law, learning God's Law.
  246. What is a Social Contract and what does it mean for Society to all live by or under
  247. Breaking God's Law. Please explain what is wrong with breaking God's Law.
  248. Name a law or commandment found in the Torah.
  249. Was the New Covenant established by Jesus?
  250. No Tattoos