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  1. 2P2P's fundamental mistake at Acts 2
  2. We Are All Born Sinners
  3. Why God Sees ALL THINGS In Jesus Christ
  4. In Christianity, parents are punished for bringing forth 'bad' children.
  5. excellent example of MADism:
  6. The Gospel That Saves, Redeems, Justifies, Reconciles, Sanctifies and Glorifies
  7. Destruction of Saudi Arabia
  8. Why Israel of the middle east is not Gods people.
  9. Are Putin and Trump of one mind.
  10. Ever Seen A Real Christian
  11. The Origin of the Myth that the Chuch is 'Spiritual Israel'
  12. The Church Exists in Heaven
  13. CBS poll shows that majority of Democrats think Christianity as violent as Islam
  14. Mississippi Town Rallies After Complaint Results in Removal of Christian Flag
  15. The secondbeast of Rev.ch 13 is--
  16. **** is about ready to hit the fan
  17. Christian Azazel Atonement Theory
  18. An Excellent Example of Preterism
  19. Why Some Are Hell Bound
  20. Is Spiritual Maturity Possible
  21. The Gift of God is Eternal life !
  22. Another Dead Sea Scrolls cave discovered in Israel -
  23. Some thoughts on Love and the Law
  24. Jehovah's Witness Bible proves that Christ is God
  25. Rebuttal to Daqq's Posted OP "Christian Azazel Atonement Theory"
  26. Have You Been Crucified With Christ?
  27. LORD, Lord
  28. Direct assault on Satan (Evil's.<(I)> Naughty List)
  29. Works Prove Your Faith--But Not Before God
  30. Gifts Of The Spirit, Milk And Meat
  31. Faith in Christ or Faith in a Religion?
  32. My scientific discovery about the Nativity of Jesus
  33. Trump will give Vatican power
  34. Jerry avoided this question.
  35. The curse of the law (the ten commandments) . . . according to the Holy KJV N.T.
  36. Believers before the Judgment seat of Christ !
  37. Which Adam are you in?
  38. Has 2P2P done its homework on its "heavens"?
  39. God's Promises (IF)
  40. Have You Been Reconciled Unto God By Jesus Christ?
  41. Jesus wasn't a political leader
  42. Whosoever shall call on the NAME of the LORD shall be saved - Joel 2:32
  43. The Law Of Christ
  44. The Hidden Language Of The Holy Spirit
  45. Is the Messiah God?
  46. The Reception and Evidence of the Holy Spirit
  47. How will 2P2P's Jews get to the millenium? Will they believe the Gospel?
  48. John 17:3
  49. Guilt-What To Do With It
  50. God made children of Abraham!
  51. Why Nathaniel's "Change of Mind"?
  52. Purge Your Mind
  53. Critical thinking about one's own theology
  54. The Sleep of Death in Sheol, the Two Resurrections, and the Lake of Fire Judgment
  55. The Cross
  56. Predestination, All Things are Determined by God, Even the Outcome of a Dice
  57. Though your sins are as scarlet, they will be as white as snow - Isaiah 1:18
  58. Heaven is Not Where Those Who Are Saved Go
  59. The Appearing of the Lord Jesus, Our Great God and Savior
  60. Born in Spirit, Perfection, Sanctification, Sin No More
  61. The Identity of the Antichrist, the Two Beasts of Revelation, and Whore of Babylon
  62. Rome vs Melchizedek
  63. The True Sabbath and the Millennial Rest Foreshadowed
  64. The Interpretation of the Rich Man and Lazarus Parable
  65. The Firmament of Ice and the Water from the Great Flood
  66. The True Meaning of Glorification
  67. The Truth About Divorce and Remarriage
  68. Repentance from false religion!
  69. The Truth About Using Any Form of Contraceptive To Prevent Pregnancy
  70. The Women Who Ought to Remain Silent in the Assemblies of God
  71. The True Identity of the 144,000 of the Book of Revelation
  72. The Abomination of Usury and Interest, and the Slavery of Debt
  73. The Mark of the Beast, the Name of the Beast or the Number of its Name, and 666
  74. The Soul and Spirit of the Natural Body, and Spiritual Body of the First Resurrection
  75. The Law of Moses Has Not Been Abolished
  76. Jesus Christ Does Not Return with the Elect, but with His Holy Angels
  77. The Rapture Happens at the Second Coming
  78. Jesus Christ, the Firstborn of Creation, Who Was First To Be Birthed into Existence
  79. The Holy Spirit is an Angel, and Each Believer Receives a Holy Spirit
  80. The Deception of the Teaching of the Trinity
  81. A message to all Pastors--
  82. The Laurel and Hardy dinosaur explanation passes as modern science
  83. Arianism.
  84. Congratulations Daqq, This Thread is just for you. (Exposing your Deceit)
  85. Jesus the Pharisees and the Law
  86. Yahshua Is God's Right Hand Man
  87. Who's the pope of that dump?
  88. Scripture You Probably Have Newer Seen Until Today
  89. Since Christ's blood is not for Gentiles, will 2P2Pers please explain what atones
  90. No Account from the Dead?
  91. Humility and Sell All Your Possessions and Properties
  92. Repentance is Limited to Gods Elect/Chosen !
  93. Dr. Cortelli declarations on TGism; child abuse alert
  94. The Gospel of Jesus Christ is the Cure for Religion
  95. Atonement without blood according to Freelight.
  96. Lt. Calley's betrayal of his country
  97. God is infinite and eternal
  98. Is the age of the Earth connected to Jesus' second coming?
  99. Suffering, Persecution, Martyrdom, and the Discipline of God
  100. CALVINISM: The Belief that God Predestinates People to Hell Before Birth.
  101. "Original Sin"--Fact or Fiction?
