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  1. Jacob, An honest Christian declaration, seeking an honest Jewish answer:
  2. Shalom. Is the reading of the Old Covenant the reading of the Torah?
  3. Stop ! Don't shoot !
  4. How Do You Measure Success?
  5. Daystar Movie of Week Sat.Jun.10
  6. Calvinism: A declaration that God is unjust and that his Son is a failure
  7. Tackett's IS GENESIS HISTORY? discussion
  8. Is this the Israel that Christians should bless?
  10. Revelation revealed
  11. What Is Your Goal?
  12. Worship that is anachronistic!
  13. Super Spiritual Christians ?
  14. Separate Yourselves
  15. Q for KJOs (not picking fights, promise)
  16. Scripture. Is it the Torah or the TaNaKh?
  18. CRISPRing humans is biblical
  19. Women in early Christianity
  20. Shalom. Has the Law been abolished? Has a covenant of God been made obsolete?
  21. The Devil is in the detail
  22. God's Purpose in Jesus Christ
  23. Science--A strong delusion
  24. Purge Your Conscience
  25. Shalom. God's Grace and Obedience to The Commandments of God.
  26. Dostoevsky, Tolstoy and Nietzsche... Neutral ground for Atheist and Theist Discussion
  27. I Never Knew You
  28. After the tribulation.
  29. Having received salvation, what is next?
  30. Creation
  31. Shalom. The Christian, Pacifism, Violence, and Justice.
  32. Shalom. The New Covenant.
  33. The Rational Mind
  34. The Calvinist Hostility and Disregard for God's Word, the Bible
  35. Shalom. The Torah, the TaNaKh, the Bible.
  36. Shalom. Luke 22:14-20.
  37. Abolishment of the Culture of the Individual In Marxism
  38. The deadly consequences of denying limited atonement !
  39. Calvinism Eliminates God's Great Judgment Day
  42. People who live on air: complete and total frauds
  43. Israel's 'Samson Option' of Mutually Assured Destruction (MAD) Against Attackers
  44. "Do you expect a reward for doing this charitable work?"
