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  1. Thread for tracking Michae Cadry's 11/9/2017 prophecy
  2. Cannaanite DNA findings and issues
  4. Counterfiets-People-Churches-Preachers
  5. Another brick in the wall of the one-world church of Antichrist
  6. You Must Suffer To Find The Inner Man
  7. Oswald Chambers
  8. Poor Or Rich?
  9. Prophecies about Israel were precisely fulfilled in 1948 & 1967
  10. Poll: When was the Cross first preached as good news?
  11. On being free from Biblicism
  12. Can a Christian walk away from their salvation?
  13. is immorality THE sign of the end ?
  15. It pleased YHWH to bruise him, to make his soul an offering for sin
  16. Christians: Who do you pray to?
  18. Merciful to their unrighteousness a Covenant Blessing !
  20. God Alone.
  21. The Rebellion that Desolates
  22. Believers, Carnal Or Spiritual
  23. Trinity Humor
  24. Jesus Is Not God
  25. In Eternal Life before the foundation !
  26. "That no flesh should glory in His presence."
  27. They pierced my hands and my feet - Psalm 22:16b
  28. God is ONE, and therefore not three, and not three in one, but ONE!
  29. Who are His Seed ?
  30. If you were right you would be right
  31. The Gospel, NOT YOUR RELIGION, is the power of God unto salvation, Romans 1:16
  32. About who does Isaiah 53 speak?
  33. Who will answer my questions?
  34. What was the very first sin?
  35. Abraham offered-up his only son as a sacrifice to YHWH
  36. Messianic Judaism Gaining Momentum in Israel
  37. The Gospel and Christian Arrogance
  38. Why Do You Look Back?
  39. Triads
  40. The simplicity...
  41. Your Own Satan, Your Own Devil
  42. Warning: The Gospel You Preach Could Be Impure
  43. God was in Messiah reconciling the world unto himself
  44. ...turn from their wicked ways.
  45. Judaic Christians and Pagan Christians
  46. Do you have free-will...danger ahead.
  47. JESUS IS NOT GOD....is this not a fair issue for debate?
  48. Scriptures that disproves man's freewil sham !
  49. Thou art Peter Firstborn & Stone: A Janus Parallelism
  51. Salvation by Being Good
  52. The Poor Are Chosen
  53. Out of the anguish of his soul he shall see light - Isaiah 53:11 Dead Sea Scroll
  54. LIFE
  55. God's Obsession !
  56. Hajj and Eid al-Adha
  57. T.D. Jakes Comes Out for ‘Gay Rights’ and ‘LGBT Churches,’ Says Position is ‘Evolving
  58. YHWH is our defense, The Holy One of Israel is our King - Psalm 89:18
  59. The Order of Salvation
  60. Are you ready?
  61. Marriage Equality
  62. A Sign In Heaven
  63. The Twin Doctrine That Brings No Hope of Salvation
  64. Despising the Blood of Christ !
  65. Humble
  66. Meekness
  67. Gentle
  68. focussing on other christians how unspiritual they are.
  69. Communion
  70. The Captain of their Salvation !
  71. Peeling potatoes
  72. Grace
  73. Bible version
  74. The Spirit Of God
  75. God is an Environmentalist
  76. Marriage Equality: The End of Christendom
  77. Can trinitarians also be monotheists?
  78. Spiritually Irma
  79. Things To Know
  80. Christians to imitate marriage equality
  81. Who will be with the victorious Christ?
  82. Same Sex Marriage Response
  83. Brotherly love and final judgement.
  84. Born Again Thru the Resurrection of Christ: How?
  85. A Biblical Corruption.
  86. Righteous Judgment
  87. Familiarity always begets something.
  88. Is your election unto eternal life sure?
  89. So what is the problem
  90. "And You Are Complete in Jesus Christ" Colossians 2:10.
  91. God The Father Created All
  92. Only One God-The Father
  93. The Begotten Word Of God
  94. The Begotten Son Of God-Jesus
  95. Christians and the Marriage Equality Myth
  96. To the spiritually blind goats.
  97. Old Testament
  98. New Testament
  99. Kirk Cameron: Hack
  100. A Prayer Of Salvation For Those Who Are Willing
  101. Dr. David Wood Refuted Part 3: How Can God Die?
  102. Y’shu or Jesus
  103. Resurrect the Apostolic Gospel !
  104. In the likeness of sinful flesh
  105. When does one become part of the body of Christ?
  106. Cant You Remember Any Verses
  107. God Sent Evil Spirits?
  108. New Bible Interpretation Goggles Now Available
  109. Why the Religious Will Perish with the Unbelievers
  110. Godly Masculinity
  111. Come now, and let us reason together, saith YHWH
  112. Dispensationalism (D'ism?) Any one willing to post a definition? Please do so.
  113. Work Out Your Own Salvation
  114. The begining of sorrows
  115. Born Again Of The Holy Spirit
  116. Statement of Faith Based on the Truth of Scripture - Please Read
  117. The world as we know it is about to end — again — if you believe this biblical....
  118. The Message Of The Cross
  119. Truster is not a liar
  120. Can a Catholic Priest or Nun get a Civil Marriage (no sexual relations)?
  121. Spiritual Works Inside And Outside
  122. Is TOL Pro Religion, Anti-Gospel?
  123. Appropreate Time. Intellectual Idiots
  124. Third Temple Is Being Built
  125. Christ name is
  126. Ribera and Lacunza and the Doctrine of the Distant Future Anti-Christ
  127. "God was in Christ, reconciling the world unto himself" 2 Cor. 5:19.