  102. Catholics vs protestants
  103. Alpha Omega Note
  104. Jesus
  105. Yahwah, who is Elohiym, is the Holy Spirit
  106. My God
  107. Imagine being protected by the Torah
  108. Predestination
  109. Are You In The Grace Of God?
  110. Have You Fallen From Grace?
  111. House Assemblies, and the Breaking of Bread
  112. Believing that God Predestinates People to Hell Means that You are Doomed
  113. Christian Art
  114. Atheist Teacher Under Probe After Calling Students Who Invited Her to Church 'Cretins
  115. All shall go to Jerusalem to worship the King, the LORD of hosts - Zechariah 14
  116. Explanation of the Foreshadows of the Law of Moses, Festivals, Sacrifices, Sabbaths
  117. The Soul and Spirit of the Natural Body, and the Spiritual Body of First Resurrection
  118. Who is the Lord of the Sabbath
  119. The Gospel of Reconciliation Refutes the Calvinist Doctrine of Predestination
  120. Guardian Angel
  121. Discernment
  122. Unconditional Election: True or False?
  123. Guardian Angel
  124. The Devil Talks To Us
  125. History of church
  126. Finally known truth of Son of devil
  127. Oh Man of sin
  128. Angels does helps us
  129. Prophesy
  130. false accuzation
  131. Judge Yourself
  132. The coming king shall magnify himself above every god
  133. When does the biblical day begin?
  134. Christian Zionism and Political Correctness
  135. Interpreting Scripture in the Light of the Historical Gospel of Jesus Christ
  136. Carnally Minded Or Spiritually Minded
  137. Review of GENESIS IN HISTORY
  138. You are a Jew,everyone is a descendant of the Jews:
  139. When Do Biblical Nights Begin?
  140. GT finally confesses
  141. To be Redeemed and to be Saved
  142. Are You In The Holy Spirit? In Christ
  143. Jesus is Lords? The dilemma of 2P2P
  144. Who would like a glimps into the future?
  145. Intellectual Idiots
  146. Does the Calvinist Doctrine of Predestination Eliminate Christ and His Gospel?
  147. Most of you think there are "CONTRIDICTIONS IN THE BIBLE!"
  148. Believe-Pray-Receive It
  149. The right to nondiscrimination
  150. 2P2P and Judaism are one
  151. Jacob Changed To James By Catholics
  152. Trump will not make America great again.
  153. Wait, what?
  154. Ashes to Ashes on my Head
  155. 2P2P owes everyone one clear NT paragraph saying the land promise stands
  156. Gap theory - Gen 1-2 ??
  157. The Life of Christ for the Believer
  158. Nontrinitarian "Christians" are a paradox
  159. A tally of about 100 anti-Calvinist threads
  160. AND-Who Is Who
  161. Who was that in the furnace with Shadrach, Meshach and Abednego?
  162. Trading Talents
  163. Why the pre-trib rapture theory is false doctrine.
  164. Believe-Pray-Receive
  165. No Condemnation-The Truth the Church Forgot
  166. Daystar Movie of the Week
  167. Why Hell is Going to be Full of Religious People
  169. Another corny 2P2P block collapses like dust
  170. Check Your Attitude
  171. Does foreknowledge mean predestination?
  172. The 13 tribes of Israel.
  173. Christ Is Firstfruits Of The Resurrection
  174. Putin exposes the plot to destroy america
  175. Christ seeked that which was Lost !
  176. Ps 68 (Eph 4): why 2P2P does not want you to know the NT use of the OT
  177. The Lords Prayer
  178. Anti-Christ Spirit of Spiritual Death Exposed
  179. Where did the races come from? Evolutiion, Creation or Other.
  180. Some basic positions of Christian truth
  181. Sensual--Sensitive
  182. entertaining debate
  183. OCD versus Sovereign providence and patience.
  184. Calvinism is a cult, a dangerous cult.
  185. Jesus Fulfills the Law and the Commandments and then abolishes it, FOR US.
  186. Jesus Fasted The Fast Of Esther
  187. 1st Timothy 5:8 (KJV) appears to assume a works based gospel
  188. How are we saved?
  189. The beast with two horns like a lamb
  190. Your body
  191. The Beasts of the Land and Sea.
  192. 2P2P admits its war on the Bible
  193. Hiking
  194. God: "Let Us Make Man In Our Image"
  195. Discuss Daystar Movie of Week at 7pm EST today
  196. How Jesus Justifies the Ungodly, Romans 4:5.
  198. You Will Never Find The Truth
  199. The Fig Tree of Matthew 24
  200. To forgive is to bring healing to those who hurt and hate us
  201. Polyamory
  202. Our bones are dried up, and our hope is lost, we are indeed cut off (from our land)
  203. ms dates - Sinaiticus (350 AD) has homoeoteleuton from copying Claromontanus (550 AD)
  204. Milk To Meat Understanding
  205. What is the meaning of grace!
  206. A Final Answer to One Continuous 2P2P Demand
  207. God is not evil
  208. Why 2P2P does not accept the plain meaning of Acts 2, 13, 15, 26
  209. Are Deuteronomy 6:5 and John 3:16 identical?
  210. Calvinism: A Denial of the Lordship of Jesus Christ
  211. Heaven
  213. Remission of sins is Salvation
  214. Why does 2P2P spend all its time on what the disciples were NOT to know?
  215. How to Preserve Biblical Male-Female Unions by Daniel George, B. Th., Masters College
  216. Are Calvinist, Catholics Christians?
  217. Mysticism Divination
  218. Baptism of Water for Babies and Children
  219. Repentance and Sin No More, Perfection and Born of the Spirit
  220. The Second Coming, the Trumpet Blasts, the Bowls of Wrath, and Inheriting the Earth
  221. Forthwith--Straightforward
  222. The Command of the Tzitzit
  223. Onan, and the Sins of Contraception and Masturbation
  225. God's Great Free Gift of Salvation for EVERYONE, Hebrews 2:9.
  226. Divorce and the Sin of Remarriage
  227. Wives Cannot Speak in the Assemblies, Unmarried Women Can
  228. Grace
  229. Fall From Grace
  230. Demons, devils, satans, evil spirits
  231. Christ is the Lamp Light to Truth
  232. Work Out Your Own Salvation
  233. Sanctified-The Washing Of Water, By The Word
  234. lets talk about hypocrisy of religion, mainly about christian community
  235. Looking For Satan?
  236. Resurrection Day
  237. The Tzniut, Wives and Head Coverings
  238. Biblical Literalism and Intelligence Level
  239. Onan
  240. Bowing your knee to Baal, what does it mean for today.
  241. Let's talk about the hypocrisy of the cult of "Meshak"
  242. Created equal?
  243. Discuss Daystar Movie of Week at 7pm EST today
  244. Mockers-Bastards
  245. Hereticks
  246. Can a person loose their salvation?
  247. Counterfiets-Impostors
  248. Hecklers-Hypocrites
  249. How goes it TOL?
  250. What does worshipping the ashtaroth mean for today--