  45. Christian Cinema puts a John Lennon bio in top 10 Christian viewing
  46. Five scriptures that clearly teach the Death of Christ saves !
  47. God has planted ETERNITY in the heart of man - Ecclesiastes 3:11
  48. The Only Way To God The Father
  49. Does God's Sovereignty Overide His Holy, Just, Merciful, Righteous Character?
  50. Shalom. Matthew 5:17-20, Jesus, and The New Covenant.
  51. The US Constitution. Electing The President and The Vice President.
  52. The Jews Rejected Jesus And The New Covenant.
  53. Priest Break Sabbath
  54. The Serious Consequences of NOT Believing that Jesus Atoned for the Sins of the World
  55. Maists will love this video
  56. El-o-Hym = El-o-Human = All-Human = No ego
  57. Teaching and being 'in Christ' is not simply about regurgitating things.
  58. highway to hell theologically correct
  59. Need A DL Bible College Ex Affordable And Accredited!
  60. Bitter Envy
  61. Calendar days. Keeping track. My current understanding. I did make a mistake today.
  62. A Limited Atonement Eliminates the Gospel that Justifies the Ungodly
  63. A Limited Atonement Eliminates the Gospel that Justifies the Ungodly
  64. Jesus and the New Covenant. Jews. Gentiles. The death of Jesus for the sins of all.
  65. The Torah and the TaNaKh.
  66. The Torah.
  67. The TaNaKh.
  68. What God Requires for the Salvation of Fallen Man
  69. Shalom. The Acts OF THE APOSTLES.
  70. The expectation of the coming of the Messiah in Judaism was fulfilled in Yeshua.
  71. Shalom. Are you without sin?
  72. The United States of America. Posting in Theology Forums. Theology Online.
  73. The United States of America, God's Law from Torah, God's Grace, and our borders.
  74. The Holy Spirit
  75. Emotions
  76. Affections
  77. He will not judge by what His eyes see, Nor make a decision by what His ears hear;
  78. Shalom. I guess there is still Satanism. Until this statement is untrue.
  79. A powerful warning
  81. Saved not according to our works but by Gods own Eternal Purpose and Grace!
  82. What will pre-tribber rapture believers do.
  83. Does any one concur with the following, very important Christian detail?
  84. Discussion on GOD's Purpose for the Elect
  85. Shalom. Tehillim. Psalms.
  86. Where do Sasquatch sleep?
  87. Doer Of The Word
  88. Did God Call You? Or Did You Call Yourself?
  89. Called Or Chosen
  90. The natural man cannot receive the gospel !
  91. Important: 'The dead', like Trusher, who remain 'the dead' are eternally doomed.
  92. Fulfilling The Old Testament Law
  93. Have you ever...
  94. Rules Governing The Gift Of Learning
  95. Do You Have Saving Faith?
  96. The spirit and Spirit miracle of Jesus and Christianity:
  97. Justification by Faith !
  98. Eid Said
  100. Jesus said, "Few There be that Find it" Matthew 7:14
  101. Shalom. Sheni. The Second Day of the Week.
  102. Sons of God in the Old Testament (Tanakh)
  103. How the Gospel Refutes Calvinism, Catholicism All Religions
  104. Marriage
  105. Being Single
  107. The wrath of God.
  108. Shalom. Today is Revi'i, the fourth day of the week.
  110. Preachers Abuse Their Authority
  111. Blasphemy Against The Holy Spirit
  112. John Bunyan original artwork
  113. Origins of the Hebrew Alphabet - Pictographic Symbols
  114. Calvinist strongman James White crawls in bed with Islam
  115. Criticism
  116. God's Provision for Eternal Life is Hidden from those that are Perishing
  117. Reprove Or Rebuke
  118. Who's Already Condemned
  119. Shalom. Today is Rishon, 4-8. It is erev, evening.
  120. Judging Preachers And Their Wives
  121. Replacement theology refuted by Jews
  122. Shalom. Studying the Torah.
  123. God The Father Created Everything For Jesus
  124. Shalom. Did Jesus command us to keep and teach the commandments?
  125. Shalom.
  126. Godhead
  127. Deity
  128. Shalom. Is Jesus the Man who is God?
  129. God first, Jesus second.
  130. Shalom. The word olam.
  131. Observations of a Catholic
  132. EFFECTS OF THE EVANGELISM, when it comes in power...
  133. Shalom. The Second Day of Creation.
  134. What Does it Mean to be Born Again?
  135. Who are the Children of Promise, the Seed ?
  136. Shalom. Day.
  137. Shema
  138. No Other Name, No Other Way Than Jesus
  139. Shalom. The third evening and morning day of the week is Shlishli.
  140. Shalom. I am a Jew.
  141. Hunger And Thirst For More
  142. Was the man Jesus God before He was Glorified . . . .
  143. The Are One Delusion
  144. The I Am Delusion
  145. The Commandments of God
  146. False Prophet
  147. Finding God's Truth !
  148. You Must Suffer In The Meat Understanding
