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  3. The Sabbath Commandment. Is it Jewish? Are you Jewish?
  4. Jesus IS YHWH... Is the Savior of SINNERS... and IS the ONLY WAY to SALVATION.
  5. What is the most enjoyable part of your salvation experience?
  6. Death Good Or Bad
  7. Does the Ontological argument refute the Doctrine of the Trinity?
  8. Lots Of Works
  9. Spirit (heart) and soul.
  10. All you need is James
  11. The salvation of self, by oneself.
  12. Comfort Zone-Lukewarm-Passive
  13. Immanuel
  14. How do you begin to obey God's commands?
  15. Waiting for the Christ?
  16. Quettion for Mads.
  17. Jehovah Witness Teaching compared with The Bible
  18. Jehovah's Witness History - by Walter Martin
  19. self-glorifying claims
  20. The Pope at a T.E.D. talk
  21. ECT
  22. Our Gospel is hidden from them that are lost, they are blinded
  23. His Holiness Pope Francis: Why the only future worth building includes everyone
  24. The Tares In A Church Outnumber The Wheat, A Tare May Also Be Your Pastor!
  25. This post is purely Christian theology - totally & literally from the Holy KJV N.T.
  26. The WatchTower (Jehovah's Witnesses), Adoptionists, And Islam... Same Daddy
  27. Eternal Security?
  28. John 6:45
  29. To Reject the Christ's Gospel is to Reject Christ
  30. Roman Catholic
  31. The Only Guarantee To Us
  33. It's all Greek to me - looking for a Greek language expert?
  34. Yahwah Is Judge
  35. Trump's Coming World Venture
  36. Does the church teach true grace?
  37. Sat.May.6.2017 Daystar Movie of the Week
  38. Final Judgment
  39. The Serpent
  40. Rules Governing The Gift Of Tongues
  41. God's deputy
  42. I dont know?
  43. Fill their faces with shame; that they may seek thy name, O LORD -- Psalm 83
  44. I went to a mosque today.
  45. No Other Foundation Can Anyone Lay
  46. Rev 22 First and Last
  47. Your Rights-Are They important
  48. New Testament Justice
  49. Shalom. Is there a command of God that you observe and teach?
  50. Matthew 5:17-20
  51. One of the Benefits of Being a Jew
  52. God's grace
  53. Protecting Yourself With The Law
  54. The word Catholic
  56. Israel: "We have made a covenant with death and Sheol"
  57. Eliminating Dispensationalism
  58. Salvation: A Free Gift From God, or an Imposition?
  59. He cannot be resisted or rejected.
  60. The Constitution of the United States of America and the Office of President.
  61. Did the Eternal Almighty.
  62. The new covenant and God's law.
  63. The Law of Moses, the Torah, and the Mosaic Law.
  64. In love
  65. The citadel of free will is a mirage.
  66. It can never be the voice of a billion, or so, traditional/mainstream Christians.
  67. Islam ... Atheists, The Left and the Spiritually Blind are nurturing Terror
  68. Torah Observance
  69. Jesus, Paul and the Gospel
  70. Levi, the Levites, and the Levitical Priesthood.
  71. Old ex-priest marries dude, says C of E needs to get fabulous
  72. Habits are demonic
  73. Any universalists on TOL?
  74. Animal Sacrifices Found in the Old Testament ?
  75. Your A Sinner
  76. Jesus' Law And Commandments
  77. LORD
  78. Jesus Changed the Law
  79. Job said " I know that my redeemer liveth"
  80. Repentance
  81. Everyone Will Die For His Own Sin
  82. The Church (Ekklesia) at Acts 2
  84. Shalom. Shabbat.
  85. Jews for Judaism: The Passover Lamb
  86. The Way You Get In Trouble With God.
  87. What did Jesus write on the ground?
  88. Definition of "god"/"God"? Input appreciated.
  89. The "Types" Found in the OT
  90. Yahshua our Messiah is Yahwah's redemption. Do you understand?
  91. Daystar Movie of Week Sat.May.13th
  92. Incredible dinosaur fossil found....and they admit it was the flood
  93. Do You Know, Understand and Believe the Historical Gospel of Jesus Christ?
  94. Judgment seat of Christ
  95. Seven Stars, Seven Lampsticks, Seven Spirits, Seven Eyes
  96. On a practical level: How to deal with Islam in the US
  97. Believe What Is Written
  98. Imagination
  99. The Judeo-Christian Ethic, Religion, and Faith in the United States of America
  100. The Mosaic Law, What is it?
  101. “Love your Neighbor” and the Muslim Refugees.