  128. What is the difference ?
  129. Truster is a liar
  130. No One Is Good
  131. Why?
  132. “His blood shall be upon us and upon our children!” - Matthew 27:25
  133. Jacob's ladder
  134. About The Old Testament
  135. Jesus And The Ten Commandments
  136. There is no peace unto the wicked.
  137. Lamb of God
  138. Living Water of Life
  139. Dont go from house to house
  140. The Angel of YHWH
  141. On the day after the fall...
  142. Humanity's Value
  143. Called Back To Be A Jew Or Christian
  144. What is the Gospel?
  145. Do you believe that God/ the Holy Spirit can and do speak directly to you?
  146. Demons, devils, satans, evil spirits
  147. Contemplation
  148. Died for the Ungodly and Justifieth the Ungodly
  149. Help understanding a verse (John 5:18)
  150. Question for Madists.
  151. Kingdom Of God (Inside Yourself)
  152. Electing grace.
  153. The Only Begotten Word Of God
  154. The Only Begotten Son Of God.
  155. The Only God And Father To Jesus And Us
  156. The Father Created Everything For Jesus
  157. Debateing Is A Sin
  158. Argueing Is A Sin
  159. They deny the Saving Efficacy of the Death of Christ !
  160. How Calvinism makes a sham out of Christianity
  161. The words of a true Prophet concerning the near future--
  162. Earhquake for California--
  163. The Purpose Of Creation-Suffering Wrongfully
  164. To teach that people are born in sin is to teach against what Jesus taught
  165. To teach that people can believe while not in Christ is disbelief in Christ
  166. To preach that people can be in Christ by believing is to preach another gospel
  167. Where is the church, house, kingdom. temple, ect....
  168. Shem & Melchizedek
  169. Does this man's astrology birth chart prove that he is Jesus?
  170. The Possible Year of Second Coming in 2027 AD, the 1290, 1260, 1335 Days of Daniel
  171. Growing Our Faith
  172. "J-sus" means "Jupiter-Zeus", that's why Rev 12:1-2 calls J-sus the planet Jupiter.
  173. Trading Talents
  174. Meat Understanding
  175. JESUS: "Behold, I Stand At The Door And Knock" Rev. 3:20.
  176. The Church Jesus Started Is hidden
  177. The Identity of the Two Witnesses of Revelation
  178. The Missing Links in the Fossil Record
  179. Bragging
  180. Do You Have The Gift Of Discernment
  181. The Door of the Sheep !
  182. Know The Difference Between Bold and Arrogance
  183. Rome, the Future Capital of the Future United States of Europe
  184. become like litte children
  185. A Trinitarian Question
  186. The Seven Spirits of God
  187. Third Temple Before the Second Coming, Temple of Ezekiel During the Millennial
  188. The God of Calvinism Verses the God of the Bible
  189. How did they forget?
  190. Rekindling the Reformation
  191. Messiah of Aaron and Israel
  192. Blasphemous Minister Who Supports Polyamory Claims ‘Holy Trinity Is a Polyamorous ...
  193. What Do You Think Is Trump's Role In Last Day Events?
  194. Problems With A Non Binary ID
  195. Ernestly Contend for the Faith - Jude 3
  196. Where are The Lost Sheep of the House of Israel?
  197. Do you follow Jesus or are you the dead who bury each other in hell, inside the earth
  198. The heresy of Calvinism by Dave Hunt--
  199. Walk Alone With The Holy Spirit
  200. Are You Ready For Jesus To Come?
  201. There are no eyewitness accounts of the historical Jeaus
  202. What do you think about these scriptures?
  203. Was Israel Blinded?
  204. Foolish Conversations
  205. Christ's redemptive death only for some !
  206. Does anyone else believe in God's Lunar-Solar Calendar?
  207. The Sword Of The Spirit
  208. The True Gospel: Does it matter?
  209. Living Water / Yahwah is the source of life immortal
  210. 3 days and 3 nights in the Heart of the Earth?
  211. The Basis for Christian Fellowship
  212. The Body of Christ Did Not Begin on the Day of Pentecost
  213. God is not to blame for the tragedies and misfortunes that devastate mankind
  214. Jesus' Gospel vs Paul's Gospel
  215. The Vessels of Mercy !
  216. New Cult or old Cult repackaged?
  217. Epoch of Time
  218. There is serious poetic justice for those who denied Jesus' confirmation that . . .
  219. Dr. James Brownson on Same-Sex Marriage
  220. If Evolution
  221. God learns
  222. Unsaved Bible denying religionist now "mad at God" over sex payoff revelation
  223. One Key Point-Definition
  224. What is death? What is resurrection? And why do we care?
  225. Those who esteem/use the ten commandments bring forth only children of the flesh . .
  226. The Paradigm by Rabbi Jonathan Cahn
  227. Functional Martyrdom and Confession
  228. Being Forgiven
  229. The Law of Moses Has Not Been Abolished
  230. Repentance and Sin No More, Perfection and Born of the Spirit
  231. Did Jesus die on the 4000th year?
  232. A Experiential union will be !
  233. Are You In Christ
  234. The world of Gods Elect or Chosen Jacobs !
  235. Who are God's Elect?
  236. Abraham Had To Prove His Faith With Works
  237. Can someone answer this?
  238. Charlatans Abound.
  239. Jewish commentary OT
  240. Nothing occurs to God
  241. Paul And Peter--Brothers In Christ
  242. The Church Jesus Founded
  243. Duche's 1775 sermon on Gal 5 links the Reformation to the American Revolution
  244. God Sees ALL THINGS In His Son Jesus Christ
  245. Jesus Spoke it, and Paul Defined It.
  246. The Seal of God
  247. To Know You Have Eternal Life
  248. In Light Of The Truth
  249. The Mystery of Iniquity !
  250. Has Satan Blinded the Minds of the Religious?