  149. Shalom. Today is Revi'i, 4-11.
  150. Shalom. There is one God, Yahveh.
  151. Shalom. The Truth.
  152. Shalom. God's Word, His Commandments.
  153. Shalom. Torah.
  154. Shalom. Kosher.
  155. Chamishi, the fifth day of the week.
  156. Shishi is the sixth day of the week.
  157. Shalom. Erev Shabbat. Candle Lighting.
  158. Gay Orgy at Vatican
  159. יהוה
  160. שְׁמַ֖ע יִשְׂרָאֵ֑ל יהוה אֱלֹהֵ֖ינוּ יה&
  161. Shalom. the holy commandment handed on to them
  162. Shalom. There is only one God.
  163. Shalom. My name in Hebrew.
  164. Peace not Love
  165. Why cant anyone stop Israel?
  166. An exclusively Catholic doctrine on justification? Not on TOL
  167. But now the righteousness of God without the ten commandments is manifested
  168. Does God Create Goats?
  169. Shalom. Israel, God's Law, Torah, and the United States of America.
  170. Jesus Never Existed According To The First Pope
  171. Elohim's Name Is: "I AM That I AM"
  172. Holiness Theology and the Gospel
  173. A Muslim's conversation to Christ.
  174. Shalom. Romans.
  175. God must engage in un-ideal actions
  176. Every Man-Every Word
  177. Eucharist idol exposed by Celiac Disease
  178. Do You Love It?
  179. Who Loves Jesus
  180. "Try the Spirits to see if they be of God" 1 John 4:1
  181. Faith Only Works Through Love
  182. Salvation comes upon the Elect !
  183. False ‘Message Bible’ Creator Changes Mind on Homosexuality, Says He Would Officiate
  184. Does God desire all humans to receive eternal glory?
  185. Jews Dont Even Keep The Law
  186. Many be dead or died !
  187. Receiving Jesus Christ as Your Lord and Savior
  188. The Meaning of 666, The Reason for the Riddle
  189. Establishment of the Identity of Christ and The Destruction of the Temple
  190. The Way That Seems Right, But Leads to Death, Proverbs 14:12
  191. The New Wine--NT verses
  192. 666, The Number of the Beast
  193. Atheism died in the 20th century
  194. Pope Enthroned Between Cherubim, Showing himself that he is God.
  195. 9/11
  196. Rob Bell = Heretic
  197. Martin Bashir shuts down heretic
  198. Uncaused LOVE"
  199. The Spiritual and Physical Aspects of Christianity
  200. Lost Sheep
  201. Forgiveness
  202. Who is Israel?
  203. Christian Ministers to Use 'Magic Mushrooms' for 'Religious Experience' for A Study
  204. Minneapolis: Muslim cop who shot woman in cold blood had three complaints against him
  205. Roots of the 4,000 years of hatred of the Jews
  206. The Paul Haters
  207. Jewish magic or mystical Kabbalah practices
  208. "Knowing that salvation does not depend on “free will” can be very comforting".
  209. The truth about Judaism/Zionism.
  210. The Gospel That Makes All Religions Worthless
  211. Enoch Moses and Eliyah not in heaven?
  212. History of Islam's 1400 yr. Assault on European Civilization - 4 minute Youtube
  213. A Justified Acquitted World !
  214. How the Gospel Works
  215. What happens when a Muslim converts?
  216. Question: If God exists, why is there evil?
  217. Karaite Judaism - Modern-day Sadducees
  218. The internal feature that proves the Gospel accounts
  219. Why Your Faith in a Doctrine or a Religion Will NOT Save You
  220. True Believers
  221. If God created...
  222. Daniel 12:1 - " there shall be a time of trouble, such as never was"
  223. Love God With ALL Your Mind
  224. The gospel according to Jim Carrey
  225. The human heart is deceitful above all and desperately wicked -- Jeremiah 17:9
  226. Good Is Bad And Bad Is Good
  227. "The Gospel Plus Nothing and Nothing But the Gospel"
  228. ‘No Biblical warrant’: Orange Order tells its members to give up using ‘Catholic’ RIP
  229. "And You Are Complete in Him" (Jesus Christ) Colossians 2:10
  230. CALVINISM: The Doctrine of Demons
  231. Christianity = Faith by Coercion. Spiritual terrorism.
  232. Understanding Life After Death
  233. The Ethics of Ayn Rand - John Piper
  234. The Beast is not the Antichrist.
  235. The Body of Christ !
  236. Lucifer and the Ancient Earth
  237. Controversial New Book Challenges Bible Critic Bart Ehrman - Ehrman Responds
  238. Be A Doer Of The Word
  239. What Could Possibly Be Wrong With Observing Tradition Within Our Church?
  240. Please Let Me Explain
  242. Keep It Simple stu%^&*
  243. I make Jerusalem a great burden for all people - Zechariah 12:3
  244. A fresh perspective on the glory of God
  245. D'Souza establishes topic
  246. The Gospel that Brings Contention
  247. Michael The Arch Angel
  248. Atzeret - Exodion
  249. Seraphim, Cherubim, Living Creatures ( Beings)
  250. Are people born in Christ or born in sin?