  102. Lost sheep
  104. Love Defined
  105. The Christian Life
  106. Genesis and the Law of Moses.
  107. Do You Know What This Means?
  108. God's Law is Moral
  109. Shalom. Jesus rose on the third day.
  110. Shalom. How many days was Jesus in the tomb?
  111. Job offered offered burnt offerings for the sins of his sons
  112. Why Calvinism, Catholicism, Laws, Rules, Religion Will Not Justify
  113. Shalom. What do you do when someone has wronged you?
  114. Shalom. The United States of America is different from the UK.
  115. Do You Obey Jesus' Word?
  116. And they saw the God of Israel - Exodus 24
  117. Praying Is Very Serious
  118. Y’shu or Jesus
  119. Doctrines and Beliefs that Will "Cook Your Goose" in the Judgment
  120. Grace working?
  121. Shalom. Satanism in the United States of America.
  122. Shalom. Torah observance in the United States of America.
  123. The new covenant
  124. Shalom. You shall not murder.
  125. Romans ch 11.
  126. The Catholic church's official worship of Mary as savior
  127. No Conception of Time in Death
  128. Jesus' Return
  130. Purpose of Water Baptism
  131. Religious Reprobates and the Gospel
  132. Expectations
  133. Obeying The Holy Spirit
  134. Your Hair
  135. Your Clothes
  136. Your Attitude
  137. Offering
  138. Tithes And Taxes
  139. How can there be a another Gospel based on Gal. 1:22 ? The faith Paul once destroy ?
  140. Daystar Movie of Week Sat.May.20th
  141. Do You Judge Your Own Christianity?
  142. Deceptions Christians Believe
  143. God's law in the Bible
  144. God's law and salvation
  145. Covenants. The covenant with Israel and the new covenant with...
  146. Shalom. Is faith without obedience something that should be considered?
  147. The Tribulation Temple (ie: 3rd Temple)
  148. Roman Catholicism will be wiped out.
  149. Born Of God
  150. Jerusalem Day and the 2300 Days of Daniel 8
  151. The Millennium. A Thousand Years in the Book of the Revelation of Jesus Christ.
  152. Shalom. Do all people know the LORD, Yahveh? How do we replace the false ideas?
  153. Annihilationism is taught in the bible
  154. God's law in Romans 7
  155. Adam and the Church
  158. The term Godhead
  159. ????
  160. Shalom. Torah, the Law, the enmity, and what may have been made obsolete.
  161. Calvinism and the word "WORLD"
  162. Did Christ teach people begin life already LOST?
  163. Reading: The Gospels
  164. New Study Shows People Want Scientists to Think For Them
  166. Concerning the feasts of the LORD, these are MY FEASTS
  167. Shalom. The United States of America. Fifty States. Day.
  168. Shalom. The Psalms / Tehillim.
  169. Rules Governing The Gift Of Teaching
  170. Concealing the name of God
  171. Loss of Faith Among Top 4 Reasons Young Adults Are Committing Suicide: Family Policy
  172. Calling Independent Baptists
  173. Pre-Flood, Sodom and Gomorrah and Tower of Babel Mindset
  174. What the Gospel is and What the Gospel is Not
  175. God says that He is not a Trinity
  176. Calvinism and the word "WHOSOEVER"
  178. Daystar Movie of Week Sat.May.27th
  179. The future Temple in Jerusalem, where Messiah will rule the earth
  180. Much of the Bilble is for Adults Only!
  181. Repentance is given by the Saviour !
  182. Yahwah, who is Elohiym, is the Holy Spirit
  184. Holy Spirit - Asigned Angel
  185. Is it not written in your law "ye are gods" (elohim)?
  186. JESUS: Savior, Redeemer, Justifier, Sanctifier, Intersessor, Glorifier.
  187. Shalom. Obedience to God. Obedience to God's Commandments.
  188. Does your religion teach this--
  189. Strange thing yesterday
  190. I am Jesus
  191. The Sleep of Death in Sheol, the Two Resurrections, and the Lake of Fire Judgment
  192. Wrong Definition-Bad Conclusion
  193. Calvinism and the word "Predestination"
  194. Sacred namers, are they correct?
  195. BlessU-2! Second Coming Has Arrived for the Cults!
  196. Man and Woman
  197. The Temple
  198. For Christians Only, Others Will be Offended!
  200. Its A Sin-Like It Or Not
  201. Try Me, I'm Jesus- Part 1
  202. The Watch Towers Founder Called Jesus "The Almighty"
  204. Do You Have Saving Faith?
  206. What god do you pray to? What is his name?
  207. Love is the fulfilling of the law
  208. The finished work of Christ
  209. Increasing our faith
  210. How 2 Cor 5:19 teaches limited atonement !
  211. YHWH, whose name is JEALOUS, is a jealous GOD -- Exodus 34:14b
  213. Catholic and Protestant Interpretation of the Word "GRACE"
  214. Flesh
  215. There was no house of Israel in the 1st century
  216. Gifts Of The Holy Spirit
  217. Shavuot.
  218. All who rely on works of the law are under a curse - Galatians 3:10a
  219. :) If You Don't Like a Scripture, Change It!
  220. Spiritually Minded-Carnally Minded
  221. The Soul and Spirit of the Natural Body, and the Spiritual Body of the Resurrection
  222. How many letters are there in Hebrew?
  223. Breath of life
  224. Charity
  225. Scripture. Is it the Torah or the TaNaKh?
  226. About bible
  227. Counterfiets
  228. Blood upon the altar makes atonement for your soul - Leviticus 17:11
  229. El-o-Hym = El-o-Qum = Son of El = Son of God
  230. Garden of the heart
  231. Wine of Jesus
  232. Cain and Abel offering Wine and Milk
  233. Ark of Salvation
  234. The very elegant life style of Christianity.
  235. God was in Messiah, reconciling the world unto Himself
  236. Ancient Hebrew Pictograph Language ("Alphabet") Illustrated & Explained
  237. Scripture. The Torah, The TaNaKh, the Bible.
  238. Shalom. Love your neighbor as yourself is not terrorism.
  239. Shalom. Cain slew his brother. It was murder. You shall not murder.
  240. WatchTower Assault Quicklinks (Long Live the King of Israel, Alpha and Omega)
  241. God is a Jew? Really?
  243. The Future for Israel - 'Behold the days are coming' YHVH
  244. Under Law or Under Grace?
  245. Family Trees Are Those People Created in Gen 1!
  246. There is a life after this one and one can go to either heaven or hell.
  247. The Old Testament Law
  248. RC Hocus Pocus
  249. Quest for the Lost 10 Tribes of Israel (documentary)
  250. Jacob, An honest Christian declaration, seeking an honest Jewish answer: